Joanna Borysewicz was found guilty of fraud. “Dubai Girls”

  • In 2003, Joanna Borysewicz founded a modeling and modeling agency
  • Joanna Borysewicz was sentenced in 2013 to two years in prison on conspiracy charges and three years in prison.
  • In 2018, under the direction of Joanna Borysewicz, the book “Dubai Girls” was published, which describes the backstage of the agency.
  • In November 2021, Dorota “Doda” will premiere the film “Dubai Girls” produced by Rabczewska
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It will premiere in November “Dubai Girls” by art producer Doda. Since announcing the start of filming in June 2020, production has caused a great deal of controversy and confusion. The painting is based on the famous book of the same name by Peter Krysiak and shows the backstage in this work. Dubai scandal, ie the practice of organized prostitution of Polish women with Arab clients. The publication of Peter Krisiak, a journalist with many years of experience, was largely based on court documents. It is based on the findings of investigators, including their findings, Winner of the Miss Polonia beauty contest, actresses from the film “Package”, participants of the “Top Model” program or the daughters of the famous serial actor.

In the book “Dubai Girls”, the author not only describes the whole scheme of organized trips, but also provides excerpts from interviews with investigators, and finally reveals the details of the arrest of women convicted of fraud. Because this event in 2013 caused a wide response in show business Danuta B, the daughter and ex-husband of Borysewicz and Lady Punk guitarist Jan Borysewicz, was among those involved in all the illegal practices..

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Joanna Borysewicz. Daughter of Lady Punk’s leader

Before Lady Punk first appeared on the stage in 1982, Jan Borysewicz became famous as a genius and talented guitar player. The musician has been playing the guitar professionally since 1970, and in 1978 he joined the band Budka Sufflera. Just this time The man met Danuta, whom he married, and in 1979 had a daughter named Joanna.. However, the marriage did not last long, and the couple divorced a few years later.

Joanna Borysewicz became a very young mother. At the age of 16, she gave birth to a daughter, Sarah, and a year later, Nikola. His life was far from the world of show business, but suddenly he decided to try himself in this field. Having a famous name, he decided to appear in men’s magazines. In 2001, Joanna Borysewicz appeared on the cover of Playboy with the title “Naked Lady Punk”.. Later, he undressed twice in CKM.

Jan Borysewicz said he usually flattered his daughter. The weekly Na Żywo recalled one of his statements in 2013:

He is an attractive man and does a great job. (…) There was an unusual symbiosis and understanding between us. I remember when he was very sick and even died. I stood in the windows of the hospital for two days and waited for the turning point of the disease, and he remembers those moments. “

Unfortunately, a car accident stopped on the road to fame. In 2003, the leader’s daughter, Lady Punk, got behind the wheel of a car after a wine dinner. At that time, he traveled with his friend Arkadiusz Nowakowski, who participated in the 2nd edition of “Big Brother”. The car driven by the woman deviated from the road and overturned. The woman received relatively minor injuries, but her passenger’s spine was broken and he underwent rehabilitation.. Joanna Borysewicz was convicted of driving while intoxicated and her sentence was suspended.

Joanna Borysewicz and modeling agency

At the same time, she and her mother founded a modeling and photo modeling agency, which appeared in fashion shows, appeared in photo sets, banquets, as well as working as a hostess. After a while, the company did not go well. Therefore, Joanna and Danuta Borysewicz – according to the findings of investigators – decided to expand their business and also to provide services that are completely illegal.

Photo: Author unknown / Press materials

Joanna Borysewicz

“Note!” In an interview with the magazine, a woman admitted in 2013 that she had arranged meetings with girls from the agency, for example, for business meetings or dinner. He also admitted that he was not interested in what happened after the meetings, but he thought that sex could happen. In an interview with the journalist, Joanna Borysewicz said:

Everyone knows, but there is no loud talk about housewives organizing business dinners and going to parties. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll are like that in this big world. (…) You can earn a lot of money with this. For three months, the girls earned money for apartments and studios. Well, you have to live somehow. “

Photo: Alexandra Mecwaldowska / Press materials

“Dubai girls” – a frame from the film

Piotr Krysiak described the agency’s work differently in his book “Dubai Girls”:

Joanna B. (In the book, the author used anonymity, but the star allowed the use of the full name, ed.) – Unlike Emilia P. – he often talked to his clients himself and offered them the services of a newly acquired prostitute. He was the most enthusiastic trader in the world of show business. He knew that everyone there was relying on his own judgment and that he had a lot of money. There were times when he persuaded his clients not to use escort agencies under any circumstances, because the information spreads rapidly there.

Joanna Borysewicz. He was convicted of theft

In 2009, investigators knocked on Joanna Borysewicz’s door.. The apartment was thoroughly searched and the woman was arrested on suspicion of earning money from illegal sexual activity. Joanna Borysewicz was released a few hours later and the case is ongoing. But it was different. In April 2013, Joanna Borysewicz, her mother Danuta B., as well as Carolina Z. and Emilia P. stood in the dock for pimping..

Photo: Deadline Publishing House

Piotr Krysiak, “Girls from Dubai” (cover)

According to investigators, the modeling agency they run was in fact engaged in organizing sexual encounters in Poland, including sending women abroad. to Dubai for sex workers there. During the investigation, the prosecutor’s office estimated that Joanna Borysewicz herself had to earn 250,000 PLN for organizing sexual encounters. zloty. When the case came to light, the media became interested in it, and they enjoyed describing the details of the alleged agreements with customers, including the clients themselves – politicians, businessmen, celebrities, as well as looking for stories to come. on trips abroad.

In the book, Piotr Krysiak reveals that there are celebrities among the women who work in the agency and have to provide sexual services. In “Girls from Dubai” we read:

One of them even won the Miss Polonia pageantthe latter won several European titles, one was a participant in the popular show “Top Model”, one starred in an episode in the film “Package”, and the other, according to the press, became a lover of the popular series. actor “.

Photo: Alexandra Mecwaldowska / Press materials

“Dubai girls” – a frame from the film

This was proved in the trial in the Vroslav district court women had to look for young girls at parties, discos, friends, social networks, as well as television programs and beauty contests. Then the owners of modeling agencies had to convince them of prostitution, including famous musicians, athletes and businessmen, who confessed to investigators and swore an oath. He works in the agency Among others, the girls had to be sent abroad to cities such as London, Barcelona and Curschevel, as well as Saint Tropez and Dubai..

The accused explained this The women who worked there “wanted” and no one had to convince anyone. Finally, the court found all the women guilty of the alleged actions. Joanna Borysewicz was sentenced to two years in prison with a three-year suspended sentence, 30,000 confiscations from the crime zloty and a five-year ban on business in the form of modeling agencies. The woman voluntarily submitted the sentence.

Shortly after the verdict was announced, Joanna Borysewicz told Super Express:

At first, I was scared when I found out that I had become a criminal group with no idea.. For 4 years, no prosecutor accused me, and after the prosecutor, the prosecutor changed. Suddenly, years later, I found out I was treated like a mafia bossand I became a meaningless person, and I didn’t even know why it had grown so much. Maybe my name can be nominated in the prosecutor’s office?“.

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