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Piotr Wawrysiuk: As a family initiative related to caring for animals and loving dogs. At first I was thinking about a smaller business. However, we are developing very rapidly, including. thanks to the financing of venture capital funds. This is an amazing adventure for me.

How are you different from others?

The main difference is the product. This is a completely new category in dog nutrition. Standard foods are divided into dry and canned foods. We prepare fresh food: we cook meat, vegetables and fruits almost at home. Visible and so-called substances. We do not add preservatives. The only way to eat food for a long time is to freeze it. We deliver the product directly to the door in this form.

How many customers do you have?

We feed more than 3,000 dogs from all over Poland: small towns, medium and large cities. About 26 percent falls on Warsaw. basic.

If not Americans, the British:

I decided to use my personal business trip to the United States. I was able to meet representatives of The Farmer’s Dog, a new food company in New York. I wanted to persuade them to invest in PsiBufet, but Poland was a very distant market. But they knew the British from the Butternut Box and introduced me to them. I flew to London for a meeting. PsiegoBufet co-founder and president Piotr Wawrysiuk says.

Grzegorz Kavechki

How much has the fund invested in you?

So far, we have collected more than 6.6 million PLN in two rounds. The first round is 1.65 million PLN, in March we closed the second round at 5 million PLN. We have built a large kitchen, storage and freezer, which we are constantly expanding. We have also created a team: 20 people work in the office and the same number in the production department. In less than two years, this is a fairly rapid growth. We have also developed a digital product, a website and software that allows you to create an appropriate nutrition plan and manage deliveries. We also invest in marketing.

Do you believe you can compete with big corporations?

I know that. This may sound a bit rude, but we are already competing and buying customers from traditional commercial animal feed manufacturers. The scale at this point is incomparable. Examples from the United States and the British Isles prove that companies like ours can be a big player in the pet food market.

What revenue will PsiBufet have this year?

I don’t know yet, but we are currently earning more than half a million zlotys a month, and we are developing very dynamically. I don’t want to predict the end of the year, but it looks good.

Your shareholder is the British company Butternut Box, which produces similar foods. Will it want to take over most of the shares and then consolidate the market through you?

Good question. Butternut Box has been a close partner for us from the beginning. The company feeds 75,000 people in the British Isles. dogs. Thus, the scale is larger, but the history of creation and growth is very similar to ours. More than two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet people from this company. Their contribution was invaluable, especially in the establishment of PsiBufet in the field of production. Time will tell how it will be in the future, we will merge or buy the company. I definitely want to work within the company, because I really believe in this project. This gives me a lot of satisfaction and I will be happy to do it until I retire.

It is not popular among young people. How many shares does Butternut Box have?

At present, it is more than 16 percent. The company increased its stake in the second round, and I still own most of the shares. The British have great faith in the Polish market and want to bet on it in the long run through cooperation with us.

Did the market grow strongly during the pandemic?

I do not know. I closed the first round in late February last year, a month before the start of the pandemic in the country. Pre-pandemic experience is very limited self-financing garage operation, it is difficult to compare apples with apples. I don’t want to say that the pandemic has had a positive effect, because it has caused a lot of confusion, but it has led to more people adopting dogs, shopping online and delivering food to your door, and it is becoming increasingly popular. For now, the wind is blowing our sails, not our eyes.

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