Internet for the elderly – 6 advantageous offers in 2022

How to choose the Internet for adults in 2022? If you want one of your elderly relatives to use the network, you need to make sure that the connection is smooth and trouble-free. We show you step by step what to look for when choosing an Internet site for an older person.

Last updated: 20/01/2022.

The fight against digital isolation continues, and while it is improving every year, there is still much work to be done. Research conducted by CBOS in 2019 only shows this 26% of people over the age of 65 use the Internet. Although not very visible at first glance, this value has increased by 3% in two years (only 23% in 2014) and there is no sign that this trend will stop.

The importance of involving the elderly in the use of the Internet is most emphasized a coronavirus pandemic has been proven. It was best to see how useful digital skills are during locking. Online shopping, fast access to information and, above all, ease of audio-video communication with loved ones, or even online medical appointments – all this is not possible without a good knowledge of the use of electronic devices and the Internet. Although the number of adults who can use the Internet is growing every year, the younger ones – children, grandchildren and the family in general – is the task of introducing their elderly relatives to the world. One of the essential elements for the elderly to use the Internet comfortably is an efficient Internet.

Internet for the elderly – what features should it have?

First of all, the Internet must be “unobstructed” and easy to use. Obviously, it has no effect on whether the fault occurred or whether the user made a mistake somewhere, but it is important to fix it as soon as possible. Thus, it is important to choose a reliable, efficient hotline and maintenance operator in a particular area. Ease of payment for services can also be an important factor. Ideally, several of them should be in one account, or – if you choose to focus on adult payments – they can be easily obtained.

But the most important parameter should be the speed of the network. The highest speeds will probably be unnecessary, but a fixed optical fiber can be very useful. Like a 5G network.

Internet for the elderly: stationary

Orange Love

The orange operator’s offer will be perfect for seniors. It is not only possible to establish a high-speed fiber-optic connection, but also allows you a combination of a number of key services. Both the Internet and the TV will appear in one account, and in addition, if you decide on a larger package, the Internet phone will be included. There are three options: Mini, Standard and Extra. Within each of them you can choose the appropriate internet speed, ie 300 or 600 Mb / s, as well as 1 Gb / s.

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UPC network during a pandemic supported the elderly through a special hotlineThanks to this, the elderly could easily and quickly get help with Internet services. Experts, for example, have given advice on how to get help when making online payments. UPC also has the ability to save multiple services on one account. The network provides access to the Internet, telephone and television. All offers, including access to the network at a speed of about 200 TV channels and 500 Mb / s, 750 Mb / s, as well as 1 GB / s.


In Vectra, the user can take advantage of several package offers TV channels and internet. Network speeds start at 300 Mbps and you can even find 177 TV channels on offer. Sports ones are also available in top packages. In addition, the user will receive free access to Netflix for up to a year (Standard package).

Internet for the elderly: mobile

Orange Flex Family

The great advantage of Orange Flex service is its ease of use and simple application. Thanks to it, we can control what happens in internet packages by adding a few people to the family. One person can manage applications and pay for the services of others, as well as … share your transfer. This should free the older person from having to think about supplements and paying for the next service. The offer includes various transfer packages ranging from 15 to 100 GB. There is also an option without internet, only phone connection is included.


The offer of the pink operator is, on the one hand, a classic mobile offer, and on the other hand, the opportunity to provide the elderly with equipment. T-Mobile offers a 0% interest rate installment, as well as doubling the internet initially. The cheapest offers here start from 20 PLN, and the offered packages (after doubling) range from 40 GB to 100 GB.

in addition

In addition to mobile and landline internet, there are also television, insurance and energy services. This means that many monthly payments can be closed in a fast account and By the way, you can get a few more discounts. As for network access, Plus even has a very wide package offer starting from 120 GB and 25 PLN per month.

Internet for the Elderly – What do you need to be especially careful about?

It is important to remember that for an older citizen, the Internet can be a completely foreign and very inconvenient environment. Things that are clear to everyday internet users may not necessarily be the same for older people. It is worth making the elderly especially sensitive to payment issues – show you which payment routes are secure and how to identify potentially dangerous sites. The same goes for data security. It is very important to show which information is most sensitive and to explain what fraud and extortion are.

Every new user of the network should be trained to recognize fake profiles and emails. The first applies to social media, where there are many advertisements and pages that encourage people to visit suspicious sites or buy useless or sometimes non-existent items.

In addition, you need to pay attention to network security. Ensure the security of the router, as well as install antivirus software for older citizens. Also, don’t forget hardware updates, especially those that improve network security.

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