Konarzevo. Dogs scare the villagers. What does the dog owner say?

– The dogs suddenly flew, took my Roziam in their teeth and began to tremble. I did not let him go, but they took it from me. Then my mother said Rozia was dead, says 8-year-old Cornelia.

Within a few seconds, two shepherd dogs tore the girl’s favorite dog out of her and bit it in front of her eyes. The incident was recorded by a surveillance camera.

– I was shocked, this is an incredibly wild video showing dogs behaving like wild dogs. Even an adult will not have a chance with dogs working in groups – dog behaviorist Radoslaw Ekwiński claims. And he adds: – If the girl rescued the dog and took him in his arms, it would not stop those dogs, and if he survived the attack in general, he could get very serious injuries.

– My daughter had a hard time, did not sleep at night, cried. He is still under constant psychological supervision. She doesn’t leave the house after the incident, says Dorothy, the mother of an 8-year-old child.

Shocking news from residents

Dozens of families from Konarzevo, near Poznan, have had problems with unsupervised and aggressive dogs for at least two years. Dogs attack animals and at the same time their owners suffer.

– When I went for a walk, my dog ​​jumped on my lap. And then the shepherd dog attacked me. He jumped on my back and bit my back and hips. Since then, I have not gone for a walk, I am confined to four walls – Katarzyna admitted. And adds: – I have a trauma. When I see a big dog, I tremble, even with a hook.

– We already have four bitten people, five bitten dogs and one bitten. We also have numerous attacks on cars. The dogs scratched the paint and chewed the tires. This is a serious matter, says Lukas Jakubowski, an animal inspector from Mondo Cane.

“A man and his uncontrolled dogs are threatening half of the village,” complains Katarzyna. And adds: – It’s not the dogs’ fault. Man is sinful.

The dogs belong to a local merchant. Despite the appeals and wishes of the residents, who informed the police, the owner of the aggressive pet feels impunity. Shepherd dogs run through the hole in the fence, walk in the fields and spread terror.

Seek help

The people of the city were helpless. For several months now, in addition to the work carried out by law enforcement agencies, they have appealed to the commune administrator to intervene. Unsuccessful.

“After analyzing all the possibilities, it turns out that the head of the Dopievo commune has no legal authority to decide on the removal of these dogs,” said the head of the Dopievo commune, Dr. Pavel Przepiora. And he adds: – Of course, we are very concerned about this situation. We are doing a lot to normalize this situation. I am outraged by the dog owner’s actions, but I act within the law.

– The act on ensuring discipline and safety of residents in the commune is in fact on the side of the head of the commune. He has the tools and recipes he needs to use, says Lukasz Yakubowski of Mondo Cane. And he adds: – We will do our best to make these dogs feel good and find decent homes. The kind of people who really care about them and worry about their fate. The department is aware of this, only the head of the commune must make a decision.

A fine of 500 PLN

Police have already received 14 reports of Mr Arkadiusz’s dogs. Several cases were taken to court, the latter of which the owner was fined 500 zlotys.

“The police protested against the verdict, saying that the fine was insufficient and that the owner of these animals was too low for his actions,” said the young asp. Martha Mróz from Poznan City Police Department.

“As part of the ongoing proceedings, the prosecutor’s office has begun administrative proceedings to seize these animals from their owners,” the young asp added. Frost.

Residents do not know what to do next.

– Four days after the dog was bitten and attacked the neighbor’s daughter, the dogs ran away again. “I was walking with my two children and I was afraid to enter my house,” said one woman.

Some carry pepper spray, others drive around the village.

– I take little Voytek to my friend, there is about 100 meters to walk. What happened? One of the men asks.

Residents of the neighborhood can not agree with the owner of the four-legged. The man also claims to have been beaten by one of the residents. The situation seems to be deadlocked.

We met with Mr. Arkadiusz. Our correspondent asked the man why the dogs were left unattended.

– A series of coincidences of different situations. Residents do not know how to speak, maybe they like the show. It happened, what happened, the dogs were on the property, someone opened the door, there is a warning, there is a sign – “Be careful, bad dog, the owner is even worse.” But it’s a joke, I can laugh to myself – says Mr. Arkadiusz.

During the conversation, one of the residents told the dog owner that pets run away several times a week.

– They kidnapped. The past, present and future are the foundations of the Polish language. They kidnapped, the man said.

During the exchange, the correspondent touched upon the situation with the bite of 8-year-old Cornelia’s dog. He noted that the girl is still under the supervision of a psychologist.

“If I had parents like that, I would go too,” said the dog’s owner.

What can a person do to prevent sheep dogs from escaping?

“Eliminate the mistakes in closing the fence,” he said.

After our conversation, the night passed peacefully. The owner of the dogs took one of them home. The next day, when we started firing, the male shepherd began to seal the fence behind the property where the dogs had fled.

Why didn’t Arkadius do it before?

– I did. I went, I ordered, I’m coming, it turns out that the dogs ran away. It was not done – explains.

– The law requires us to make our territory so safe that dogs cannot leave it on their own. If someone has a dog crossing a two-meter net, he must draw a three-meter net. And not to explain himself. The services, the police and the commune are responsible for the execution, says behaviorist Radosław Ekwiński. And emphasizes: – You should be the owner of dogs, because you are fully responsible for how they live and behave.

A few weeks have passed since our visit to Konarzevo. The owner tries to keep an eye on the animals. The head of the commune presented daily patrols of communal protection and asked parliamentarians to draft a law that would give the commune greater powers in the field of security.

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