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Cupertino is known for its emphasis on the security of its giant customers, and I’m surprised that the company has imposed additional restrictions on the Apple Safari browser. Bitten runs the Apple Browser WebKit engine and supports many web standards, including XML, XHTML, HTML 4 and version 5 elements, DOM 1, 2 and version 3 elements. It is also characterized by CSS level 1, 2 and high compatibility. 3. It is very popular with users. In 2007-2012, the browser was also used in Windows.

Safari is a very popular browser in the IT market. According to the portal StatCounter, it is the second most used device on all devices since the beginning of 2020. Not surprisingly, the company is trying to protect the safety of users. Of course, not everyone is happy with the locks provided. The first rebels are those who have difficulty moving.

Apple Safari has been acquiring mechanisms to limit its ability to track user behavior on the Internet for some time.

Already in 2017, the browser received a very interesting mechanism. Intelligent Traffic Prevention (ITP) is designed to limit the ability to collect information about Internet users through cookies. Interestingly, today Apple is again trying to restrict the use of cookies in its browser. The company announced the introduction of a new cookie solution in the latest version of Safari. Not everyone is happy about it – and that’s hardly surprising. This will make it difficult for many actors to work. This is because from now on, files of this type (from foreign companies) must be blocked by the Apple browser as standard. The Cupertino giant does not like third parties to collect information about users’ actions using cookies. But keep in mind that on this basis, companies target online advertising specifically for Internet users. Not everyone likes ads, but we prefer to focus on our interests.

According to Apple, the new mechanism in Apple Safari will significantly reduce the display of interfering ads.

I understand that advertising is a source of income for many, but I must admit that Apple is right. In most cases, they are really difficult. Many windows cannot be closed, they cover the whole page and one click takes you to… incompatible portals. The mechanism should not look like this. Apple’s new tool is designed to enhance the privacy of users while they are online. Reasonable solution. No one who uses the Internet for personal purposes will argue with this assumption.

Apple Safari’s new mechanism is not very popular in the advertising industry.

In general, what they liked. As I mentioned earlier, Safari is the second most popular browser on the world market.

The charts look the same for the European market.

Apple Safari, cookies,

Safari is getting worse in our country.

Apple Safari, cookies,

It’s all because Poles don’t like to pay for Apple devices anymore. Brands like Xiaomi are more popular. Using Apple only makes sense when the entire company ecosystem is at home. Poles are not in favor of such purchases.

However, Cube Group board member Marcin Michalski also expressed concern about the new idea for the Apple Safari.

“Apple’s move is very surprising and at the same time incomprehensible. I do not know what is behind all this, whose interests it protects. In today’s world, where life and business are virtually on the Internet, this move is even more mysterious. You can say that this is nothing and we are well prepared to monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities without the use of cookies or based solely on 1st party cookies, because our agency has 100% solutions. is resistant to third-party cookie blockers, but implementing them with advertisers is a process. Both this and all analytics in e-commerce can be more difficult (and not only) because such an application requires more programming intervention than ever before. – says Mr. Mikhalsky.

It should be noted that cookie blockers in Apple Safari are not the only ones on the market.

A similar solution was announced by Google in the Google Chrome web browser. However, this is not a project to be launched this year. Complete blocking of cookies is not expected until 2022. Therefore, there is a lot of time to develop a different mechanism for launching ads that will more respect the privacy of users. It is possible that such restrictions will force the advertising industry to implement better projects, rather than tracking users. We live in a time when everyone is looking abroad on social media, but it’s good that big corporations are starting to think about security issues for us.

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