Husband’s punishment is taken only from his wife dogs. “They were sentenced to death”

There is no doubt that he was wrong, Marek Jakuszczonek.

– I made a mistake, but I was punished for it and I am still being punished – Mr. Marek puts his finger on the electronic control bracelet, which has been with him for several months. – But what happened is not human, just. Because the wife did not blame anything, and these dogs are there in general – the man adds and hardly keeps the emotions.

The Jakuszczonek family lives in a small village in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. Marek has been hunting for years. His problems began three years ago. He alleged that he was attacked by a dog who went to the hunters some time ago in the private territory of a local hunting club.

– It was a moment. I had no place to run, so I grabbed my weapon and opened fire. To defend himself, because that dog had once grabbed me by the thigh. I’m sorry it happened, because maybe I could have fired in the air, maybe this dog was scared, but it was seconds – Marek Jakuszczonek remembers today.

Slavno District Court did not believe the hunter’s words. He decided that there was no necessary defense and that the man had deliberately and deliberately killed the dog with special cruelty. He was sentenced to one year in prison, which was changed to electronic control.

– In addition, the confiscation of weapons, the payment of interest to the Society for the Care of Animals and the payment of all expenses. And the worst ending. A 15-year ban on dogs, says Marek’s wife Anna Jakuszczonek.

The worst point, because the Jakuszczonek family has had two dogs for several years. 12-year-old Tina and 14-year-old Pug. The official owner of both is Anna.

– It never occurred to us that this would happen. But one day after the verdict, the district attendant came to us and asked the dogs. We showed him the health records of Pug and Tina, which I own. On October 18, my husband received a call from the court that we could not have dogs on our property and we would return them, – says Anna.

The woman immediately writes to the court. He explains that his beloved dogs have been with them for more than a decade, treating them as family members and never hurting them.

– I asked you to leave these dogs with us until they die. They are old, both in their seventies. I also wrote that these are my last dogs, because I am sick, my husband is sick, we did not want any animal to be left alone after death. Only Pug and Tina had to live peacefully with us until the end of their days, says Anna Jakuszczonek.

The court does not accept Anna’s demands. On November 2, the couple will receive a court order to return them to a temporary home for homeless animals.

– There we had seven days to do it. If we do not do this, the collection will be mandatory with the police, and the husband may receive additional punishment for non-compliance with the decision – says Anna Jakuszczonek. – I really have a choice. Either husband or dogs – adds a woman.

On November 8, the couple takes the dogs to a designated shelter.

“I always saw Tina signing the handover report and heard her terrible applause. Pug whimpered and said nothing, and he was very disappointed – crying Anna Jakuszczonek. – They were not left anywhere. It was a shock for them.

We ask why the court did not hesitate to take the dogs, despite Ms. Anna’s requests and the fact that the dogs belonged to her convicted husband, not to Slawno’s, in the Koszalin District Court. decision making.

– If the verdict was final, it should have been executed, dogs should have been taken away from people, which is due to the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Animals. It did not matter to whom these four-limbed animals belonged formally. Because it is dangerous for animals and it is forbidden to own dogs, it doesn’t matter who owns the animals, but he can’t stay with them, explains Interia Sławomir Przykucki, a spokesman for the Koszalin District Court.

Bogumila Tiece, an inspector at the Animal Husbandry Society in Koszalin, disagrees.

– It does not mean that all animals must be taken from the house, but it is forbidden for a person to own an animal and it can be taken as a criminal measure. If there was a multi-generational house and children, grandparents, sisters and brothers lived there, wouldn’t anyone be a pet? For me, this is absurd, says Bogumiła Tiece, TOZ Koszalin’s inspector.

And adds: – Mrs. Anna is not convicted, she is punished. And the animals were condemned to imprisonment, suffering and separation. For a dog sleeping in a crib, the barn and playground look like a prison at this point.

Marek also does not understand dogs.

– We loved these dogs as children. When Mopsik got sick and couldn’t walk on his hind legs, I made him a wheelchair, and he moved in that wheelchair, the man says. – The court accused me of not showing empathy for quadrupeds. Where the court showed empathy when my wife took the old dogs and sentenced them to a slow death in the cold. Who is the worst sadist here? – The convicted hunter is surprised in an interview with Interia.

We ask Judge Przykucki if Marek Jakuszczonek has ever insulted his dogs, or if there is evidence in court that he is also a threat to them.

– He did not hurt himself. But the verdict says that dogs are generally prohibited. I understand that for these particular animals, it is a trauma because it has not done them any harm, but the court has ruled that it is dangerous for the animals in general, and that it is generally not worth being with them, so the decision and its execution. This is a sad situation, but it is not the court’s fault for shooting the dog, explains Judge Przykucki.

The Animal Husbandry Society in Koszalin is horrified by the whole issue.

– I do not fully understand the severity of this trial. As long as we take someone’s dog seriously, we can’t take the dog from him because he says it’s his wife or daughter, not a dog. And here, as you can see, the issue of animal ownership did not bother anyone. The harshness of the judgment about these two poor angels is astonishing. After all, these dogs suffer the most – explains TOZ Koszalin inspector Bogumiła Tiece.

Mr. and Mrs. Jakuszonkow cannot accept the loss of their beloved pets. A few days after the abduction, one of the dogs, 14-year-old Pug, died in a temporary home for stray animals.

– These dogs have never been outside, they are domestic dogs, they have been lying on the couch for 14 years. The hat in this playground could not find itself. He paid for it with his life. Tina is also sick and still alive, but I’m afraid she will die in this hospital, says Marek Jakuszczonek.

Anna has just told us that the condition of the second dog has significantly deteriorated.

– Tina does not eat, she looks bad. I feel that he will also leave. I cry when I look at the pictures. But no one cares, everything has to agree with the papers, and it does not matter who experienced what, what drama. My husband did what he did, he was punished, so why am I and why are my dogs punished? I can’t feel that I have to kill them – Anna Jakuszczonek shouts.

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