Coronavirus and its effect on internet speed

The COVID-19 epidemic and related quarantine are causing users to use the Internet more intensively. In recent days, we have seen a decrease in the average speed of mobile operators in the statistics of

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We have the opportunity to observe the situation in all countries where the epidemiological realities are serious and decisive steps are being taken to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The following figure shows the average data download speeds for mobile lines in selected countries:

COVID-19 mobile
The calculations were made on the basis of 877,000 analyzes on the analytical platform FIREPROBE.NET. Measurement results in 3G and LTE communication technology. The charts show the four-day trend.
COVID-19 mobile IT PL
Data download speed for mobile operators in Poland and Italy on March 4-15. The main chart shows the four-day trend and the internal chart shows the daily trend.

An analysis of the average data download speeds on mobile networks shows that changes in user behavior have occurred as a result of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. In Europe, this can be seen in the case of Italy and Poland, where the government has taken serious steps to limit the formation of large groups of people. For this reason, people who are in the office, school or university during the day stay at home. Among them are those who do not have a landline connection at home and use the Internet via a mobile network. Therefore, in recent days, operators have observed an increase in data transmission by 20% to 40% (depending on the operator).

The instantaneous amount of data transferred should not differ significantly from previously observed values ​​in the evening or on weekends and holidays. Despite the sufficient capacity of the mobile bus, some users have noticed a decrease in the performance of nearby base stations. It is around 10-15% for the four-day trend nationwide. In our opinion, the average download speed is still high and allows you to use mobile internet without much trouble. Possible difficulties may arise locally.

We have not yet seen a similar decline in mobile network performance in Germany and the United States; The lack of a visible effect of the coronavirus pandemic on user speeds may result in different habits of customers of local operators. We must remember that data transmission in Poland is relatively cheap compared to prices in other countries, and therefore mobile internet is often an alternative to fixed internet. On the other hand, the situation is different in the United States and Germany – local Internet users can use landline lines, mostly at home, without increasing the load on mobile networks.

Effects of coronavirus on stationary internet

In the case of landline internet in Poland, the problem of slowing down is noticeable only on March 15 (Sunday):

COVID-19 correction
The calculations were performed on the analytical platform FIREPROBE.NET based on the analysis of 3.3 million measurement results from the web program for all stationary operators in Poland. The main chart shows the four-day trend and the internal chart shows the daily trend.

An interesting fact is the significant increase in the number of tests conducted immediately after the declaration of the pandemic and the decision to close schools, universities, kindergartens and nurseries:

We believe that the Poles, who are afraid of the coronavirus, were not only interested in adequate food supplies, but also checked the condition of Internet connections. It unites people who allow many people not only to work remotely, but also to keep in touch with their loved ones in these difficult days.

In the near future, we will monitor the situation with both fixed and mobile speeds. We hope that the customers of the operators will not face serious technical problems. As, we are constantly cooperating with leading Polish suppliers to improve the quality of services provided.

Finally, we join the “Stay at Home” social campaign and call on our compatriots to be prudent and responsible. We also ask you to be vigilant about what is being said. False news with far-reaching consequences.

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