Walking cat: a threat to other animals?

Cats hunt for fun, which, unfortunately, often comes with the lives of other animals.

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Increasingly, cat lovers are divided into two camps when it comes to letting their pets out. Both have arguments to substantiate these beliefs, but those who prefer to keep cats at home are interested not only in the safety of pets, but also in the surrounding … ecosystem. We decided to take a closer look at the issue.

In some parts of the world, the release of cats is restricted by law. This is the case, for example, in New Zealand, where cats can potentially deplete small animal populations on the island. In addition, U.S. scientists claim that stray cats and stray cats are responsible for the extinction of more than 30 animal species, and the journal Nature Communication adds alarming figures – cats kill 1.3-4 billion birds each year and 6-. from 22 billion small mammals. In America itself.

Sometimes it can be hard to believe when you look at lazy murmurs. We often forget that cats are predators and at the same time completely unnatural. Polish ecosystem. It hunts instinctively, not out of hunger – the filling rate will not affect its retention.

The author of Psych Sucharki recalls the danger posed by cats (and dogs):

Doctor Justyna Kierata biologist, argues:

– Cats in the house are wonderful companions, but outside the house are unsupervised, homeless or so-called cats. going, becomes a serious threat to nature. He is an influential hunter who often escapes the attention of his owners, as only part of the victims are brought home, and the rest are eaten by the cat or left in the hunting ground. Most likely, it ranks first among cats causes of death of birdsthat a person is responsible for road accidents or collisions with power lines.
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When we take an animal under our roof, we undertake to provide it with appropriate conditions and safety.

When we take an animal under our roof, we undertake to provide it with appropriate conditions and safety.

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As a way to fight cat pests?

It is incorrect to think that the predatory activity of cats is beneficial to the environment. Numerous studies have shown that rodents fight fiercely against humans, ie rats. they are not so easy to hunt. For some reason, rats are called extremely intelligent creatures. Thanks to a strong herd instinct and excellent sense of smell, groups of rats can successfully avoid encounters with cats. This is also important overall dimensions The average rat is not a rodent that a cat can easily catch and kill.

“Cats should not be a means of fighting rodents in the city – let science and chemistry deal with this problem,” he said. Mieszko Eichelberger, cat behaviorist, author of the Cat’s Tips series. – We live in the 21st century, we do not need medieval methods in the form of cats living near grain warehouses. Every cat lover should want them to disappear from the streets and spent a safe time between us and the four walls. We must also remember that the main factor regulating the number of rodents is the availability of food – if we do not want rats, the simple solution is not to litter.
– In addition to house mice, which are considered pests, cats also catch other species that are completely harmless to us – adds Dr. Justyna Kierat. – Among other things, a group of Polish scientists found among the victims of cats squirrels, squirrels (similar to mice, but invertebrates), lizards, tit, sparrows, swinging, long-tailed dogs.
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The domestic cat is a predator responsible for the extinction of more than 30 species of animals.

The domestic cat is a predator responsible for the extinction of more than 30 species of animals.

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Solution or just half a dimension?

Contrary to popular belief, the assumption of a cat alarm collar does not solve the problem at all. First, the sound will respond in adult birds, but not in chicks that cannot physically escape. In addition, experts claim that the constant ringing around the head has an extremely negative effect on cats. A pet can also hold its collar, for example, on a branch and cling to it.

– For the vast majority of noise-sensitive cats, collar calls can cause small noises. hearing impairment – says Mieszko Eichelberger. – They can also cause irritation and nervousnessand thus reinforces undesirable cat behavior. In some cases, cats learn to walk and hunt almost silently.
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Free-living cats are especially bad for you bird populationIt reproduces more slowly than rodents and operates under constant stress due to the presence of prey, which does not allow them to breed optimally. In addition, more birds appear on the streets in spring and autumn, which is due to their seasonal migration. It is important for people who are weakened after the trip to have a higher chance of surviving in our area. do not encounter predators de facto hunt for fun.

Therefore, there are initiatives such as actions on the site Bird patrol and Cats from the blockThis raises funds for the sterilization of homeless cats. Cat lovers and bird lovers can join forces for a good cause.

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Contrary to the nature of the cat?

Proponents of letting cats go claim that they are meeting the natural needs of their four-legged friends. Going out, the cat seems to live a happy life, rich in stimuli more than a pet kept in the apartment. Unfortunately, in addition to being able to move freely in a larger area, “freedom” also comes with it. a number of serious threats.

– In fact, a walking cat does not go on another trip or adventure every day, it patrols the same area every day. What about indoor cats? Just because their territory is our home. Borders are marked by walls, but because it has many advantages they do not have to fight for them, they live more calmly and safely – explains Natalia Szczepanikcertified companion animal behaviorist who led the initiative Cat school. And adds:

– The list of dangers waiting for a stray cat is long: traffic accidentsability to eat previously poisoned mice, parasitic diseases if Infection with incurable FIV / FeLV viruses (called cat leukemia).
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A cat living in an apartment should not be a lazy and boring pet. It is enough to take the initiative as his guardians and make sure that he has the right dose of training and activity. The site administrators believe this very rationally Cat at home.

– There is a wide selection of caregivers scratches, cat furniture, toys, will be able to replace hunting and meet hunting needs – claims Natalia Szczepanik. – Considering that living with a cat also means that we have to meet its needs, we can also have a wonderful friendship. relationships with our pet.
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