[SPT #203] Internet Explorer dies, but it has a worthy successor

Spring has officially entered the calendar this week. We also changed the time from winter to summer. Days go by and active time outdoors is good for your health. If you did not have time to read our portal in these wonderful times, now is your chance to make up for it. Here is the next issue of SPT – a subjective summary of the week, where you can read, among other things, that Internet Explorer is dying.


Record sales have increased. In twenty years, the music market has changed beyond recognition. In the past, the only thing that mattered on the official lists of individual countries was the physical sale of singles and albums. There was only a demand for discs, which became a huge supply to the market (1 billion copies in the United States in 2000). Unfortunately, that time passed forever. The music market was initially hit hard by users exchanging mp3 files illegally. This was followed by YouTube and Spotify, which revolutionized the way we listened to music. People have stopped buying CDs, and streaming platforms now account for more than 50% of revenue. Presented by Spotify and YouTube, mush has taken on this amazing, magical envelope of the music market. However, the latest information may surprise you. In 2021, board sales will increase by about 50% compared to 2020. More and more music lovers want to have a discography of their favorite performers in physical form. A similar trend can be observed when it comes to vinyl records, where sales have been rising for more than a decade.

The end of Internet Explorer is approaching. This popular web browser won at the beginning of the 21st century. It was one of Microsoft’s core programs and quickly lost its lead from Google to Chrome. The Redmond giant will finally kill the browser – this will happen in June this year. But what should users or companies who trust it do? Edge, which perfectly replaces the outdated browser, will work here. Edge has IE mode, which is one of my favorite features. Thanks to it, I can open old portals that are not adapted to modern requirements, for example, in JAVA. This is a non-competitive feature, so Edge is worth a try. It should be added that Microsoft even intends to support it until 2029. Therefore, it will take another 7 years for companies to bring their equipment or websites up to the latest standards.

A new game in the Witcher universe. CD Project RED surprised the studio this week with a statement that it was developing a new game in the Witcher universe. Some media outlets hastily announced that the producer had announced The Witcher 4. There can be nothing worse. Rivalry Geralt’s adventures should not be expected to continue in the upcoming game. Company officials claimed that this would be a completely new opening for the series. Thus, we can expect a new hero in the lead role. At this point, the assumptions are very good. I would like Yennefer to be in the lead in the new game. He is my favorite hero from the saga. However, logically speaking, I doubt that CD Project RED will place him as the main character of the game. It doesn’t seem to be for sale. Vesemir is more likely to be filmed here – this is my type for the protagonist. By the way, I hope there will be no unpleasant surprises, and the next game will be a kind of RPG. It would be great if CDR learned a lesson from the premiere of Cyberpunk 2077 and developed a more elegant product.

Samsung will help Apple get rid of the record. The new look of the iPhone is coming. The last few sketches available on the Internet clearly show that we will not see a characteristic notch here. What will happen with Face ID? It will be partially located under the screen, and a camera with an additional sensor can be seen in small holes. However, you need to find a suitable component supplier to provide such technology. Perhaps no one should be surprised that screens with matching cross-sections are often provided by Samsung, which offers displays for iPhones. It is also expected that the iPhone 15 will be released without a hitch and the screen will be delivered again by the Korean giant.


The phone is not verified. One of the founders of OnePlus left the company and elegantly created a new one called Nothing. So far, the inexperienced have released wireless headphones that look quite original. For several weeks, there have been rumors that the company will finally launch a smartphone. They were approved and a conference was held on March 23 without showing anything nothing… Many observers were waiting for the premiere of the device and Here are just some screenshots of what the Nothing OS cover will look like. We also learned that the smartphone will have a transparent body, which is known from headphones. This, in fact. Is the market really waiting for this phone? I do not think so. Carl Pei claims that the device will compete with Apple, not OnePlus or Samsung. I admit that it is very funny. I don’t think we’ll see anything new that will leave the iPhone behind in June. Fast movement (the main marketing ploy of nothing so far) is not enough in a very saturated mobile market. When I see Face ID in 3D, a sensational camera and a surprising “killer feature” here, it will be possible to talk about some small revolution. However, I am preparing myself for a full floppy. I think that a high-speed smartphone will be demonstrated in a transparent case – this is not enough.

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