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If you are looking for mobile internet, one of the parameters you will probably consider is its speed. Fortunately, different types of periodic rankings, which generally provide the data transfer speeds obtained, can help.

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However, the problem is not so simple, because all the data are summarized for different measurement areas. Before deciding on any of the operators, it is worth checking the coverage in the area where you will use the services the most. It may turn out that the leader of a certain rating in your area will not work so well. Therefore, it is worth getting a start in advance and checking the program to measure what the actual speed is in this area.

The fastest LTE Internet

The fastest mobile internet in Poland

Wednesday Download speed [Mb/s] Wednesday download speed [Mb/s] Wednesday ping [ms]
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Data for August 2020, Speedtest.

What about the fastest mobile internet? Let’s start with LTE technology, because it is the most popular and easiest to date. In addition, this technology, under normal use, is currently sufficient for one user.

According to Speedtest, one of the most popular internet speed sites in the country In August, T-Mobile had the fastest internet in Poland. His average results were at the level of 36.71 Mb / s for download speed and 9.41 Mb / s for download. Ping was 30 ms. Interestingly, the difference between the first operator and the second operator, Orange, was not so great. In addition, Orange was the operator that offered the fastest internet in some provinces in August. Its results were at 35.00 Mb / s and 9.19 Mb / s for download. Ping also remained at 30 ms. Therefore, it is worth considering the consequences for a particular voivodeship.

The other two operators, of course, perform worse in August, given the average results. Play this month achieved 28.04 Mb / s for downloaded files and 8.85 Mb / s for downloaded files. Ping remained at 36 ms. In addition, it ranked fourth in the August rankings with 26.26 Mb / s downloads and 9.18 Mb / s downloads. The mean ping was 39 ms.

Moreover, if we pay attention to the ratings, then The classification was similar in terms of LTE speeds over the years. Only in July did the Plus and Play networks change places. Interestingly, since the beginning of 2020, the average speed for all operators has increased in most cases. And it really is important information for you.

However, it is clear that in virtually all cases the average speed offered by each operator will be satisfactory. You should always consider a particular case individually, as the speed in the room will be affected, for example, by the specifics of the construction of the building or the distance to the nearest transmission.

Or maybe you are a lucky man already live on 5G network? Then you have the option to get significantly higher speeds for downloading and uploading files from your mobile network.

The fastest 5G Internet

As for the tests, 5G technology is a bit difficult, because its impact on the overall performance of operators is only 0.5 percent. However, it has already been included in the overall results since August.

What about 5G speeds alone? Currently, there is a bigger problem with the measurement of parameters, because officially it is The technology is only available in a few / few cities. The fastest comparison engine also works here.

In June, the results of tests conducted in seven cities with a 5G network were published. In this case we say Plus about the network. The summary shows that the average data download speed is 242 Mb / s and the download speed is 26 Mb / s. At that time the average ping was 31 ms. As you can see, 5G technology offers higher operating speeds. Unfortunately, at present only a few have access to it. But that is likely to change with each passing month. Therefore, if it turns out that you are covered by 5G technology, it is worth trying it, because you will most likely achieve higher internet speeds than LTE networks.

So, if you are looking for the fastest mobile Internet, you can rely on sites that compare speeds and average test results. However, it should not be the main criterion when choosing a specific operator for you. Although, of course, can affect decisions.

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The most important thing for you based on results specifically for your most common location. As I mentioned, it’s also worth getting started and checking how the Internet works in your area.

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