mBank will not correct the mistakes of the Polish state, but from tomorrow it will change a lot in its application

mBank has been using the image of digital banking for many years. Announcements of changes to their new apps indicate that they want to continue this look … to save. Among others will be a new financial manager and integration with SkyCash.

This morning, the mBank team met with representatives of the Polish media to talk about changes in one of the most popular applications in Poland. I will immediately warn and disturb bank users – it will not be a revolution and the announced changes will be announced in stages.

Why is the bank’s application so important?

Why is application important for the financial industry today? About 2.6 million customers use mBank’s retail program, of which about 300,000 are added each year. These are almost all e-banking users of this special brand, which has a total number of 2.9 million users. Considering the applications, the result was excellent relatively recently.

Meanwhile, the mobile application in mBank has been dominating the computer service since 2016. There are even cases when bank employees talk about “only mobile customers” during the presentation. The mBank application has 100 million entries per month, and many charts show how dynamically the operations and even loans launched by the application have increased over the last 3 years.

mBank announces numerous new products in the application

I regularly reassure Bezprawnik readers and customers that how a reader sees us on their smartphone today is a priority for us when designing new website views, its features, or additional services such as Bezprawnik e-commerce. If anyone is surprised, today’s presentation of mBank removes all doubts – a mobile phone is not only the future, but also a solid gift.

Given the dominant role of the application, the bank intends to focus on improving the performance of the operating system on mobile phones in the near future. There will also be more serious “fintech” options, such as more efficient home budget management (for which I recently praised the Pekao application and system).

The role of non-banking services is also expected to increase – for example, integration with e-government. It’s been in the bank for a long time, but there are really problems. During ePUAP testing, sometimes even in the program we see the design of a PC login screen that is not compatible with mobile devices. I allowed myself to ask if this error would finally be corrected, because it has a certain archaic vibe, not suitable for such a modern application.

The bank referred to my question – although improvements were announced in various areas, it was also quite subtle that any shortcomings could be caused by deficiencies in public infrastructure.

What will change in mBank application?

From the few screenshots shown to us, I came to the conclusion that this will not be a comprehensive revolution. The application is very well modeled on social media. There is nothing wrong with this, because these are the most typical, common habits of Internet users. There will also be some kind of unification of the bank’s appearance / environment on the computer and in the application. Both solutions must be combined. The developers do not hide their inspiration from the “best digital solutions” model. The number of application personalization functions will also increase.

In one of the pictures I noticed it too mBank wants to highlight the solutions we know from other banking programs – the ability to pay for parking, highways or buses. Then the bank developed this issue – the service will take place in cooperation with the application SkyCash. I haven’t been able to convince myself of SkyCash for years, and this program also evokes mixed feelings around me. It seems that mBank will apply its technical solutions there, I will write about this in more detail in a separate article.

New mBank financial manager

At one point, the opposite is true: “I know that the bank can be more than where the money is kept.” And that’s true – I try to analyze, for example, how I spend my money very carefully. This allows you to better understand the economic processes in the state, but also better understand yourself.

The new financial manager responds a little to this postulate. It’s hard for me to judge him until I play with him, but he looks great. I strongly support this solution and hope that it will become a little more popular among Poles who regularly have problems with cost control. At present, it is difficult for me to say unequivocally on the basis of the bank’s presentation that the current system of financial analysis will be lifted only graphically, or that there will be really useful options. It seems that there will be several options to encourage savings and better spending planning. This can be useful, but I would like to add, for example, the cost of cash or another bank to this manager, because it is the only way we can see the full picture of my home budget.

These changes may be visible to customers until May.

At the end of the meeting, I also allowed to inquire about the fate of the appeal of the mBank Stock Exchange. Currently, we can only trade on the stock exchange using a separate application mBank Giełda (also waiting for good changes). Currently, you don’t seem to be playing the life of a broker directly from your banking application.

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