Who is Marine Le Pen?

Marin Le Pen She was born on August 5, 1968, in Neuilly-sur-Seine, the daughter of French far-right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen and her first husband, Pierrette Lalanne. Marie has two older sisters, Marie-Caroline and Yanne.

The life and character of the future leader of the National Front was affected by the events of the night of November 1, 1976. Deniz was eight years old at the time and was sleeping with other residents in a rented house at Villa Puare 9. When the sudden silence in Paris was broken by a terrible roar, the air was filled with smoke and ruins everywhere. An unknown criminal placed five kilograms of dynamite in front of Le Pen’s door. The little girl remembers that night as follows:

Then Marin Le Pen He realized that his family was not ordinary and would never be. The girl was traumatized and lost her school friends, as her parents feared that if their children were close to Le Pen’s daughters, they would be attacked again. Marine experts and friends say the incident affected her later political career, when she was about to close her eyes.

In his autobiography, the politician recalled those times and wrote:

The attack on the Le Pennów apartment building was not an act of terror against random civilians. It is possible that the explosives were placed by the enemy The father of the sea – Jean-Marie Le Penahe was already known as an extreme right-wing politician at the time. He founded the party in 1972 National Front known for his xenophobic and nationalist views. Jean-Marie Le Pen led the party until 2011, when he was replaced by a Marine. Although the National Front initially had a handful of supporters, it gained more support over the years. In the 1980s, the party had one member in the European Parliament, three in 2009 and 23 in 2014.

While his father was developing his political career, Marin Le Pen grew up and graduated from Pantheon-Assas University in 1991 with a degree in law, and in 1992 with a degree in criminal law, where he began his career. In the 1990s, he also joined the party founded by his father, became vice president in 2003 and its leader in 2011. He resigned in preparation for the current presidential campaign in 2021.

Marin Le Pen seeing the public mood began to soften the party. To that end, in 2015, he removed his father, who had been repeatedly convicted of anti-Semitism and racist statements. In 2018, he also assured party colleagues that the name National Front it evokes bad associations in French, so it’s worth changing National Unity.

Part of the French media that does not support the movement and views Marin Le Pen, compares it to the symbol of “Star Wars” – Darth Vader. He is also known for his sympathy with Vladimir Putinwhom he considers patriotic. After the Crimean aggression, Le Pen visited Moscow and preferred Russia’s plans to “federalize Ukraine.” His election flyers featured a photo of Marin Le Pen accompanied by Putin. After the start of the war in Ukraine, he decided to withdraw them from circulation.

Marine Le Pen is often compared to his father and questioned about him. The politician seemed impatient with this fact, saying in one of his interviews:

Marin Le Pen Despite his busy political career, he is not afraid of relationships and love. Despite right-wing views and claims that she is a Catholic, she is not afraid to divorce.

She first married an entrepreneur in 1997 Francek Chauffroy, who has three children. They were all baptized In the Church of Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet, in an environment known for its conservatism and rejection of some decisions of the Second Vatican Council. His marriage lasted until 2000.

He stood on the carpet again in 2002, and the person he chose was the Assistant Secretary General of the National Front – Erika Iorio. This marriage lasted until 2006.

Then Marin Le Pen got engaged to another “colleague”. In 2009, his partner jOne of the leaders of the National Front is Louis Aliot. This relationship lasted until 2019.

The first marriage of the President of the National Unity shows that he has extremely conservative, Catholic views. However, withWhen Marine Le Pen was asked about her faith in 2016, she said she was a believer but impractical and only attended church on Christmas, Easter and other major holidays.. However, he changed his story during the 2017 elections as he tried to convince the French that they were Catholics and that they were responding to a “Muslim threat.” A more extreme right-wing candidate, journalist Eric Zemmur, has appealed to Catholic fundamentalists in the current election. In an interview, Marin Le Pen spoke negatively of traditional Catholics, whom he compared to the Nazis.. However, the French presidential candidate quickly admitted that this was a failed comparison and his own mistake.

After his relationship with Aliot ended, Marin Le Pen moved in with his childhood friend Ingrid. In the French presidential candidate’s “Une Ambition intime” program, his roommate emphasizes that both women have been in contact with each other throughout their lives and know each other from the inside:

In that interview, Marin Le Pen said that he had a tough and tough character about himself, but in his personal life he hated conflicts, arguments, and shouting at home. He stubbornly claims that he likes to laugh and often has a smile on his face.

What does Marin Le Pen do in his spare time? First of all, he is an amateur gardener and this hobby takes up a lot of free time.

She is also an excellent cat lover. The interview for “Une Ambition intime” took place in the hall where the French presidential candidate was walking cats. The French call it Le Pen The “mother cat” politician has six furry pets. During the interview of the program, he used this fact and noted:

The image of Marin Le Pen’s “mother of a cat” and an excellent roommate is undoubtedly intended to warm her image. The presidency of Marine Le Pen, combined with social demands such as lowering the retirement age, abandoning the idea of ​​leaving the European Union and NATO, and France’s belief that Emmanuel Macron is the “president of the rich,” is a very likely scenario for many observers. Will a woman really be the first French president in history? It will be decided by voters on April 10 (1st round) and April 24 (2nd round).


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