The best Internet providers – 2016 summary

It’s time to review the annual rankings and award the best Internet providers in 2016. Last year, our users measured the speed of their lines more than 20 million times.

In the overall ranking, we took into account the results of tests conducted on In the classification of mobile Internet and LTE, we used the results obtained using our mobile applications dedicated to smartphones and tablets:


To enter the annual rating, the operator had to enter the monthly rating at least six times. We have developed the rating based on the most important parameter for most users, ie the speed of downloading data from the Internet.

The winner in the general category was UPC.

The first place in the general category is occupied by UPC, whose customers have tested more than 900,000 and averaged 44.65 Mbit / s. Vectra takes the second place with the result of 37.35 Mbit / s. Closes the multimedia podium with a result of 24.11 Mbit / s.

The best providers were mainly those who used cable television networks to provide their services. On the plus side, speeds are constantly increasing throughout the year. Between January and December, each of the prominent operators accelerated more than 10 Mbps:

The rest of the rankings in the general category are presented in the following table:

place Supplier Download speed Number of tests
4 Orange 16.35 Mbit / s 2 683 128
5 T-Mobile 14.21 Mbit / s 787 527
6 Netia 11.26 Mbit / s 768 424
7 To play 10.05 Mbit / s 1 630 832
8 in addition 9.63 Mbit / s 3 003 917

Most of the tests were performed by Plus network customers. They measured the speed of their connections 3 million times. Only the results of measurements conducted on are included here, which may indicate that many users have decided to choose LTE home Internet at the expense of other technologies.

In 2016, Orange introduced the fastest mobile internet.

The decision was made on the basis of measuring the speed of mobile internet on phones covered by 3G or 4G network, and the tests were carried out, as mentioned earlier, through our mobile applications, which can be downloaded from the following addresses:

Speed ​​Test program for Android
Speed ​​Test Software for iPhone / iPad (iOS)

Our monthly ratings show that Orange has achieved the best result 8 times in a row. In 2016, the average speed for Orange is 17.28 Mbit / s. T-Mobile is in second place with a result of 16.64 Mbit / s, losing less than 4% to the leader. At the bottom of the podium is Plus, which charges customers using smartphones with an average speed of 12.87 Mbit / s. Play ranked fourth with a result of 12.24 Mbit / s (347,415 tests).

The speed chart broken down by month last year shows that mobile operators are making more and more efforts to ensure that the speed of their services is constantly increasing:

The fight for the first place was between Orange and T-Mobile. Both operators cooperate with each other and share many base stations, so they provide a similar level of service on the radio.

The first place in the LTE Internet category was taken by ex aequo T-mobile and Orange.

The competition lasted all year and the average speed difference between these operators was only 150 kbps. Therefore, we decided to name both operators the fastest 4G LTE network in our country. The next places were taken by Plus (17.82 Mbit / s) and Play (16.45 Mbit / s).

It should be noted that 4G LTE Internet in each operator in Poland is faster than landline lines based on DSL lines.

Also, all suppliers in this category have improved their results over the past year:

2017 looks promising for the Internet in Poland:

  • Mobile operators are testing and implementing LTE-Advanced, which allows data transmission at speeds of up to 300 Mbit / s.
  • Fiber-optic networks based on GPON technologies are developing very rapidly. In our new fiber optic technology supplier ranking, we will present average speeds and their variations each month,
  • The government’s program to co-finance the construction of broadband Internet access is funded by the Digital Poland Operational Program, which will provide high-speed connectivity to areas with low data download / upload speeds.
  • We change too – we change for you! We are about to introduce HTML5-based measurement technology to our website, which will increase the accuracy of measurements and compatibility with web browsers and operating systems.

In the national rankings, we have distinguished customers from suppliers who have performed the most speed measurements on our website. When choosing a company that provides Internet connections, it is worth checking the detailed rankings for individual cities.


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