Internet users criticize Anna Skura for riding an unprotected scooter with a child and a dog: “FULL OPENING. Shame.”

Anna Skura He is a popular Instagram user who reports on online life on the Indonesian island of Bali, and his activities are closely followed by more than 400,000 followers. The mother of 4-year-old Melody has recently been criticized by Internet users. It’s all because he posted a video on Instagram where you can see him riding a scooter with his daughter and dog. Skura did not wear a helmet, a was carried out in the rear of a four-legged car without any protection. He didn’t fall just because he was clinging to the seat with his paws.

The comment section is overcrowded. Some influential fans accused him of complete irresponsibility. Anna got into a controversy with critics …

You can see that the dog does not feel very comfortable, it clings to this seat. I understand that dogs are sometimes transported like this, but does it justify doing anything in the world anyway? Well, in my opinion, not necessarily, and next time it is better to pay attention to the comfort of the dog or to hug a carrier / seat for him or take him out while driving.. Only and very … – wrote one of the Internet users.

I know this dog, he rides a scooter every day, and fear is the last thing I can write here … Because I see it completely calmly, and it’s amazing that everyone can interpret it according to their own experience A well-known person answered.

Another Skura fan added three cents to the discussion.

It’s scary for me too. I would never plant a dog in my life. Still behind him, he has no ability to react he said angrily.

Well, you don’t have to travel with him like that – replied the influencer.

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There were many other articles in the comments. Voices criticizing the celebrity’s attitude prevailed.

Unfortunately, transporting such a dog is completely stupid. The fact that others are doing this does not mean that they are doing well. Your translation is simply embarrassing;

This dog is absolutely scared. You can see that it is tense on all sides, its ears are located along its body, and it has to hold its paws with all its might to avoid falling while riding. What if Bali is “like that”? Does this mean that we should imitate such people? A dangerous corner or brake and the dog may fall. This is not a cat that can fall. I know that the recording was about something else, by the way – beautiful, but looking at this audio recording, I think not about this and your relationship with Melody, but about this innocent dog.

Carrying a dog in this way is extremely irresponsible, and it is not an excuse for dogs to drive there, because I can bet that many dogs fall to the ground while driving.

Spectacular, Ania! In our part of Asia, various options for riding motorcycles and scooters are also common. And it seems to me that accidents are less than in Poland. Here is the lifestyle. For the people who live here, whether local or not, this is everyday life.

Women, stop! If this dog was so scared, he would jump up when he started to move. After all, it has nothing to do with it – one of the Internet users defended the celebrity.

What do you think?

You see that this dog is terrified. Do not turn this p00stakovi fame. This is animal exploitation

It is unbalanced and even dangerous. The dog and child must be taken from him and never returned !! He is only responsible for himself

No words for this woman … complete irresponsibility🤦🏼‍♀️ And in the description of this video, such a “neck” hurts my eyes!

My neighbor was also very cool and drove his scooter almost naked, once he overturned slowly and put a meat tart, a bone chip and a broken head on the asphalt from his thighs and legs, because that’s what a helmet is. for. He spent 6 weeks in hospital, then underwent rehabilitation for another 2 years.

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She has been making bad parental choices since she was born.

Ania, if I didn’t have the opportunity to meet you, I would believe in your happiness, and that this is the creation of the happiness you want to achieve, and unfortunately you can’t. I’m glad you’re not with Marek anymore because he’s a piece of eggplant. He didn’t respect women, at least he didn’t want to sleep;) and especially you. I explain to myself that your behavior is the result of being with this crazy guy, although, unfortunately, sometimes you do not think about how you can hurt others with your words and actions. After all, I wish you success

Pope’s melody is good to live with a normal woman, as he grows up, he will show an unbalanced mummy, knock on the door.

He needs psychiatric help, he doesn’t know what to do anymore, neither the dog nor the child should be under his care, he should be taken care of.

This is also the norm in Italy

A husband who loses his parental rights sometimes has to borrow his daughter. You have to keep the look that everything is beautiful and beautiful. Then Scura will even show the dog on the scooter as long as they write about him.

Only in Bali does everyone drive such a car

Łolaboga … and how was it in the village? Grandmothers without pants stood in the yard and did various things, boys riding wueski and donkeys took fields, dust and straw … and now the whole big city panocki

After all, this dog could hurt himself with a small bow. No, I ask where the police are, they are fined and imprisoned and deprived of the right to own animals for life.

Ojojojoj ojoj in Poland, everyone is very excited. People are standard in Italy.

Shy record holder …..

Human stupidity knows no boundaries.

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