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More and more operators in Poland are deciding to add wireless internet to their offerings with an external modem. The solution is to address coverage issues where a standard router is insufficient. Will an external modem improve wireless Internet bandwidth? Learn how to enjoy fast and stable connections in more demanding places.

Mobile Internet is like a home connection

Although optical fibers are becoming more common in Poland, many users are still unable to use the switch, which has adequate stability and performance. This is a problem that mainly affects rural and suburban areas. solutions in places like radio, satellite and mobile internet.

The first option is usually associated with low transmission speeds and high sensitivity to weather conditions. such as satellite-based offers Starlink from Snake Maskon the other hand, at the current stage of development they are still very expensive for standard users.

For these reasons, the most popular in such situations is mobile internet – we can use it both on a smartphone and on an LTE or 5G router. As a result, mobile data transmission can be successfully used to connect to all devices in the home, but this option is associated with some difficulties. Weak range is often a big problem. However, there are devices on the market that can significantly reduce the impact of this problem on the ease of use of the Internet. You can also find such offers here search engine for offers and operators.

The average download speed of mobile operators in Poland – both the range and capacity of the network is constantly growing

External modem – an increasingly common sight in Polish homes

The outdoor kits, which include an outdoor modem installed outside the building and an indoor WiFi router, are designed to speed up data transfer within the home network based on a mobile connection. An important element in the design of this type of device is the relatively high power antennas. Thanks to them, it is possible increase signal strengththen the WiFi can be fed to the router. Often the connection between the external modem and the home WiFi router is transmitted inside the building via an Ethernet cable.

The fact that the operator reaches a certain point is an issue that we must consider before choosing an offer. If we do not have a chance to achieve adequate stability with standard solutions, an external modem may be a good choice. Many telecommunications companies offer to add such equipment immediately when concluding a contract.

Which modem should I choose?

The answer to this question depends on our needs, as well as the quality of communication in a particular place. The most efficient modems are equipped with a bandwidth function. It is a solution that combines several frequency bands of the mobile network to achieve higher speed and more stable connection.. We will usually pay a few thousand zlotys for such equipment, choosing products that are available on the market. When using the offers of operators, the initial price may be lower, but we must take into account the subscription fee or 24 or 36-month installments.

It should be noted that band aggregation is not a necessary function. This is usually due to the specificity of the use of external antennas. They are usually installed in areas where there are problems with coverage, ie in sparsely populated areas with a sparse transmission network. The specificity of such locations is usually at a great distance from the transmitter, and thus a generalized part of the frequencies simply does not exist due to the relatively short range (for example, the 2,600 MHz band). When deciding whether to choose a modem with or without aggregation, pay attention to the distance that separates us from the transmitter; For example, if it is 5 km, then it makes no sense to buy a more expensive device with aggregates. Cheaper equipment without aggregation will do the job.

The important thing is to pay attention to the supported communication standards. LTE may be insufficient and not every operator offers external modems with 5G support. It is also worth getting acquainted with the signs for assembling the tapes. This parameter is described as CA (Carrier Aggregation) – for example, “3 CA” means to use three tapes at the same time.

Will an external modem really improve coverage?

This type of device can really improve your internet experience, however We must remember a few important rules. The modem must first be installed in the correct location within the LTE / 5G network. Before installation, it is worth checking a few different points on the wall of the building to assess which one will be the strongest. In addition, you need to be careful the antenna is directed towards the transmitter. Technical parameters also play an important role – without the support of appropriate standards, even an ideally placed modem will not help to achieve the required connection quality.

Another important issue is the load on the transmitter itself – if used intensively, the use of an external router will not bring the expected benefits. During installation, it is worth testing not only the different antenna locations, but also the efficiency at different times of the day. We usually see the biggest traffic in the evening – poor performance during these hours does not always mean that we do the installation poorly.

How to install an external modem?

An external modem can be installed on the wall of the building, chimney or balcony. Installation is usually performed by a professional installer provided by the operator, usually at no additional charge. Of course you can install it yourself – Examples of instructional videos can be found on YouTube.

LTE offers wireless internet for home with external modems – what devices can be found in the operators?

The increase in the number of mobile operators operating in Poland offers contracts that cover both mobile and foreign modems. Such offers can be found on Play, Plus and Orange, among others. What can we rely on for the equipment included in the contracts? Let’s take a look at the list of routers currently available on Play Netbox.

  • ZTE MF-256K cat.6 – a very simple device without band aggregation, equipped with an external LTE antenna. The router supports Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac.
  • ZTE MF-258K cat 15 – in this case we can rely on a little more capabilities. The big advantage of this model is the ability to collect up to 4 LTE ranges.
  • ZTE 5G MC7010 – External router that supports 5G and LTE networks. The device supports the latest generation of Wi-Fi standard; we can also rely on the combination of the four lanes in this case.

It is definitely a joy to have routers with bandwidth aggregation. Similar offers can be found in the Plus offer. Yes Interestingly, external modems can also be found in the T-Mobile offer, but only as part of the offer for companies. We are talking about MagentaBiznes M and L packages in particular – if you use the services of this operator, you can get a ZTE MF-256D router or the already mentioned ZTE MF-256K.

External modem – self-purchase

Many devices offered through the operator’s services can be purchased separately. However, we must take into account the need to make a certain investment – for example, ZTE MF-258K costs about a thousand zlotys. When is it worth buying your own external modem? Such a choice will be necessary, first of all, when it is found that the parameters of the devices of the operators are insufficient.. It is also an option that will appeal to users outside the network range that offers packages with external modems. The solutions available in the market can provide more advanced parameters, as well as the use of SIM cards from different operators.

One such offer is the Zyxel NR7101 open router. What settings does this device offer? Among other things, it should be noted that it can support 3G, 4G and 5G networks. The device supports bandwidth and Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n standards. Its price, however, is quite high – we will pay about three thousand zlotys for the router. This is a typical amount that we need to consider when choosing efficient external modems.

Summary – Strong coverage with mobile internet at home is the most affordable option

Recent offers from operators, as well as offers from equipment manufacturers, allow you to build a sustainable home network based on LTE and 5G standards. An external modem will be a key element of the home infrastructure for users living in areas with insufficient coverage. For this reason, it is worth noting whether there is such a device in the proposal of the selected operator. This is often a cheaper option than buying the equipment yourself, but we must take into account the cost of subscribing or renting the device. Models with band aggregation will give the best results. However, we must also remember to install the modem correctly:

  • must be on the wall of the building overlooking the base station;
  • The position of the antenna is especially important – it should be directed to the transmitter.

Such options have been offered by operators operating in Poland for several years – subscribers have access to quite interesting options. Despite the steady increase in the availability of FTTH, it will still remain an important equipment category in less urban areas. Perhaps the importance of such solutions will increase in the near future. Fiber optics are already offered in many places, but in some places this option will not be available for a long time. For this reason, operators are opening up opportunities for alternative infrastructure development – one of which offers LTE and 5G connections supported by external modems.

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