SpeedTest.pl rating – results for February 2021

The first months of the new year brought another acceleration of the Internet in Poland. In February, the average data download speed of home Internet users increased by 6.6% (up to 75 Mb / s). In turn, mobile lines accelerated by 8.3% (34.6 Mb / s). The highest growth was recorded by T-Mobile (13.7%) and Play (10.4%). The beginning of 2021 is also a change in the way results are presented in our rankings.

The rating is based on February 4.2 million measurements (including 0.9 million mobile applications). This information applies to users from Poland.

Starting in 2021, we have significantly simplified the presentation of data by creating two main rating categories. General and WiFi lists are combined in a ranking of home Internet providers. It is mainly based on the results obtained from all SpeedTest.pl programs for communication via home routers. The FTTH fiber ranking is divided into subcategories in this ranking. This approach increases the readability of published information and at the same time reflects the way users use the Internet. Due to the development and popularity of Wi-Fi standards (5 and 6), WLAN wireless technology is becoming less and less a broadband speed constraint. As a result, operators are increasingly offering their customers routers that support the latest solutions in the field of Wi-Fi networks. The rating of mobile internet providers remains unchanged and covers tests conducted on SpeedTest.pl applications on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets for 3G, 4G LTE and 5G connections.

INEA is the fastest operator in the ranking of home Internet providers

INEA customers (~ 153 Mb / s) achieved the highest data download speed. The 150 Mb / s level was also exceeded by UPC customers nationwide. The growing popularity of the fixed Internet access service provided by T-Mobile and included in the rating for the first time in January is noteworthy. In February, its users downloaded data at an average speed of ~ 137 Mb / s, which rose to third place. Toya closes the list with a result of ~ 129 Mb / s.

Home internet map
Medium download Based on 42 million tests for home Internet in Poland from March 2020 to February 2021

INEA is the fastest operator in fiber optic sorting (FTTH)

SpeedTest Internet FTTH February 2021

The February FTTH rating is based on more than 426,000 people. measurements, which is 16.5% of the results of all home lines in Poland. The average speed of fiber-optic lines in February was 167.32 Mb / s, an increase of 2.3% over the previous month.

According to the representation in the context of the number of tests, the fiber-optic rating includes operators in the rating of home Internet throughout Poland. The first place in the ranking was taken by INEA, which downloads FTTH customers at an average speed of ~ 177 Mb / s. The next places belong to national suppliers: Netia (~ 176 Mb / s) and Orange (~ 175 Mb / s). T-Mobile (~ 140 Mb / s), which first appeared in this rating in January, was left out of the podium.

FTTH speed map
Medium download Based on 2.8 million tests for FTTH fiber in Poland for September 2020 – February 2021
FTTH coverage map
FTTH fiber coverage – Number and distribution of tests in Poland for the period from September 2020 to February 2021

T-Mobile remains the leader among mobile internet providers

SpeedTest Mobile Internet February 2021

February was the third consecutive month in which we observed acceleration in the mobile networks of all operators. The highest increase in average data download speeds was observed in T-Mobile (13.7%) and Play (10.4%) networks.

Acceleration in Play is commented by the company’s technical director Michał Ziółkowski:

The increase in data download speeds in the PLAY network is mainly due to the introduction of more than 300 new base stations in the last weeks of last year alone. In addition, by disconnecting the existing 14.8 MHz 4G LTE technology, we are consistently re-amplifying the entire 2100 MHz band.

Konrad Mróz from the company’s press office commented on the increase in T-Mobile:

Performance improvement has consisted of ongoing investment processes, such as optimizing network traffic in response to a new way of using pandemic services, as well as increasing network capacity and capacity, as part of which we are replacing old radio infrastructure. New, offering a combination of 3 or 4 frequency ranges. The number of stations connecting 4 LTE frequencies has increased by 200 in three months. In general, more than 85% of the population lives within the LTE Carrier Aggregation network.

T-Mobile ranks first with a result of ~ 42.4 Mb / s. Second place went to Orange (~ 37 Mb / s), and third place went to Play with a result of ~ 32.4 Mb / s.

SpeedTest Internet mobile schedule
Medium Download on Polish mobile networks for the last 12 months
Mobile internet map
Medium download Based on 3.1 million tests for mobile Internet in Poland for the period from March 2020 to February 2021

Additional information

In published rankings and statistics, we combine raw results for the operator, user, location, and communication technology over a period of time before determining the average values. As a result, we average unnecessary measurement results that can affect the rating results by individual users.

Conditions for the commercial use of the results of the above ratings in the context of the SPEED TEST trademark V-SPEED Sp. z oo Consent is granted for a maximum period of one year. Use of the above rating results for commercial purposes without the consent of V-SPEED Sp. z oo is prohibited. Exceptions are the citation of the results on news portals and in the press.

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