5 Unlimited Internet Operators – Play, Plus, Orange, Netia and nju mobile for April 2022

Is there unlimited mobile internet? Sometimes operators boast of “unlimited” data transmission, but what is it really like? In practice, in many offers you can get an endless internet package, but with some limitations. See the best mobile internet deals.

Last update: 22/03/2022.

Endless internet

Unlimited Internet seduces everyone who for some reason does not want or can not have a permanent connection. A separate group is the ones who use the Internet the most on the phone. Unfortunately, both groups have to accept that unlimited access to websites on the mobile system has its limitations.

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Often, even proposals that are marked as unlimited provide the so-called funnels and so on slowing down after using a certain amount of information. This is a popular practice, but it is always worth reviewing the existing rules before buying and checking what the offer you choose will look like. It often happens that the differences in transfers can be significant, and there are even operators who disconnect us from the network after the end of our package.

But there are exceptions to this rule, the real “white crows”as a new voice offer for the phone: a new T-Mobile subscription with unlimited Internet!

In 2022, we decided to check which operators offer “unlimited” Internet and on what terms.

nju mobil Mobile Internet

The offer of this operator is possible by paying only 29 PLN for monthly use. Submarka Orange offers a loyalty program that allows you to earn more gigabytes – up to an additional 120 in 2 years! When will these 60 GB internet packages run out? Well then Transfer in the country drops to 1 Mb / sand this means that you can still use internet resources (as long as you are patient). The offer is even better, because at the end of October 2021, nju GB increased the transfer not only in the Internet offer, but also in voice packages!

Orange mobile internet

The orange operator also offers unlimited internet. It is available in three packages: 9.99, 39.99 and 59.99 for PLN. They have 10, 50 and 250 GB, respectively, which you can use on different devices (also GB package in EU roaming). Then what? As you use these packages, you will still be able to access the network at a lower speed.

In the case of Orange, there will be a speed limit of 1 Mb / s in the home area. It should be added that the proposed packages can be expanded. An additional 10 GB costs 10 zlotys from the orange operator. Note – Agree to purchase e-invoices and marketing communications to receive the price indicated in the offer.

You also have the so-called 250 GB package Happy hours, i.e. night transfer (0: 00-8: 00) where Orange does not reduce data packets. The 250 GB package includes 50 GB outside the home area. Note – now you will get more, in total Additional 250 + 250 GB per month for 2 years! The last package is also available in a one-year contract for 69.99 PLN per month.

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Play Mobile Internet

Play has several options for customers. Almost all of them have unlimited, but with some restrictions, the Internet. In the offer with the device (from 1 PLN for starters; routers, laptops, tablets) you will get packages of 100, 200, 500 and even 1000 GB. The last three are in 5G and all have funnels up to 1 Mbps. Prices are 60, 70, 100 and 230 PLN, respectively. The same funnel also appears in 2 packages with the same SIM (PLN 50-60; 100 or 200 GB), but this time only in a more expensive offer with 5G.

This means that If you use 100, 200, 500 or 1000 GB (depending on the selected offer), the speed of our network will be reduced.. It is worth remembering that in each of these cases you will need a router. Once you have decided on a particular offer, you can choose it, the main thing is that the cheapest purple operator offers, among others, ZTE MF283V router.

Moreover, mobile internet

In Plus you can choose from 6 offers for 30, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 200 PLN. They offer 30, 90, 120, 250, 500 and so on as standard. Up to 1000 GB!

In almost all 5G / LTE Plus mobile Internet packages (except for the cheapest one for PLN 30 with a weak funnel up to 32 kb / s), the funnel is activated up to 1 Mb / s after the end of transmission. Monthly payments can be reduced using smartDOM – then everyone The package is cheaper with 25 PLN. Not only that – you will be happy if you change the supplier to Plus 3 months free! Otherwise, you will not pay “only” for a month. You will also get access to Tidal for the entire contract!

The contract is valid for 24 months. Without the device (SIM card only), you can choose the option with a router / modem or laptop. The decision is yours!

Netia mobile internet

In the case of Netia, the issue is quite simple. There are several packages for 55, 100 and 200 PLN per month, which can be called unlimited in any way. In any case, the funnel opens up to 1 Mb / s after using the transfer. At this price you will get 100, 500 and even 1000 GB, respectively! In the cheapest option, you will also enjoy an indefinite contract (no obligation), but for this 500 and 1000 GB packages are in 5G quality!

You can also choose the option with a router with a 24-month contract. Netia’s mobile Internet prices will then be 130 PLN and 230 PLN after 500-1000 GB of transfer and use. speed also drops to 1 Mb / s. As a gift, you will receive Tidal, Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2 router and Safe Internet service for 2 months for 0 PLN for 24 months.

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