Super campaign for the Internet on Play!

Play has developed a spectacular promotion for customers. You will not miss the sports emotions, but you will also benefit from a comfortable decoder!

The purple operator has an attractive offer for people who use subscription offers. Home Internet with access to TV and selected streaming platforms is available at an affordable price – from 50 PLN per month.

It is enough to decide on this offer during a visit to the Play store, by phone or in the online store Thanks to this, you can easily and cheaply equip your home with the necessary tools for daily work, education and entertainment.

  • Fixed fixed internet up to 1Gb / s or fast wireless internet with packages up to 1000 GB
  • PLAY NOW TV with modern TV BOX console (check our test)
  • CANAL + online for 6 months as a gift and Viaplay for the entire contract period
  • The biggest football emotions are online access to the Bundesliga and Europa League on Viaplay and PKO BP Extraclass and the Premier League on CANAL +.

Play Now TV Box / photo:

Internet for home and entertainment at an excellent price

Play offers both fixed and fast Stationary Internet with Wi-Fi router (also available in fiber optic technology in selected locations) and wireless with large data packets. In the first case, there are 3 speeds to choose from:

  • 150 Mb / s
  • 300 Mb / s
  • 600 Mb / s
  • 1 Gb / s

On the other hand, when choosing wireless Internet, customers will be able to choose from 4 package size options according to their needs:

  • 200 GB
  • 400 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB

In addition, customers will receive a PLAY NOW TV with a modern TV BOX decoder. In this configuration, it will provide access to more than 50 attractive TV channels (including. Disney, National Geographic, History or Comedy Central). Here everyone will find something for themselves – lovers of movies, series or music, as well as parents looking for fairy tales and educational programs for the little ones.

Customers can also choose a higher package with a subscription price of access to more than 100 channels and, among others. TVN24, AXN, BBC Brit, AleKino + or Eleven Sports 1.

In addition to the benefits described above, customers of the purple network will also have access to services that offer the best entertainment and broadcast of this season’s most popular sports games – CANAL + online and Viaplay.

CANAL + rich online movies and series, as well as a sports library

photo: Canal Plus

CANAL + is an online broadcasting service that offers thousands of required series and movies, as well as live news and sports. As part of the campaign, PLAY customers will have access to the CANAL + package, which includes series and films from Poland and around the world, as well as the production of the largest film studios. FOX, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Disney, Universal), blockbusters, original CANAL + productions (incl. Planeta Singli, The Office PL, Klangor, Król, Żmijowisko, Belfer, Kruk) and the best sporting events, including PKO BP Extraclass, Premier League, LaLiga, Ligue 1, NBA, PGE Extraliga and 1st Speedway League eWinner and WTA Tour series tennis tournaments.

Customers who decide to take advantage of the campaign will get access to the CANAL + package in NOW NOW applications on both TV BOX and other devices. As part of the latest offer, customers will have access to the CANAL + online package for 6 months.

After this period, they can resign from the service or continue to use the content offered for 45 PLN per month, for which they can easily pay with a Play account. The package can also be used by current customers of the operator – it is enough to activate the access to 45 PLN per month in the PLAY NOW TV BOX decoder without any obligation.

Sports emotions on Viaplay

Photo by Viaplay

The latest streaming service in the Polish market, Viaplay, German Bundesliga, KSW gal, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Conference League or the best hockey league football matches attracted many viewers with live sports emotions. world – NHL and more.

In addition to sporting events, the website guarantees access to the original Viaplay series, among others, Kin or The Box, Hollywood blockbusters and favorite programs for children. You can be sure of one thing – there will be no lack of emotions. Play customers who use this promotion will get access Viaplay 24 months.

NOW PLAY TV BOX – home entertainment center

Play Now TV Box / photo:

Play allows you to conveniently use PLAY NOW TV on the TV BOX console with Android TV system and new, intuitive interface. Customers can also watch channels on, mobile apps for Android and iOS, and apps for smart TV. Provides access to TV channels, as well as movies, series, entertainment programs and cartoons for viewers of all ages.

Play customers can also expand the NOW NOW service at any time by activating additional packages or platforms such as HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

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