What do rats eat? How to choose a good karma?

Rats are rodents that eat everything. The rat’s diet should include essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber. Properly selected food for a rat affects its appearance, health and well-being. What do rats like to eat?

Rats are popular pets. The domesticated version of the wild rat requires nutritious food that is responsible for the proper functioning of the body. What is the best rat dish?

What do rats eat in nature?

Rat (lat. rattus) is a rodent from the mouse family found on almost every continent. What do wild rats like to eat? In the wild, rats eat everything in their path. They are omnivorous animals, so they do not despise leaves, twigs, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, or even carcasses. Wild rats eat eggs and chicks, as well as adult birds. Some rodents can hunt fish, rabbits and mice, and even … piglets. However, they often eat the grains and products they find in their households. What rats eat in breeding conditions?

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How to look after a rodent at home? How to raise rodents at home?

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Breeding rats

Healthy food is required, which has a profound effect on the health, condition and life of breeding rats. Proper eating makes rats energetic and lively. Cooking for rats should be of the highest quality. House rats are the most herbivorous animals, but some animal products are happy to eat.

Ready meal for rats

Ready-made rat feed is the most popular choice of owners, because it does not require additional supplements. Quality rat food provides the necessary nutrients and vitamins. The most common ingredients in rat food are grains, rice, cereals and seeds. Some rat foods contain fish, shrimp, poultry and beef. The best food for a rat is food without dyes, artificial flavors or preservatives. We will get ready rat food in the form of granules, drops, flakes and muesli. The rat’s diet should supplement the rodent’s daily requirement for carbohydrates, proteins, fats, as well as vitamins and fiber. Some foods contain meat biscuits, which should not be an ordinary meal among rats.

Fruits and vegetables in the diet of rats

Rats love food both fruits and vegetables. Such flavors are an interesting variety for the diet and a valuable dose of vitamins. Some fruits have a negative effect on the health of rats. Such fruits include citrus fruits, which contain limonene, which is harmful. kidneys. The fruits that our rodents can eat without much fear are: strawberries, raspberries, bananas, pears, apples and watermelons. Most fruits and vegetables are also available in dried form. The most popular vegetables in the rat’s diet are beets, carrots, cabbage, radishes, parsley, celery, cucumbers and peppers. Rats like baked beans, potatoes and beans. In all forms, garlic and onions should be avoided in the first place.

The main seed for a rat

Rat diet Those who live at home and outside are based on cereals. The most common grains eaten by rats are wheat, oats, and barley, as well as rice, buckwheat, and corn. The granule mixture can be prepared by hand or purchased at a pet store. Ready-to-eat cereals play a key role in proper metabolism and the rat’s radiant coat. A balanced diet rich in grains is responsible for calming any irritation and preventing the development of infections and diseases. Cereals provide rats with essential vitamins and fiber.

Herbs that a rat can eat

Rats that eat everything also eat ordinary grass. The most commonly eaten nettles are plantain, butterbur, chamomile, chicory and dandelion. Herbs strengthen the immunity of rats, are a good antioxidant and stimulate the appetite. They perfectly complement the rats’ daily diet and help them digest. Herbs in the diet of rodents help to neutralize and cleanse the body of toxins.

Treatments for rats

Every pet loves all kinds of delicacies. Rodents also belong to such animals, whose snack offer is very important. Popular foods for rats are grains and meat with honey. Other delicacies eaten by rats include dried fruit biscuits, yogurt drops, nuts and whole grains. Remember to check the delicacy every time and avoid harmful substances such as sugar, fat and preservatives.

What do rats like to eat?

Both standard rats and dumbo rats eat eggs. House rats love their cooked food, so it is worth periodically diversifying your diet of grains and vegetables with eggs. But keep in mind that too much protein can harm them. The house rat also eats pasta and whole grain bread. The most important thing is that the products are of the highest quality.

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