Zofiya Zborowska poses in a bikini and addresses women: “I know how hard it takes you to like your body. Let’s understand each other” (PHOTO)

In August last year Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej Wrona They became the parents of hope. Since then, the celebrity’s Instagram profile has been regularly enriched with posts on serious parenting topics. The celebrity did not paint his stories about returning to form before birth and showed her body without the use of beautifying or “slimming” filters.

Zborowska also noted the problems associated with working in the profession caused by the profile. According to the star, this is necessary to get more professional offers lose a few pounds. However, the star is not ashamed of her body, on the contrary, she proudly takes photos in a bathing suit and speaks openly about it. stretch marks.

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The new Instagram post only confirmed that Zborowska’s observers believed that 8-month-old Umid’s mother was trying to take a healthy approach to her body and help other mothers accept the changes. Zosia posted another photo in a bikini directly from the Brazilian beach on Instagram and wrote:

I know how much effort it takes you to re-like your body, after all, it’s been so long in the last 1.5 years, Not as compact as before, there are scratches on the abdomen, a little more skin on the legs, fathe began with restraint, but the continuation of the introduction kept a tone of optimism:

But the same body raises a beautiful person, feeds him, carries him, hugs him … girls! Let’s be nice and understanding to each other. We are heroes. Of course, I recommend you to exercise, drink water and eat healthy, but let’s relax a little! After all, a happy mother is a happy grandfather – ended positively.

I’m writing now, a few pounds ago, it’s interesting …

Do you shine the stretch marks like that? 🤔 Looks normal like every woman. I don’t know why stretch marks are still considered terrible and it is considered brave to show them …

Who writes these “motivations” ?! Do we really have such a backward and inexhaustible society that we repeat the same thing over and over again, Maciej? Have mercy, woman, and tell your friends or family!

It’s started! Wieniawa, Rozenek-Majdan, Kurdej-Satan stopped paying, there is something meaningless on it ….. sorry! What is her name? Zborowska !?

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You don’t see these stretch marks in any of his photos, so I don’t know what happened.

don’t worry about playing. Directors don’t like it, it makes itself unknown. They were … talking sadly

Next tremor 😁 Do they think they have discovered some undiscovered truths?

I never liked him, I don’t know why

Why was my comment deleted in two independent studies that confirmed that mothers live longer than children?

I suggest giving this Nobel Prize for this sketch, maybe it will stop writing nonsense about being nice and understanding to other women. Empathic people are usually men, not other women.

This lady does not represent anything. Radio is beautiful, but there is pressure on the glass.

The man earns a living, is engaged in house construction, maintenance and construction work. A woman is rewarded with good deeds, humility and small gifts. Sex is not a reward, it is a marriage duty!

The woman’s mission for these 9 months is to rest and relax. During this time, we should read the scriptures and share recipes with friends. In our free time, we prepare delicious meals and do small cleaning. We rub the perineum and abdomen with creams that are preparing to release the baby

A woman’s duty is to be a parent and to procreate. If our birth canal is worthy of fertilization, we are pregnant. During this time, we stay at home, in silence, do not rush to the city with an infection and do not give up our shows! I gave birth to 6 beautiful children, comfortably, modestly, without showing my life on the Internet and proudly!

Which heroes? What dyrdymały! Shame! The woman is anatomically adapted to fertilization and childbirth, please do not turn it into bravery. When she decides to have sex with a man, it turns out that she will be a parent. That’s how God created us! Parent in silence, humility and modesty! And don’t take photos, stories on the Internet and blow your belly on a poster.

Why is it even written about it? I ask seriously. A girl of average beauty, with no achievements and no talent

After all, he has these stretch marks, which are not so noticeable in the photo below.

It is easy to accept and like a beautiful and intelligent husband who accepts her and does not demand the body of a 20-year-old girl from porn, if he wants and respects her.

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