5G speeds in Poland 2020 – Speedtest report

The fifth generation 5G connection offered users 100 Mb / s, which is almost four times faster mobile data transfer.. It is worth knowing the operators who are superior to the new technology. According to the SpeedTest.pl report, based on tests conducted on the platform (47.5 million), the speed of mobile Internet increased by 27% last year compared to 2019. It should be noted that in 2020, the fixed Internet speed increased by an average of 23% compared to 2019.


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The Covid-19 pandemic has forced some of our daily activities to take place in the virtual world. This is stated in the report of Nokia Deepfield Network Intelligence 20-30% increase in internet traffic between February and September 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. The largest increase was recorded on video conferencing platforms (350-700%). The increase in network traffic is reflected in the transition of education to remote mode, the increase in the number of online purchases, the transition from quarantine areas to the network of public catering services, as well as the increase in the number of digital officials. platforms.

Did 5G technology come to Poland for good and what does it offer?

Operators began implementing the new technology in 2020, despite the lack of auctions for new frequencies (in the range of 3.6 GHz). Access to 5G allows dynamic sharing of the 2100 MHz band by fourth and fifth generation networks. The first 5G tests took place in 2018, but Plus launched its first commercial network at the end of the first half of 2020.

According to recent data Orange Polska has access to 5G technology in its network and currently has about 6 million users from 400 cities.The situation is the same with T-Mobile, which shares part of its infrastructure with Orange. The full potential of the new technology will be available only on new frequencies, but the fifth generation 5G connection has already been offered to its users. Data transfer at 100 Mb / s is four times more than used in the old technology.

According to Speedtest.pl, among the operators that offer 5G technology commercially Leads Plus with download speeds of 199 Mbit / s, which is seven times higher than the average for the mobile LTE category. Among others, 5G technology is already available in Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Trisiti, Katowice, Poznan, Chorzov, Kielce and Opole. It is worth considering whether the mobile device we use supports the new technology and how much it costs to use it in our operator.

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Who provides the fastest mobile internet?

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Before 5G technology was fully developed and users were equipped with devices that could support it, we still had to rely on existing mobile data transfer solutions. According to SpeedTest.pl, the average speed of mobile Internet increased by 27% compared to 2019 and amounted to 26.3 Mb / s..

The fastest download offered to users T-Mobile with an average speed of 30.5 Mb / s and this is another year in which the operator maintains its leading position in this category, followed by Orange with a download speed of 29.6 Mb / s, followed by Plus with a download speed of 23.8 Mb / s and 22.5 Mbit / s. is played. .

The highest data transfer speed was also offered to customers by T-Mobile with a result of 8.6 Mb / s, which surpassed last year’s winner Orange in this category, which this year offers Orange 8.5 Mb / s. . Play with 8.2 Mb / s and 7.6 Mb / s result. However, it should be borne in mind that the largest volume of traffic between mobile networks is distributed between Plus and Play, which can affect the results of these operators in the ranking.

Operators are still trying to reduce delays on LTE networks. Owners of 3GPP-compliant devices can see that ping is reduced to a sensational level of 20 ms. However, the overall results show that most operators still offer their users an average delay of more than 30 ms.

Who provided the fastest fixed internet?

2020 was a year of significant growth for the Internet industry. If we take into account the increase in download speeds compared to 2019, it turns out that Netia can boast the highest growthOrange, which managed to increase from 64% to 61.9 Mb / s, almost twice managed to accelerate to 26.1 Mb / s.

According to a total ranking of 37 million tests conducted on the website SpeedTest.pl in the web application, INEA provides its users with the fastest internet in Poland. The average download speed of the winner rating was 144.8 Mb / s. UPC, which offers a download speed of 137 Mbps, was second and first for operators across the country. TOYA was at the bottom of the podium with an average speed of almost 122 Mb / s, followed by Vectra with a result of 107.8 Mb / s.

It is also worth paying attention to the speed of data transmission. It also ranks first in this category 145.5 Mb / s with excellent results INEA, this value is higher than the loading speed, and this may be due to the high proportion of symmetrical fiber customers. Among the operators with the highest download speeds we can find TOYA, Orange and Vectra.

When it comes to the value of ping, which is extremely important not only for gamers, but also for people who use video conferencing, the lowest result is again INEA with a delay of only 11 ms, followed by TOYA. 13 ms, and the next UPS is 18 ms.

Which company offers the best fiber optic connections?

As well as the future of 5G mobile data transmission, the future of fixed line communication is fiber-optic internet. According to the FTTH SpeedTest.pl report The highest data download speed was offered by INEA and it was 179.4 Mb / s.followed by Netia with a result of 163.4 Mb / s, followed by Orange with a download of 160.5 Mb / s.

In terms of data transmission, the priority date was INEI again with a result of 198.1 Mb / s, which was several times higher than the parameters of competitors in this category. Orange can boast second place with a result of 65.8 Mb / s, while Netia was last on the podium, offering a download of 49.3 Mb / s.

The delay in fiber optic connections is really small, ranging from 10 to 14 ms, which allows you to use both multiplayer games and video conferencing tools completely freely.

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