Online security and privacy is an important issue. VPN can help

We manage almost everything on the Internet. We enter the bank, send photos in the cloud, solve official issues, pay invoices or other payments. Ensuring the highest possible level of security and privacy on the Internet is one of the most important tasks facing every Internet user today.

Today we are connected to the Internet almost non-stop. We have a browser where we often have several websites open. Also, the phone is usually connected to the network without interruption via Wi-Fi or mobile data. It’s hard to imagine doing anything without the Internet. And even if, for example, we have to go to an office in person, we often have to make an appointment in advance via the Internet and print the relevant documents from the Internet.

Therefore, ensuring online privacy can be very important. In particular, all hackers and other creators of spyware know very well that now all the important information is hidden on the computer, mobile phone, as well as on disks in the cloud. That is why you must accept the principle that we can always be followed.

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Nowadays, we are connected to the Internet almost non-stop, so we should always think that we are exposed.

As users, we can protect ourselves in a hundred different ways, but a moment of carelessness is enough to endanger ourselves. Theoretically, each of us knows that the use of public Wi-Fi networks is dangerous and, as a rule, should not be done. However, when problems with the mobile network arose, for example, I was probably not the only one connected to the network in a shopping center. Then, the next time we go to the gallery, forgetting to delete such a network from memory, the cell automatically connects to that network without my knowledge.

A VPN can be a good security measure, which helps us maintain privacy on the Internet. As a result, all Internet traffic from your computer or phone first goes through a VPN service that changes your IP and encrypts your data. This prevents intermediaries between your computer and the landing page from knowing which pages you are accessing, what you are downloading, and who you are connecting to. This broker can be the owner of the restaurant we connect to the Wi-Fi network or the administrator of the office we rent.

When choosing a VPN, it is also worth remembering that one service provider is not equal to another. It is important to note that the VPN does not store our information in any form. However, this is not so simple, as many countries require the registration of certain information about Internet users. However, some companies ensure that users are anonymous and do not actually store this information. One such company is CyberGhost VPN, which is not included:

  • IP address,
  • DNS queries
  • viewing history
  • the content of the website we access
  • when we are connected
  • watches we hang up the phone
  • The VPN servers we connect,
  • the bandwidth we use

And it should be so that the company we bought the VPN does not know anything about us and should not be interested in it. Only then can we feel really safe on the Internet.

VPN can be useful for sports and movie lovers

In addition, a VPN, for example, allows us to change our virtual location when connected to a network. We can choose the server we want to connect to. Therefore, while in Poland, we can look at Netflix resources that people from the US or Germany can use. Conversely, if we travel to another continent, we can “return” to Europe with the help of VPN, which will allow us to follow only some of the streaming services available in the European Union.

The number of servers is important, for example, when we are sports fans. It often happens that our favorite team plays different games on different platforms, in different competitions. Some of them, for example, may be blocked in another country we are going to. Therefore, it is worth choosing this offer, which offers you many servers from different countries. CyberGhost VPNs are available in more than 7,500 countries. From exotic to Cambodian or Albanian to standard to the US or France. In addition, the company has specialized servers configured for streaming, for example. If we want to look at something that is not available in Polish Netflix, but in its French version, we can easily find them and choose for ourselves. This may come as a surprise to many, but many movies available abroad, such as in a database, have Polish subtitles in a database, so you can watch them without even knowing the given language. .

CyberGhost VPN

We are accustomed to the high cost of security. In the case of VPN, these costs are not high. By choosing CyberGhost VPN, full protection can cost only 1.89 euros per day, which is less than 10 zlotys per month. In addition, everyone has the right to test CyberGhost VPN services for 45 days and decide whether they are satisfied or not. If not, he simply quits his job and gets his money back. However, we will not be disappointed, because CyberGhost VPN is the most recommended VPN on the market. The company itself attaches great importance to customer satisfaction, supporting them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to the VPN itself, CyberGhost also offers, for example, the CyberGhost ID service, where you can access our email address to find out if it’s leaked and receive reports in the future. All this in a low subscription that will not complicate your home or business budget and will allow you to maintain more privacy on all devices connected to the network.

VPN at company costs? If the company protects computers, there is no problem

The mere cost of buying a VPN can be taxed, which further reduces the actual cost. Of course, you can get this kind of protection for the company when the company’s devices are protected. However, it is worth thinking about, especially when hiring employees. It is important that corporate emails, contractors’ documents, or calls made through WhatsApp, for example, are encrypted and thus secure.

It is also important that the CyberGhost VPN runs on any operating system, from MacOs to Windows and from computers to Linux. And Android, like iOS on mobile phones, is also supported on mobile phones. So there is no fear that changing your phone or computer will invalidate the VPN. For example, if we have a TV at work, he can use a VPN as long as he has an Android TV.

The pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of many offices, for example, the introduction of e-invoicing will accelerate it. You have to accept the fact that our company, as well as the Internet, will soon work for us as entrepreneurs or ordinary citizens. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to online privacy and increasing the security of our data.

The article was written in collaboration with CyberGhost VPN

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