“Your face sounds familiar.” The audience criticizes the jury for the low price for Carolina Pisarek: “FIND THEIR SOBIE SOBIE SOBIEARNY”

The sixth episode is behind “Your face sounds familiar”, sounded loud before the TV show. All thanks to the announcement he made in his ad Comment by Michał Wiśniewski about performances Carolina Pisarek. Addressing the audience, the red-haired jury decided to soften the celebrity’s next stage performances and forgive their resentment in the comments.

Although internet users were very impressed by the attitude Michał Wiśniewski, soon came out alone Carolina Pisarek he accepted her words a little less enthusiastically. The model announced on Instagram that the statement of the leader of Ich Troje “has nothing to do with reality “ and accused him “An attempt to whiten the image at his expense.” In the conversation, he called the behavior of the famous Pudelek “empathy for the show.”

Carolina did not say why she strongly condemned Wiśniewski’s words of support. But everything shows that this is not just about the leader of Ich Troje, but also with other jurors. In the last episode, Pisarek played himself In the industry and presented the song “Kolońska i szlugi” on stage, although the jury in their ratings praised her diligence and commitment, as a result, the model was again at the bottom of the table. Many viewers of “Sounds familiar” did not like this fact.

This was reported by the official Instagram profile of the program The writer performed well enough in the role of Sanah, and the lowest scores on the jury were extremely detrimental to him. Some even thought that the jury had simply taken over the celebrity and ignored his progress in subsequent episodes.

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Jury: “Hey, don’t hate Carolina, the girl gives everything.” Also the jury: four “one”. Who is the hypocrite here?;

That is why Pisarek has already referred to it. I think his humiliation and that was it;

For me, no matter how he reads, he will not get more than 1 from the jury. Her daughter and I insisted on the easiest way to get this note defended that it had nothing to do with singing outside the program. I look at each issue and I have never encountered such an approach to a participant;

If he gets four “one’s” again, I refuse Michael’s call, for it will be a mockery;

Sometimes you really heard Sana. But the key remains the key. “One” had to go. You see, he left. Poor girl, because she has really good intentions and a beautiful aura. The turbo is still indifferent;

What, but he didn’t deserve four “one’s” from the jury;

It was his best performance. He did very well! I am surprised that the jury gave such a low rating;

Excellent performance in my opinion. At first it was weak, but then it gets better and better. It does not deserve prices. Some perform worse, but of course they praise each other because they know each other, and so on. Internet users criticized the behavior of the jury.

In fact, it is impossible to resist the comments of the jury after Pisarek’s speech. rather, they did not say that it would be underestimated as a result. Małgorzata Walewska did not hide the fact that the celebrity’s vocals could be better, but in the end received a lot of praise.

My dear, we are very glad to be with you again, because you are the sun of this program. Your diligence is already a proverb and has been seen today. You did a great job, I can’t say that about the vocals, but I’m very sorry (…). You can do a lot of the work you do, really great! – Walewska commented.

You have created a dream for yourself that during this program you will learn these areas from scratch. I think that in each episode you take it one step further and prove to us and to yourself that it is worth fighting for such a dream. Katarzyna Skrzynecka repeated it.

See how Carolina Pisarek coped with the role of Sanah. In fact, he did not deserve such low prices?

The girl just can’t read, and there’s nothing wrong with that. She didn’t go to the program. She doesn’t have the talent, and that’s why.

He doesn’t have an ear for music and therefore believes that his notes are low because he can’t even hear that it’s fake. Drama, but you can’t hate it. Not everyone can read it.

Wait a minute, if it was the worst, why should it get a better price than the best? He can make progress, but he still shows the worst results compared to other participants. He had gone to a reading program, so if he could not read, he should take into account the poor grades and not be offended by the whole world. Would it really be better if everyone felt sorry for him and only with them? I do not think so. Especially because there will be injustice against the rest. He wanted to shine and prove that he was right for everything, but unfortunately he did not drink

Well, he can’t read, it’s not a show for him

That’s why I’m the same for everyone

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criticism …

3 minutes before

Did they insist? He can’t read. Ttbz shame, it is the first time in history that I was shot to appear there, hit in the knee. Joanna Moro can read better, but I know Carolina. Money doesn’t smell.

Carol, think about what they love – if you loved someone, would you push them into a program that you knew would make you laugh because they couldn’t really read? Change something in the leadership seriously, because no program will be able to cope with this explosion!

Industry was the simplest work, so if it fails, it will not be able to cope with other artists.

They always do. Just understand? After the show, everyone enjoys it, and when it comes to what they give, they give 1 and 2 because they have to give it to someone else. They could immediately say that they didn’t like it, that’s it, and that’s why it is “beautiful, wonderful, phenomenal” at first, and when the rating is 1 or 2 points. It’s funny.

In any case, the whole of Poland heard about the sharpening of Carolina Pisarek. Carolina should be happy, because the media does not pay as much attention to any TTBZ participant as her personality. It seems to me that you intend to rise, so the goal has been achieved.

Am I withdrawing the call? Again, what a problem xD

I used to think that I could read, and my mother, who wanted the best for me, told me directly that maybe I should focus on something else and treat reading as a hobby, because I will not live with this hearing in my life. I was hurt until he died, and I probably didn’t see him for half a year. Only when I signed up for a professional singing teacher did he suggest that it was a waste of my time and money (it was expensive). I believed in my “talent” thanks to lowly, false friends who were extremely pleased with my every failure. I was deliberately ridiculed, and then they laughed and shouted at my ulama.

And was Mandaryna, as Michasia read in Sopot? Well, every cat in the fence meowed with laughter!

I preferred Strycharczuk and Kuszewski on the jury

Stop making fun of him! He needs help! Do you think he would be so funny? He has to clean up the neighborhood …

I think this program put an end to his media activities … Well, there was no bigger backstage … 😂

Carolina is similar to Carolina, but worse than falsifying her is that Cherry is on the jury.

I don’t like it, Pisarek, but his performance was the best! It was as if I heard Sana! He was great!

He can’t read and can’t read! And what is Michaś? Can it read German plagiarism? And the jury!

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