5G network in Poland. No strong points in Plus?

RFBenchmark has published the results of 5G network tests in other Polish cities. Plus is it always superior?

Test methodology

The tests, conducted by Notel Poland, are based on the commercially available Xiaomi 11 smartphone. Data download and upload speeds, video transmission quality and online video playback in 4K image size are checked. The measurements used the best technology available in the area. Thus, if a 5G network was not available in a particular location, LTE was used.

After the trials in Szczecin and Poznań, it was time to go to other cities in other parts of Poland.

5G network in Krakow, Lublin and Rzeszow

Let’s start with the south-eastern part of Poland – Krakow, Lublin and Rzeszow. Measurements were made at the following locations:

The highest average speeds were definitely obtained during measurements in Krakow. The addition of LTE measurements to 5G measurements has not changed the final result. In Lublin, Play’s results fell sharply after the addition of measurements on the LTE network. At Olsztyn, we have one of the few examples where the share of 5G network testing in Plus is almost the weakest. However, the download speed remains unrivaled. Olsztyn should also be considered a city with one of the best 5G network coverage indicators. The test rate was high for each operator.

Results Mb / s

The record download speed is 407 Mb / s near Wielicka in Krakow, 289.8 Mb / s at IKEA in Lublin and 374 Mb / s at Market Square in Rzeszow. All this is the result of Plus.

We see two trends when sending information. Data transfer is usually faster on the 5G network itself, and despite the huge advantage in download speeds, Plus is not as good at sending files as the competition.

The download speed records were again Wielicka in Krakow – 79.1 Mb / s (T-Mobile), Arena Lublin in Lublin – 71.4 Mb / s (Play) and Rzeszów, Dworzec Główny – 86.1 Mb / s (Play).

The results could be compared in video stream tests. In each city, the download time for a 4K movie ranged from 2,129 seconds (Play in Lublin) to 2,667 seconds (Orange in Rzeszow). When we hold two phones with cards of different operators in front of us, we will see the differences in the sequence of fractions of a second.

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5G network in Bydgoszcz, Łódź and Radom

Let’s get closer to the center of the country. Subsequent measurements were made at Bydgoszcz, Łódź and Radom at the following locations:

The dimensions in these three cities look interesting. On the one hand, we have small stakes in the 5G T-Mobile network in Bydgoszcz and Radom and Play in Lodz and Radom. In addition, Orange does not have a 5G network in Bydgoszcz and Radom, which does not prevent it from achieving very good results in the LTE network. On the other hand, T-Mobile has very good results in Lodz and Radom, and Plus… Plus is a leader in every city with very good 5G network coverage.

The record results belong to Plus – 359.4 Mb / s in Zielone Arkady in Bydgoszcz and 398.7 Mb / s in źódź Widzew. Play on Radom recorded the best result – 289.3 Mb / s near the Main Railway Station.

T-Mobile is definitely different in terms of shipping speed. Moreover, in this case, it seems that he is running after the share.

The record measurements are 83.7 Mb / s Play at Zawisza Bydgoszcz Stadium, 94.6 Mb / s T-Mobile at Łódź Airport and 73.7 Mb / s Plus near M1 in Radom.

Broadcast video means 4K movie download times in the range of 2.002s (Orange on Radom) and 2.205s (Orange in Lodz). The only notorious exception is the time of 4,202 seconds, when Play on Bydgoszcz differs significantly from the rest.

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5G network in Wroclaw and Upper Silesia Industrial Area

The last two places on the list are many places in Wrocław and the Upper Silesian Industrial Zone:

I must admit that 5G Internet works very well in Silesia. Plus, it’s still losing ground, but we have very good results, especially in Wroclaw from Orange and T-Mobile. It should be noted that in the case of Orange, these are mainly the results of the LTE network.

The best results are 359.5 Mb / s Plus near IKEA in Katowice and 478.1 Mb / s in Osiedle Gaj Plus in Wroclaw.

Shipping speeds are fairly equal, especially in Wroclaw.

The records belong to T-Mobile – 88.5 Mb / s at Katowice’s Spodek and 84.2 Mb / s at Wroclaw Stadium.

The flow here is very equal. 4K movie download time is from 2,031 seconds (Additionally in Wrocław) to 2,260 seconds (orange in GOP).

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Poland’s 5G network seems unchanged for months. Moreover, the download speed is slightly higher than the rest

This, of course, comes from having the most affordable network resources. In addition, it has the widest bandwidth, which can be easily converted to the highest loading speed. Plus also has the largest share of tests performed on the 5G network, which we can call the best coverage. Other operators need to save on bandwidth between LTE and 5G networks. Although in many places they show that LTE networks are working.

In Poland, the 5G network is still flawless. This can be seen, for example, in the speed of data transmission, which can be clearly lost with the LTE network. However, operators do their best to ensure the best possible performance by literally awakening what they have. And the government’s delay in restoring 5G frequency auctions is, unfortunately, small.

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