“There are jokes about my mother-in-law, I became a mother-in-law from a nightmare. I couldn’t allow my son to marry a dog barber. ”- Real Life

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I was relieved when Radek and Kaja parted ways. Yes, the girl is very beautiful, she had a decent job and it was very nice for me, but for some reason I got the impression that Radzio could find a better place.

Of course, I did not say that, but I know myself

The boy has to meet girls, sometimes he has to stay longer or shorter, but choosing one is a serious matter. I was lucky. Dzidka was the most beautiful woman in the world. To this day, when I look at her photos – whether from my youth or the last one, five years ago – I see incredible beauty. My wife had eyes that I could look at for hours and lips that I could never kiss.

But the most important thing was his personality: it was a mixture of warmth, endurance and strength at the same time that he was able to call me to order. I miss him very much. I don’t go to the places we used to go together – I changed the church and the confectionery, I run away from our favorite park because I can’t forgive that the world exists and moves forward as if nothing had happened, even though I don’t have a Dzidkam. longer there. I only have Radek, I have so much left from my wife. So isn’t it weird that I want the best for him? And it is known that the basis of a man’s happiness is a good wife.

That’s why I was happy when Kaca disappeared from my life. She may be a great girl, but I doubted she would be a good enough wife for my son. And she deserved someone like her mother. Honestly, I didn’t expect to miss Kaja again. I wanted to shake my head when Radek told me about his next girlfriend.

– Cut the dogs ?! – I was silent. – Is he looking for a real job?
– What do you mean, father? – hairy. – Natalya loves animals and the groom does not intend to change his job. That’s what his profession is called. And you warn yourself. You will meet him, you will immediately fall in love with him like me.
“I doubt it,” I muttered under my breath.

I met Natalia in a natural environment. On my way back from the DIY store, my son took me to the dog beauty salon where he worked.

“We’ll go a long way to Natalia,” he suggested, and I would pack the paint buckets and paint the room.

I wanted to get rid of fatigue, but Radek did not intend to give up. I felt that she wanted to show her new lover.

– How do you like my Natim? He took the paint buckets to my apartment and asked if the girl was waiting in the car. – Great, isn’t it? Did you see him approach the dogs? Loves animals and children. I want at least three.

– Yes? – until you stop on the stairs. – Are you talking about children? You have known each other for only a month!

Then my son said something that made me cold

He said he was convinced that Natalya was “one” and wanted to marry him. When he said his name, his eyes shone like Dzidka’s eyes when he was excited for some reason. He looked so much like her!

“Stop, take your horses, son,” I advised him then. – There are a lot of fish in the sea, there is no reason for you to plan a wedding for someone in a month.

When he left, I thought about Kai. At least this man had a good job in some corporation. A smart girl with ambitions and a future. Like Dzidka. My husband received a master’s degree in pharmacy, worked in a pharmacy all his life, came to him with questions about his health, and almost believed in him as much as he trusted the doctor. I was proud of my wife, who knew such a complex subject. Half of the city knew him, and everyone respected him.

I didn’t even want to think about what Dzidka would do if she knew that our son wants to marry a dog barber. I could only hope that Radek would finally understand that this Natalya was not a girl for life. If she looked around, she could even marry a doctor or a lawyer. Young women stared at him, I saw well. Unfortunately, when it came to anger, Radek spoke more and more often about Natalya with a fatter look. It was clear that the girl had wrapped her finger around him. I decided to talk to my sister about my concerns so that I would not be disappointed without hurting my son.

“So why are you so worried about their relationship?” Bozenka asked.
– Well, don’t you understand? – I was a little upset. – Radek is an aviation engineer, he has a career opportunity all over the world! He lived in Dublin for a year and has connections. It can work anywhere. And this girl, well, I’m sorry, but the dogs are bathing! Don’t you think that Radzio can target a little higher?

Bozenka even agreed with me. She was Radek’s godmother and she liked to be proud of him. He worked as a ground control specialist in Dublin and was fluent in English. After that, he even got a chance to work in the Philippines, but he returned to Poland to receive additional vocational training. He was developing, he had ambitions. And it is known that a man with ambitions needs a wife who will support him in this work. Someone like his mother – wise, respected by people.

“Don’t worry, she’ll get bored of Natalya soon,” my sister comforted me. Otherwise, he will learn that he has prestige and probably some money for him. He will see quickly, he is a smart boy.

I did not think about it, but Bozenka may be right. Natalya did not earn much, Radek also won. And in fact, he continued to take her on several trips, planning to go with her to the Canary Islands. It had to be that way! Of course, I could not comment directly on the issue, but somehow I wanted to draw my son on this path. I thought I would get information first hand and went to Miss Natalia’s dog salon. He simply had no “clients.”

She arranged dog cosmetics on glass shelves and smiled broadly when she saw me. I held out my hand to greet him and … I froze. I saw a bracelet of silver pendants on his wrist. I knew him very well. Dzidka got this ornament from her mother, who wore it in big cases for thirty years. I never knew he gave it to Radek. But it certainly shouldn’t have been given to a random girl!

– Mr. Tomas, how are you? Natalya asked, and I finally looked at her wrist. He looked at the bracelet and the smile on his face disappeared.
I said, “I’m sorry, I have to go,” and left without explanation.

I trembled and became angry with my son. How could he give a girl a family memory? The first is better! I was sitting in front of the TV in the evening, but I didn’t even know what was going on there. I thought Dzidka and our son would now distribute his personal belongings. I wanted to cry. Suddenly someone called. I opened it and saw Natalia. He asked if he could come in, and I let him in without smiling. I no longer wanted to act as if he were confirming his relationship with my son. Natalya held out her hand to me.

– Please. Radek told me it belonged to his mother. I didn’t want to accept, but he insisted … – He was holding Dzidka’s bracelet. – I saw his eyes when I saw him in my place. I shouldn’t have worn it. He belongs to your family. And you don’t want me to be in this business, do you?

It was not an accusation, it was just a sad statement. He was still holding the bracelet in his outstretched hand. I reached her and Natalya turned to the door. Before leaving, he said without turning his back:

– I love Radek. I’ve never loved anyone so much … I want you to know about it, even though it probably won’t change anything.

He left me like an old fool, with a bracelet in his hand and chaos under my head.

She looks like Dzidka. Can forgive …

I felt wrong. It was not about Natalya, but about my demands on my son’s partner. I wanted her to look like Dzidka, but I thought none of them were good enough. This was Radek’s life. He loved Natalya and knew from the beginning that he wanted to spend his life with her. Yes, she was not the bride I wanted, but she did not have to make me happy. I ran out of the house and saw him halfway down the street. I accelerated my pace.

– Mrs. Natalya! When I finally reached him, I stopped breathing. – Take him. My husband would like this bracelet to be worn by a woman chosen by his son. Probably you will give it yourself … You would like each other, I know that, I’m sure …

Natalia has a lot to do with Dzidka. For example, forgiveness and understanding. I don’t know, did he ever tell this story to Radek? Probably because yes they are a well-married couple and they probably tell each other everything, but my son never reminded me that I didn’t accept his choice at first. Today is different. I love Natalya like my daughter. No, she is not like Dzidka. But he is equally great and loving. Radek is lucky to have found it – I’m sure!

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