Alcohol on the Internet. That’s why some stores sell it and some don’t

In Poland, the sale of alcohol via the Internet is not regulated by law. Terms of sale of goods to consumers through e-shops are regulated by the Law on Consumer Rights. E-sellers have a number of obligations (especially information) to consumers, but does not apply to the sale of alcoholic beverages.

The sale of beer, wine or vodka is regulated by the 1982 Act of Vigilance and the Fight against Alcoholism. It allows the sale of alcohol only with the permission of the head of the commune, the mayor or the president of the city.

There are several types of permits. However, the provisions do not provide for the possibility of allowing an entrepreneur to sell alcohol online (remotely). According to the Law on Vigilance and Combating Alcoholism, retail sale of alcoholic beverages may be carried out. only at the point of sale specified in the permit, ie at a certain address.

on the other hand However, the conclusion of contracts for the sale of alcohol via the Internet is not prohibited. Vendors can conclude contracts and accept orders while the customer goes alone to the point of sale specified in the permit to take the order.

But in the case of online stores, it is delivered to the home, including alcohol. How is this possible? The most common solution is to act on the basis of a power of attorney. The customer buys alcohol and at the same time gives it to the seller, courier or other third party power of attorney to collect products at the point of sale on his behalf. This person takes the product on behalf of the customer and delivers it to the customer. Officially, the sale is carried out at the point of sale, ie in accordance with the terms of the permit.

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