Small dogs are breeds that have won the hearts of thousands of people. Which is better for children?

Small breeds of domestic dogs have been popular for many years. They are preferred by small apartment owners, busy people, do not have time for long walks, large breed dogs are usually in need. Depending on our preferences, we can choose a dog that will not require very complicated care, energetic and active, and even suitable for allergy sufferers.

Who is this type of dog for? Contrary to appearances, the younger sex does not always belong to the soft and calm companions. Families with children should think carefully about the purchase and teach their children to properly care for the dog. Violent bends, twists and tight hugs have a negative effect on your pet, which will become more nervous and even aggressive over time. Owners should keep in mind that small dog breeds, despite their small stature, have all the characteristics of their species.

The most popular dogs are small breeds

The size of a pet does not always reflect its character. Not all of them exist sex of small dogs they are gentle and kind to the environment. Although some of them have a character worthy of English, they do not earn the respect they deserve because of their small stature. Which dogs are the most popular?

  • York – a large soul in a small body – is a term that characterizes Yorkie 100%. His perseverance and independence often lead him to the herd. It is firmly connected with the owner who wants to spend every moment. He is also often jealous of her. This type of small house dog breeds requires an individual approach. Owners should also be careful not to be too gentle with their pet, as he will certainly benefit from it. Yorkies are suitable for older children. They are very noisy and can often appeal to larger dogs.
  • French Bulldog – a real life and loyal companion. Domestic dogs, especially small breeds, require a lot of attention from households. Bulldogs are great with kids and enjoy games. However, males can be aggressive towards other male members of the species. They are perfect for very small spaces, such as small dog breeds for the home. In the process of training, they need motivation in the form of treats or affection.

  • Spitz – Spitz can be classified as a breed of small and medium-sized dogs according to their different sizes. They are kind, but very understanding and vigilant. We will be notified soon of the arrival of strangers. They adapt to the owner and will be eager to lie on the couch with him as if on a long walk. The miniature version is the most popular in Poland.
  • Chihuahua – this breed of small domestic dogs is among the smallest in the world. They are very attached to the owner and often ask him for interest. Chihuahuas are suitable for families with large children, as babies can look at them as toys and accidentally harm them. Dogs are characterized by significant courage, which often leads to aggression against other, even larger members of the species. Owners should take short walks with them daily.
  • Pug – many people confuse it with the French Bulldog, but after closer inspection you can see the diameter differences between the breeds. Representatives of this breed of small, short-haired dogs often choose a man with the greatest love and affection. They require a lot of attention and love from other members of the household. They have a mild temperament, which makes them suitable for families with small children. They are kind and open to their species. They don’t need long walks, but short walks are recommended to keep your pet in good condition. Training requires motivation in the form of meals.

The most popular breeds of small hairy dogs

Dogs with hair instead of fur are often considered the best choice for allergy sufferers. Which of them is the most popular?

  • The Maltese dog is one of the oldest dog breeds, having a permanent place in royal palaces for centuries. The dolls are energetic and full of life, as well as very kind and affectionate. They like to play outside and run, but they are also happy to play indoors. They have a sensitive temperament and react badly to screaming tones. They are very kind to strangers, but sometimes they bark at a bigger dog. Owners have to spend a lot of time caring for their pets to keep their hair in good condition. It is important to brush regularly and take a bath for 2 weeks. Maltese dogs are recommended for children as small dog breeds.
  • Shih tzu – a real individual, full of elegance, balanced and cheerful. On the farm, he is like a cat – he goes his own way and decides to imitate himself. Small furry dog ​​breeds require regular maintenance and daily care. Shih tzu will work well in families with older children. Does not need long walks and loves to sleep.

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