Learn about the world’s largest dogs – record dog breeds

The world’s largest dogs have nothing to do with the famous “sandwiches” that most of us are friends with. We present the largest dog breeds in the world.

The biggest dogs in the worldeven where the magnificent German Shepherd looks modest, they completely change the notion of a “big dog.” Strong structure and significant weight are the characteristics of the aggressive nature of giant pets. However, you need to know this The world’s largest dogs are not necessarily defensive breedsand among them we can find many “pets” who are not afraid of their heads.

It would be worth mentioning at the beginning The world’s largest dogs are not designed for inexperienced caregivers. This is mainly due to their character and great power to be managed, but not only. You have to understand that the biggest domestic cats, like big dogs requires special care and attention. When we provide them, they will be wonderful companions who are extremely loyal to their owner.

photo: Anatolian Agency via Metin Aktas / Getty Images

The list of the largest dogs in the world opens Tibetan Mastiff – strong and rich hairy molosse of mountain type. This is one of the preserved breeds many key features – independence and autonomy. Nevertheless, good-looking giants are firmly attached to their guardians and have shown exceptional patience in dealing with them. But it is important to remember that if you are mistreated, you can be aggressive towards people. Males reach a minimum height of 66 cm on dry land and weigh 45 to 75 kg, while females weigh a minimum of 61 cm and weigh 34 to 55 kg.

It is another great breed Neapolitan mastiff – Strong molossian with short hair and lots of loose skin. In the past, members of this breed were bred as fighting dogs. It turned into a lot of mistrust and an aggressive, impulsive nature. However, it should be noted that there are many modern Neapolitan mastiffs that play the role of companion dogs. more sustainable and predictable.

However, we are talking about dogs that need to be managed by a stable, experienced hand. They are loyal and kind to their owners, but you should know that they are most dependent on the person they choose. The male reaches a height of 63 to 77 cm and weighs 60-70 kg. The height and weight of the tooth is 58-70 cm, 50-60 kg.

The rating of the largest dogs in the world should not be missed Caucasian shepherd dog. This is an extremely demanding breed. The colossus, covered with thick fur, shows significant independence and is not particularly eager to cooperate with people. A well-governed individual is kind to all family members the nature and territorial instinct of the guard make him wary of strangers.

Any aggressor appearing in the Caucasus will be attacked. The male reaches 72-75 cm in dry places and weighs at least 50 kg (individuals weighing about 100 kg are known). The female dog is slightly smaller – reaches 67-70 cm and weighs a minimum of 45 kg.

The next place in the list is the mountain-type molossian, which represents the Turkic species. Kangal he is a born watchman who is not afraid of any intruder. It looks slow and sluggish every day. These are just appearances. The dog does not lose energy unnecessarily, but it is extremely fast and agile when the area it protects is threatened. He does not shudder unnecessarily and does not show his existence in any other way.

This makes it invisible to the aggressor, at least until it attacks the dog. Kangals are connected to all family members and show exceptional patience in dealing with children. Males are 74 to 85 cm tall and weigh 50 to 70 kg. The size and weight of bitches are 71-79 cm and 40-60 kg.

No other dog on our list needs access. Giant “hairy” (but don’t forget that St. Bernardine they are also in the range of short hair), they are characterized by mild temperament and mild temperament. However, we must not forget that the Bernardians showed tend to watchtherefore, they are not completely devoid of aggression.

On the other hand, they are tolerant of other dogs and will accept cats. They love to be in touch with their caregivers and are extremely gentle with children. Males can reach 70-90 cm on land, and females can reach 65-80 cm. They are very heavy dogs. Their weight is between 65-120 kg.

Like St. Bernard, Newfoundland “hairy” colossus with an extraordinarily balanced character. Needs constant contact with caregivers, is understanding to children and easily befriends other pets. Aggression is not in its naturewhich makes him unsuitable for the role of guard – Newfoundland waves its mass tail and even meets strangers, and only in exceptional cases does it stand up for its owners. The male reaches a height of about 71 cm on land and weighs 70 kg. Spoons are clearly smaller – up to 66 cm and 55 kg.

Covered with short but dense hair Spanish mastiff very respectable in appearance. Unlike many other molossers, it is very well balanced. He is aware of his strength, and this increases his self-confidence. Therefore, In most cases, the dog shows stoic calm, only scares the potential attacker with a deep shell. He is a typical companion of an owner, but remains loyal to the whole family. Males reach a height of 77-88 cm and weigh 90-100 kg, while females reach a height of 72-88 cm and 55-80 kg.

They say for love Irish wolf dog you have to earn it yourself. Indeed, it will be a great dog is exceptionally loyal and faithful, but only if the guardian is able to establish a deep connection with him. He is kind to people, but can deal with strangers at a considerable distance. Males reach a minimum of 79 cm on dry land and weigh 54.5 kg, females – a minimum of 71 cm and 40.5 kg.

What do the world’s largest dogs and the largest spiders have in common? They are intimidating in appearance, but often do not behave aggressively. This is exactly what happens with phlegmatic English mastiff. The mild-tempered Colossus is extremely balanced. It is not only the largest, but also one of the heaviest dogs in the world. The record holder in this category was Zorba – individual weighing 155 kg! The average weight of this species is between 85 and 120 kg (females between 75 and 95 kg) and 70-90 cm in dry areas.

The world’s largest animals are truly impressive. The race that closes our list proves it. Great Dane This is undoubtedly not the most massive four-legged, but the tallest. Suffice it to say that the world’s largest dog is the Danish Freddie, measuring 103.5 cm. This giant reaches 2.24 m when standing on two legs!

The size of the Great Dane forces us to treat this dog with respect, but it should be noted that it is the softest of all molossers. He is extremely emotional and hates loneliness. The average male is 80-90 cm tall and weighs 54-90 kg. The females are slightly smaller – 72-84 cm and weigh between 46 and 60 kg.

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