Internet speeds up in Poland! rating for 2019

Last year, our Polish users performed 32.8 million tests, of which 25.4 million were in web applications and 7.4 million in mobile applications. To do this, they used more than 60 measurement servers. In 2019, the global number of Internet speed tests was about 65 million.

This information does not include measurements made on our PRO Speed ​​Test system certified by the President of the UKE.

It should be added that in October last year we launched a new platform FIREPROBE.NET. This allows operators (and not only) to get free tools to measure the quality of connections and add their own measurement servers. FIREPROBE is a management system for all our applications.

The rating is based on the most important parameter of the Internet connection for the user – the download speed. The condition for the operator’s adjustment to the rating for 2019 was that it was in the rating of for at least six months., the largest independent Polish measurement platform, includes the following programs:

INEA – winner of the fastest internet rating in Poland in 2019

In 2019, more than 706,000 tests conducted by INEA network users show that it is the fastest operator in Poland. The average data download speed of this operator from Wielkopolska was 131.22 Mbit / s per year. 2019

Quarterly data show that the Internet was accelerated by all Polish operators during the year. The largest increase in the average data download speed is seen in the Wedding operator. In the last quarter of 2019, it amounted to 129.01 Mbit / s, which is an increase of about 60% compared to the same period last year.

The winner of the fastest mobile internet rating in Poland in 2019 is T-Mobile.

Under the term mobile internet tests Our mobile applications have measurements in the range of 3G and 4G networks. Based on more than 347,000 measurements, T-Mobile achieved an average data download speed of 22.69 Mif / s. Play and Orange ex aequo are in second place with 21.84 Mbit / s and 21.81 Mbit / s, respectively. In addition, it closes the podium with a result of 16.72 Mbit / s. 2019 3G / LTE

Quarterly data show that in the last quarter of 2019, each operator was able to achieve significantly higher data download speeds than a year earlier. The biggest acceleration (31.35%) was recorded in the game.

T-Mobile has also introduced the fastest LTE mobile internet in 2019

In our mobile applications, T-Mobile is again on the podium with a result of 26.20 Mbit / s, obtained on the basis of more than 287 thousand measurements during measurements within the coverage of the 4G network. The second place is occupied by ex aequo Orange (25.10 Mbit / s) and Play (24.85 Mbit / s). Connects Podium Plus (18.76 Mbit / s). 2019 LTE

The largest acceleration, calculated on the basis of quarterly data, was recorded on the Play network. The average download speed increased by 24.3%.

Internet speed in Poland in 2017-2019

The results of measurements carried out in our applications clearly show that the Internet is accelerating in Poland. Analysis of all raw data over the past 3 years shows that the increase in the average data download speed is visible in both fixed and mobile networks. 2017-2019 stationary
Based on approximately 42 million measurements. 2017-2019 3G / LTE
Based on approximately 7.2 million measurements.

Undoubtedly, this is the result of continued investment by operators and growing competition in the telecommunications market. All of this is also combined with the natural replacement of the latest devices with those that support faster data transfer standards (for example, Wi-Fi 6 and LTE-Advanced Pro).

What awaits us in 2020?

  • The most important event of 2020 is the auction of the first frequencies dedicated to the construction of the 5G network. Of course, this is due to the launch of the first commercial 5G networks in Poland, which means the emergence of a new rating category for mobile networks.
  • Raising PEM standards will also increase the speed of the LTE network. The process of setting up the network takes a long time, so we will observe these changes throughout the year.
  • We expect that the popularity of ultra broadband Internet access offers (ie 300 Mbit / s and faster) will continue to grow. It is quite possible that new operators will emerge that offer internet speeds above 1 Gbit / s.

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