Five features you need to have good mobile internet

Today, mobile Internet is the standard, a part of everyday life and a service without which it is difficult to imagine work, entertainment, shopping and even driving in a foreign city. How to choose the right mobile internet? Here are the 5 most important features for an LTE or 5G connection.

Good mobile internet is undoubtedly a service that is difficult to generalize. The student has diametrically different expectations from a businessman who needs a fast and stable network, and it is not necessarily cheaper. It should also be noted that mobile internet is not only a service provided directly on a smartphone, but also increasingly replaces landline internet. What features should you pay special attention to in this context?

Device for SIM card management

The vast majority of mobile internet use involves inserting a SIM card into a smartphone. However, if the mobile internet ( will be used in a certain room, you need to make sure that the operator provides the appropriate modem or router to work on the network. package. This is especially important for the new 5G technology. In a situation where the speed of mobile Internet is very important, the equipment for its reception plays a special role in the context of network stability.

Mobile internet coverage

The largest providers of mobile telecommunications services in Poland are Orange, Play, Plus and T-Mobile. Of course, choosing a mobile internet provider should not be limited to these four subjects. An analysis of the platform shows that mobile internet offers from small and little-known operators, including virtual brands, may also be of interest.

Regardless of which ISP is of particular interest, it is worth checking their scope. While there should be no problems with the transmission and stability of communications in large cities and their regions, differences may be noticeable in rural areas. So, if you know you will need mobile internet, for example, during a weekend trip to a cottage in Podlasie or relaxing by the lake, make sure that the coverage of the LTE and 5G network does not cause any objections.

Do you think a mobile internet contract is just a subscription? There can be nothing more wrong. There are surprisingly many options for analysis. The most preferred subscription is that you pay the operator a certain amount of money per month in exchange for a mobile internet package. However, there is an alternative solution. This can be paid in advance, ie prepayment under the card agreement. The popularity of mobile internet provided within the operator’s application is also growing, which also periodically charges the user’s payment card. Of course, when analyzing internet contracts, you should also keep in mind that although two-year billing periods are standard, you can also own mobile internet without any campaign obligations. This is a particularly attractive offer for a group of students.

Mobile internet settings

Undoubtedly, the main issue for the customer is the speed of mobile internet. Even without knowing the detailed specifications, every buyer thinks they need a fast and stable network at the same time. These assumptions are now in line with virtually all the proposals of Poland’s leading mobile internet operators. Another point is the data package to be used. This is a certain number of gigabytes that the user receives for a certain billing period. It should be remembered that mobile internet is used not only for basic purposes, but also for more advanced purposes. For example, sending large files, watching videos, or other unusual tasks. As a result, the operators’ data packets are very small. A good choice is to reach for options where there is an unlimited amount of gigabytes or mobile internet.

This is the last parameter you should pay attention to, but it is always the most important parameter for users. You can get cheap mobile internet with a small data package by paying about 30 PLN per month. However, when choosing this option, you should take into account the rapid depletion of resources. Large mobile internet packages can be easily found for less than 100 PLN per month. There will be no problem with using the network option without any restrictions on this amount. Thus, it is very important to compare all mobile internet offers that are valid for a certain month well and effectively.

According to analysts at, a website that compares telecommunications services, mobile internet offers are particularly volatile. While fixed line internet is fairly stable in this respect, LTE and 5G networks in Poland are at the forefront of fierce competition between operators to promote discounts and rebates. As a result, it is easier to find good mobile internet at a particularly attractive price.

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