PRO Speed ​​Test – The end of ISP scams?

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November 30, 2018, 12:21 p.m.

From December 1, all Internet users will be able to check the connection speed for free using the UKE-certified PRO Speed ​​Test tool. In the case of a fixed line Internet, results other than those stated in the contract may be grounds for complaint.

In the event of any discrepancies between the declared and actual speeds of the Internet, we will obtain a tool to secure your rights.


  1. From December 1, we will be able to check speed using a PRO Speed ​​Test tool certified by the Electronic Communications Authority (UKE);
  2. the results obtained in relation to the fixed Internet may be the basis for a complaint against the contract;
  3. The tool will also allow you to test the mobile connection, but in such cases the results will be only illustrative – there is no official power.

PRO Speed ​​Test Internet speed test tool received a certificate from the Electronic Communications Authority (UKE) yesterday. This means that from December 1 of this year, if the speed of the stationary line differs from the values ​​stated in the contract, the measurements made using it may be grounds for complaint. Thus, Poland became one of the first EU countries to join Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania and offer similar solutions.

Customer rights and supplier resistance

Consumers will be able to defend their rights more easily than before, which will increase competition among suppliers. Their proposal will now be compared not only in terms of price and declared speed, but also on the basis of reliable measurements, UKE President Marcin Cichy said at a press conference.

PRO Speed ​​Test - certified measurement.

PRO Speed ​​Test – certified measurement.

The application was developed by V-Speed ​​and has been officially tested since September – it has been found that the PRO Speed ​​Test fully meets both EU requirements and requirements. Internet providers who do not want feedback.

The biggest problem was to involve operators. In Poland, the regulator often has to “come up” with a proposal to start a discussion. The market itself will not offer any solution and will wait for what the regulator offers. However, our proposal has already received a great wave of criticism. The chambers of industry also tried to get the security agencies in Poland interested in our activities. For us, this was another condition that had to be fulfilled – to check the safety of the tool itself. As a result, the quality measurement tool works properly, is safe, and now we will test its usefulness for consumers. From this point of view, we are very happy that the bar is hanging high, – said the President of Cichy in an interview with Virtual Media.

Certified measurement for fixed connections only

PRO Speed ​​Test is available as a web application (for working in a browser) and a program downloaded to a computer disk. The developers also supported mobile devices – there are special applications for Android and iOS operating systems. Unlike solutions already available on the market, the program not only measures download and sharing speeds, but also analyzes background traffic, component load (network card, processor), detects active VPN connections and the number of devices connected to the network. .

PRO Speed ​​Test - testing of environmental factors.

PRO Speed ​​Test – testing of environmental factors.

The tool can measure the speed of any Internet connection, including mobile, but it has official power only when advertising landline services (and only when using the above program – it is not enough to run PRO Speed ​​Test in the browser). The so-called certified measurement requires testing the speed in two daily cycles separated by a maximum of 6 days. Six measurements are taken at intervals of at least 30 minutes during one test day.

You can learn more about the tool by visiting the Consumer Information Center website or watching the UKE instructional video below.

  1. PRO Speed ​​Test – official site

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