I have 1000 Mb / s internet. Feel the difference?

Very fast internet is certainly useful. This will benefit not only companies with multiple computers, but also home users who play online, watch movies, and often download large files. I have 1 Gbps fiber internet. Feel the difference? Here are my impressions.

I have gigabit internet. Feel the difference?

Relax! This is not a sponsored article. You will not find a name of the internet provider here. I’m just describing my experience of switching to fast, gigabit internet. Did I feel the difference? Let’s learn.


The average speed of landline internet in Poland is less than 60 Mb / s. How fast is your internet? Turn on speedtest benchmark.pl and check!

Click on the picture to check how fast your internet is

In the past, I used asymmetric internet, which actually provided a speed of about 150 Mb / s during download, but only 15 Mb / s when sending data. Now, when I think of the last value, I have an empty laugh.

In general, I was satisfied with the download, but the download was a nightmare. I’ve often achieved better speeds on a smartphone than on a computer. But this is not the end. There was also a router problem, which was just awful (a good router base), while the “after copper” signal quality was acceptable at best.

Now that has changed.

fiber optic internet

1 Gb / s in both directions – great!

What I like most is the symmetrical transition. I’m getting around 1 Gbps – both download and upload.

In the first case, this is a big leap: I get 6-7x faster. When it comes to downloading, this is a real chasm: speed is 60 times better. Here you can really feel the wind in your hair.

speedtest - check your internet speed

Of course, in reality, when doing speed tests, the load on the server I’m connected to is also taken into account, so the results may be different. It is usually above 900 Mb / s and the best result I got was 1020 Mb / s. (Interestingly, not when downloading, but when downloading). I should also note that the internet speed of the network card in my laptop is full of 1 Gb / s.

Is it more demanding for a high speed internet processor?

My laptop has a Core i7-8750H (6/12 core) and 16 GB of RAM, and the CPU load can be more than 50% during maximum data transfer. It separates very well into individual cores, so in practice you do not feel a heavy load. Also, when playing the game, a peak speed of about 1 Gb / s is unlikely to last more than a second or two. Very large and fast transfers do not negatively affect the real efficiency of the games.

Is it possible to use such a speed?

It depends on many factors, but in general I can say with confidence that, for example, I have seen a significant increase in the download speed of games. Although the internet was good enough, it was an hour or two.

Now I download a game weighing 54 GB in about 9-10 minutes.

epic download speed

Of course, loading the servers is very important. For example, when I download a game from Steam, I usually get 700-800 Mb / s. Sometimes a little more, but often less (because their servers are used a lot).

Steam download speed

Speed ​​is very useful, but not always the most important thing. Yes, it makes a big difference when downloading programs, drivers, and other large files. Files weighing 500 to 800 MB are often downloaded in seconds. But …

Copy files from Google Drive

And what is the real speed of “from” and “from” file transfer from Google Drive? Here are the results:

  • Google Drive – read: 1.1 GB in 9 seconds (1000 Mb / s), 550 MB <4.5 seconds (990 Mb / s)
  • Google Drive – Remember: 1.1 GB per 48 seconds (188 Mb / s), 550 MB per 23 seconds (191 Mb / s)

As you can see, the time to download files from Google Drive is instantaneous – it uses all the potential of the Internet. On the other hand, saving files to Disk is already 5 times slower. It can hardly be called weak, but there is a discrepancy. This is an artificial restriction imposed by Google.

Small “lags” are considered when playing online

Online multiplayer games can also have installers weighing several tens of GB, but this is not so important in the real game. This takes into account the minimum delays (which are also for single players), which greatly affects the comfort of the multiplayer game. You can read more about this in the article on how fast the internet is for games.

We need to see what our team is doing now, what is being shared on the map in real time, and the worst thing is that the image jumps due to delays and can’t get a clear target.

Fortunately, after switching from copper to optical fiber, I felt a big, positive difference in this regard. During the few months I have been using Gigabit Internet, I have never encountered any delays related to my internet provider or router (if many players are complaining about latency at the moment, the problem was probably on the side of the game).

gigabit internet over optical fiber

It is a real pleasure to play online on fiber. Pings are insignificant (I usually 1 ms, sometimes even 0 ms) and the overall signal quality is very high.

Of course, we are talking about a situation where the router is connected to a computer via an Ethernet cable. The quality of Wi-Fi play is also very high, but in this case I can not check the full capabilities, because my laptop has a weak Wi-Fi card :). I also don’t want to describe observations directly related to the router, because probably different operators use different devices with different speeds and signal strengths. This article is only about 1 Gb / s internet experience.

Websites, movies, music – is it good here too?

Yes, but the difference with the old internet is not as big as playing online, downloading games and downloading large files. The biggest advantage is the speed of responding to many quick clicks (for example, opening dozens or more subpages is faster). But if we click on a link, there is no big difference.

benchmark.pl homepage

Videos are simply never buffered. I do not encounter situations where any video will require “reading”. Everything plays smoothly. The same goes for music. You can read more about how fast the internet is to watch movies online in the article.

netflix software windows

Multiple devices at the same time

The last thing that catches my attention after switching to 1 Gb / s internet is faster internet connection on more than one device at the same time. In the past, watching YouTube at the same time as shooting the game created such a burden that the Internet was turned off on several smartphones and TVs.

Now you don’t have to worry about that. I watch YouTube on a good 4K TV, download the game for PC and another for PS4, 4 modern smartphones connect to the network and usually some test equipment and what? Everything flashes beautifully. You should really try to “buy” gigabit internet in fiber optics.

spotify software windows

Was it worth it?

I know it may seem strange, but I pay up to a penny for the old, asymmetrical 150 Mb / s internet for the new, symmetrical 1 Gb / s internet. I will not give it to you because the amount does not matter.

I pay the same money and get a big leap in quality when playing and downloading games, as well as other large files. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that this is a good agreement.

I sincerely recommend symmetrical gigabit internet via optical fiber to all players and people who share this connection on several computers. Also for those who transfer large gigabytes of files (such as movies or photos) to the Internet on a daily basis.

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