Wounded birds series 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 abstract. Mary is seriously ill. Ulviya decides to stay at the mansion until she recovers

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Wounded birds series 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 abstracts – what will happen in the new Turkish series? The premiere episodes will be broadcast on April 11-15, 2022 on TVP 1 at 14:00. Production will also be online at vod.tvp.pl.

The Love of Wounded Birds is the story of a sister who protects her siblings from all evil. Maryam is a young, strong and beautiful woman, and in the last five years she has been raised by her younger brother Omar. When he was a teenager, someone gave the baby to his father Durmus. He intended to sell them, but had been arrested earlier. Now the woman is working hard to keep little Omari on the street. He learns that his stepbrother is the son of an influential industrialist and has been abducted in the struggle for power over the family empire. Mayrem Omar wants to be reunited with his biological family.

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Wounded birds – 16th series

Dogan presents the stolen Neriman’s dress as a gift from Tekin. Meanwhile, Mary is upset that she has lost her clothes. But he manages to get material for the second. The girl works all night and manages to deliver the clothes, thus earning money to buy a promissory note. Tekin is surprised. He was sure that Mary would not receive the money. Ulviya Omar asks Levent for permission to meet her sister. The boy’s eyes widen as he misses his sister. But Levent is determined. Although Hulya pretends to be worried in front of her family, she does not stop torturing the boy. Meanwhile, Omar, moved by his brother’s crying, secretly called Mary, who immediately went to his residence. The girl has a high fever and a severe cough. Ulviya Meryem decides to stay in the mansion until she recovers.

Wounded Birds – Part 17

Neriman asks Dogan to sell the clothes he brought. Contrary to Mary’s protest, Ulviya brings a doctor home. Ulviya decides to secretly visit Mary until she recovers. Concerned about her daughter’s absence, Durmus asks Ayşe Meryem. The girl realizes that Mary has been assigned to care for a sick person for several days. The man is happy to hear that his daughter will bring money home. However, he tells Tekin that Mary is seriously ill. Tekin did not take into account that he was very worried about this news and wanted to visit patients. Impressed by the words of his old friend Jamil, Levent decides to live again. The first step towards the new is to spend the night in the old bedroom. Meanwhile, Dogan does not give Ayşe comfort. She worries her daughter and repeats that she will soon be his wife. Leventa visits Jamili. This time, Hulya is worried, because Jamil is a lawyer for a company that sued the holding and Metehanoglu has to pay a large sum of money. As Jamil prepares to talk to Levent about the situation at the company, the man restrains him, saying that he does not want to talk about the holding for Huli’s comfort.

Wounded Birds – Part 18

Hülya learns that Meryem is at home. Taking advantage of the situation, he decides to get rid of Omar and thus Levent. Meryem listens to Levent and Jamil’s conversation. Levent can’t stand the insults he describes. He immediately decides to leave the residence. Aisha wants to help him, but she knows that Omar is being followed by Dogan, who cannot find out where he is. Jamila, who was passing by to get rid of the baby, collided. She pretends to be her lover and asks him for help, and they meet. Jamil quickly enters the role and infuriates Dogan. Dogan hits Jamil in the face. Confused, Ayşe offers to help bandage the wound, but Jamil quickly leaves. Meryem secretly leaves the kiosk and meets Levent, who is mad. The girl leaves quickly, but after a few steps she loses consciousness. Levent takes him to his residence. The members of the farm go to the doctor again. Levent can’t believe that his mother hid Mary from him. Ulviya doesn’t understand why her son hates her so much. Tekin Durmuşu visits again. This time the man denies that Mary is in the hospital. Tekin’s anxiety raises suspicions. He is sure that Tekin is in love with Mary.


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Wounded Birds – Chapter 19

Mary recovers from the mansion. Levent is very rude to the girl, but looks at her bed. Aisha finally manages to keep in touch with her friend. Ayşe hides Meryem from Durmuş, denying him that Meryem works as a nurse. Meanwhile, Durmus intends to use Tekin’s interest in Mary for his own benefit. In order to put more pressure on Tekin, he lied to her that one of Mary’s fans had proposed to her. Ulviya sees how happy Omar is because Maryam is in the mansion, but Levent believes that the girl should leave their homes as soon as possible. Hulya suspects that Ulviya gave Maryam money for the boy. Levent’s friend and former colleague Jamil comes to the residence. His visit was very unsuccessful for Huli and Bahadir.

Wounded Birds – Part 20

Cemil tries to convince Levent that he is judging Mary very quickly. Meanwhile, Hülya Meryemi, who is trying to get rid of unwanted guests from the mansion, tries to oppose Levent. The woman suggests that Omar will not live a happy and peaceful life in their homes. With the help of Hülya Ayşe, Leventin gets the key to her son’s room. From there, he steals a child’s toy and throws it to Omar. Levent goes crazy when he sees her. Listening to the situation, Mary is convinced that she should not trust her brother. Ayşe continues to try to get rid of Doğan, denying that the mysterious man (Jamil) is her fiancé. Chita discovers where Nerima hid the dress she stole from Mary. Standing, Tekin continues to provoke her by telling her plans to marry Mary.

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