SpeedTest.pl report – summary of 2020

In 2020, SpeedTest.pl users conducted a record 47.5 million internet speed tests in Poland. This is 45% more than last year. Compared to 2019, landline internet has accelerated by 23% (78.8 Mb / s). Mobile internet speeds increased by 27% (to 26.3 Mb / s), while the new 5G in Poland almost quadrupled (100 Mb / s).

The SpeedTest.pl measurement platform includes the following programs:

2020 has passed in the telecommunications industry under the sign struggles with large increases in traffic stems from “covid” limitations. They were forced to move their education and large-scale work home, thereby burdening their personal connections. Operators have done well enough to recycle or expand capacity. However, this was not a problem, as a significant increase in the volume of tests on SpeedTest.pl indicates that many customers are closely monitoring the quality of the connection, and this is not always satisfactory.

There was another important event the beginning of the first 5G networks. In connection with the cancellation of the auction for new radio resources for 5G, the technology was introduced at the frequencies used in LTE. Thus, it was difficult to expect high speeds associated with fifth generation networks. The small amount of traffic and the average download speed for 5G tests at 100 Mbps in Poland did not have a significant impact on speed ratings in 2020. Preliminary results of 5G Plus, the only one to launch this new technology in a separate range from the LTE network, show that 5G will definitely sound louder after the auction for new frequencies. We will probably see this in the statistics of SpeedTest.pl.

Third, there is a constant trend of landline operators, on the one hand, the modernization of networks in other cities and second, the migration of the customer to a higher bandwidth and increasing share of popularity and fiber optic inputs. These trends will be supported in 2020 by the growing involvement of mobile operators who are more boldly entering the fixed internet market thanks to wholesale contracts and the experience of COVID-19.

As part of the report, we have developed three ratings – general, fiber optic (FTTH) and mobile. The rating of a particular ISP is determined by a minimum of 0.5% share of the total number of tests in a particular category, and the position in the ranking is determined by the average score for the entire data download speed for 2020. .

INEA is the fastest operator in the overall ranking

The overall rating is based on tests performed in the web application on SpeedTest.pl. This is the most popular measurement method in 2020. It was pulled close in this way 37 million tests.

The winner of the rating with an average download speed of 144.8 Mb / s is INEA. With a result of 137 Mb / s, it also surpasses the fastest UPC among national networks. TOYA closed the podium with a download of about 122 Mb / s from Lodz, and behind the podium stands Vectra with a result of almost 108 Mb / s. The monthly data download speed statistics for the 4 fastest operators in 2020 are presented in the diagram below.

SpeedTest.pl 2020 total months

INEA (145.5 Mb / s) also achieved the highest download speed. This speed is not only unrivaled, but also higher than the download speed of this operator. This is due to the large share of customers using symmetric fiber optic connections. TOYA, Vectra and Orange are also among the operators with the highest data transfer speeds.

The order of operators for delays (pings) is slightly different, INEA (11 ms) is the leader, followed by TAMA (13 ms) and UPC (18 ms). Choosing a provider whose network provides low data transfer delays is important for both people who frequently use video conferencing in connection with the transition to work and distance learning, as well as players interested in cloud gaming services available in addition to the standard multiplayer game. , I mean. plays in the cloud.

The largest increase in download speeds compared to 2019 can be observed: Netia (+ 64%, 61.9 Mb / s), Multimedia (+ 49%, 69.2 Mb / s) and Orange (+ 39%, up) Up to 70.2 Mb / s). In terms of transfer speed – Orange (almost double acceleration, up to 26.1 Mb / s), Vectra (+ 72%, up to 26.3 Mb / s) and Netia and Multimedia (in both cases about + 50%, respectively 23.4). and 13.6 Mb / s).

INEA is the fastest operator in fiber optic ranking

Part of the overall ranking is the Optical Fiber Suppliers (FTTH) Ranking, first published in August 2020 on the basis of voluntary submissions by the operator. The separation of the rating was due to the growing popularity and high quality of this technology, which is confirmed not only in the test results, but also in the market research SpeedTest.pl, so optical fiber users express the highest level of satisfaction. Compared to other types of Internet users in the Polish market.

SpeedTest 2020 FTTH

The FTTH rating for 2020 is based on Close 1.9 million tests Implemented in the second half of 2020 using the web application SpeedTest.pl. INEA took the first place in the rankingFTTH clients downloaded data at an average speed of 179.4 Mb / s. The next places belong to Netia (163.4 Mb / s) and Orange (160.5 Mb / s). In general, the three ISPs that make up this rating are very close to each other, including a very low delay of 10-14 ms. The only significant difference is that in the case of INEI, the load is several times higher than in other ISPs.

T-Mobile is the fastest mobile operator

Mobile rating is based on proximity 3 million measurements Developed in 3G, 4G LTE and 5G networks, mobile applications. Despite the pandemic and the associated increase in traffic, the category as a whole sees an increase in loading and unloading speeds and a decrease in delays. The latter factor is due to the implementation of functions by operators that reduce delays in LTE networks. As a result, owners of new devices that meet the latest 3GPP standards can get a ping of up to 20 ms.

SpeedTest 2020 mobile

2020 did not bring any changes in the positions of individual operators. Leader’s shirt – suppliers T-Mobile has secured the fastest mobile internet for 2020 the average download speed is 30.5 Mb / s, although it is superior to Orange with a result of 29.6 Mb / s, which is 3 months ahead of T-Mobile. This is the first appearance of this interesting competition.

SpeedTest.pl 2020 mobile months

Play and Plus occupy the next positions. In addition to many other factors, such as the size of the network or the number of customers, the position of Plus and Play was undoubtedly influenced by the volume of traffic between mobile networks. On the other hand, taking into account only its network, the result of Play increases to 25.3 Mb / s. The comparison of the results of 2020 with 2019 is presented in the following graphs.

In mid-2020, we celebrated the first 5G tests on commercial networks in Poland. They are still a small part of the overall mobile tests, but it should be noted now is a leader in this category The average download speed of Plus is 199 Mb / s, which is more than 7 times higher than the average for the mobile category.. These are, of course, the result of the unloaded TDD 2600 MHz band, and as with most mobile networks, these parameters will decrease as the number of subscribers increases. However, on the other hand, the 5G in Plus could cause a lot of confusion in the market in 2021 due to the high starting point and wider and wider network expansion.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that we have started working on a new approach to rating, which will be more intuitive for the use of the Internet.

Additional information

  1. In published rankings and statistics, we combine raw results for the operator, user, location, and communication technology over a period of time before determining the average values. As a result, we average unnecessary measurement results that can affect the rating results by individual users.
  2. The national operator (national network) is defined in a certain rating category as an operator with a test share of more than 0.5% in at least half of the voivodships in Poland.
  3. In the context of the SPEED TEST trademark, the terms of use of the results of the above ranking for commercial purposes are each V-SPEED Sp. z oo Use of the results of the above rating for commercial purposes without the consent of V-SPEED Sp. z oo is prohibited. Exceptions are the citation of the results on news portals and in the press.

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