Check your internet speed with the Orange Speed ​​Test and find out how fast your connection is

Download speed is the most important parameter of home internet service. This affects the speed of downloading files from the Internet, the quality of movies and series watched on streaming services, as well as determines how many family members can easily use the network at the same time. You can check your internet speed at home yourself, for example by using Speed ​​Test Orange. How to check the connection speed, what affects the results and how to interpret them?

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Orange Speed ​​Test – Check how fast your internet is

Internet speed measuring tool Orange Speed ​​Test Available at What is important, all users can use, not just Orange subscribers. In addition, internet speed can measure both users of fixed and mobile services – simply access the website from your mobile phone or smartphone.

Checking the connection speed itself is very simple. Once the page is loaded, just press the “Start” button – after a while the test will begin. The tool checks 4 basic parameters of Internet connection:

download – in other words, the download speed is a value that indicates how fast you can download data from the Internet in megabytes per second (MB / s) – the higher, the better;
to download – download speed, the higher the value that indicates how fast you can download files from your computer to the network, for example, to the cloud drive in MB / s, the better;
ping – in other words, the delay, the value that indicates how long the action performed on your computer or mobile device will be recorded on the selected server, the value that is especially important when playing online is given in milliseconds, the lower the better;
tremble – a parameter that provides information about the stability of the transition and the amount of delays in sending subsequent data packets. The larger they are, the lower the transmission efficiency, and thus the connection can be overloaded, the value is given in milliseconds, the lower.

Explain the results of the connection speed test

Using Orange Speed ​​Test, the user gets more than that a numerical result of the above parameters, but also an interpretation of these results. The link is rated from 1 to 5 in terms of its use:

• browse websites;
• watch low quality videos;
• watch high quality video materials;
• voice conversation;
• online game.

So, if someone is not sure if they have the right settings according to their internet needs and cannot fully interpret the results of the connection speed test, they can easily check it.

Internet speed test – it’s worth remembering

For the transition speed must be evaluated reliably, it is worth preparing accordingly. You need to check first background transition is not used – for example, no files are downloaded or updates are performed.

During the test (lasts a few tens of seconds), other home network users did not use it – Most of them did not watch videos or make video calls. These activities put a huge load on the link and may distort the measurement.

Finally, remember the device that connects it home Wi-Fi networkmay show slower internet speeds than is connects directly to the router with a cable. Influence the result of internet speed test for wireless network There are factors such as distance from the router, the quality of the device, as well as what obstacles are up (concrete walls, ceiling, media lines, etc.) encounters a signal.

Connection speed and type of technology

It should also be noted that the type of technology in which the infrastructure is built has the greatest impact on the speed of the Internet. In the case of orange optical fiber, it is possible to achieve dizzying speeds of up to 1 GB / s. (1000 MB / s). Fiber-optic Internet is currently the best way to connect to the network in homes and apartments. The orange optical fiber already reaches more than 4.2 million families in about 150 cities in Poland. Right now the fastest, most stable and least unsuccessful solution available in the market. Broadband fiber optic connectivity allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously on your home network without significant speed drops and delays.

Mostly in the case of a traditional transition copper cable, the speed obtained is usually several times lower. In addition, referring to the above technology has a significant impact on the speed of the Internet distance from the headquarters of the house. Theoretically, the transition can even reach 100 MB / s, but the infrastructure and location of the property to which it is connected allow to obtain only a fraction of this value.

is the same situation with 4G mobile internet connection. In this technology, the loading speed depends on many factors, such as weather conditions, network load or distance from the transmitter. Usually though allows you to quickly open websites or easily watch movies and series or listen to music when using streaming platforms. It is worth recommending LTE mobile internet from Orange, which you get from 10 per month, depending on the selected package. 250 GB information to be used. Orange’s LTE coverage covers 99% of the population in Poland.

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