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During the filming of The Voice Kids, the coaches admitted what they were afraid of. The Baron also spoke of the creepy adventure his brother had given him years earlier. What’s going on? Watch the live broadcast of “The Voice Kids 5” – on Saturday, April 9 at 20:00.

The Voice Kids 5: It’s time to read! Kwiatkowski explodes with pride [ZAPIS RELACJI]

The fifth issue of “The Voice Kids” with musical children is slowly coming to an end. This year’s edition of The Voice Kids was full of breathtaking performances. It also allowed me to meet Cleo, David Kwiatkowski, Thomson and Baron, who were eager to share stories from their lives. During the work on the set of the talent show, the coaches called by Cleo spoke about their fears, which you can now see in our video.

I never parachute – David Kwiatkowski admitted without hesitation. It soon became clear that what was unthinkable for David was that Baron and Thomson enjoyed it very much.

I jumped twice. Thomson jumped with me once. was excellent. The moment before leaving is the worst. You think, “What are you doing ?!”, “Don’t you love life ?!” I was falling at a speed of 217 kilometers per hour The Baron shared his impressions of not parachuting.

Cleo admitted that he did not have a phobia, but did not stop worrying about his family. – I worry about my loved ones the most. Wherever my parents and brother go, I have anxious thoughts – The singer announced in our video.

At the end of the conversation, the Baron decided to tell a story from his adolescence. It turned out that the cold experience was provided by his brother.

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When I was 15, I remembered what my brother had done to me. We love each other very much, but at that time you were playing a game on your own. At the time, he had a horror music CD. You were horrified only by the sound. My brother put me under the blanket and held me so tight that I could not move. He turned on the music at full strength and squeezed my brain with such horror. It was claustrophobia, fear of the dark and still bad music the baron replied.

We would like to remind you that the Cleo team will perform on stage in a new episode. The singer will choose three participants from 18 children who will go to the grand finale of the fifth edition of The Voice Kids. Who will be? We invite you to the live broadcast of “The Voice Kids 5” – on Saturday, April 9, at 20:00. Only on!

The Voice Kids rehearses about fears

21:45 What a sound! Next in line – Mateusz Krzykała sang “Little Bit of Love”.

21:41 After this expression, the hearts beat even more. Carolina sang Lara Fabia’s song “Adagio” on Friday, and so during the auditions, she knocked the coaches to their seats and showed the incredible power of her voice!

21:37 Paul Off Knapik opened the Sing Off zone live with the song “Dear Future Husband”.

21:35 Cleo Team Starts Reading! In a few minutes, the coach will select three finalists from six talented participants. In the Sing Off zone, participants will sing the same songs as in the blind hearings.

21:20 The most important stage is at once – Sing Off, stay with us!

21:18 The last member of the Sing Off of Cleo team will be Max!

21:15 What an excitement! The last trio on the stage today, “The Voice Kids 5” showed excellent harmony and great sensitivity.

“I would be very proud to be in your coach’s place” – David Kwiatkowski admitted.

Cleon has a very difficult job ahead of him. Who will take it later?

21:12 The last battle awaits us! Emilia, Max and Patrycja Bruno are preparing to sing a very emotional and moving song of Mars. “When I’m your man.”

21:03 It was a real battle! The girls’ coaches hit their seats. The only problem in the initial stage of preparation for the performance of the participants was their excessive use of ornaments. According to Cleon, it was difficult to hear what song they were singing. Fortunately, this problem was not seen in the fight, which made the proud coach very happy.

“I am really proud of you […] sounded good “ Cleo confessed.

The next stage has passed … Julia!

21:00 Hopefully, despite the initial problems with the girls’ training, it will be fine. Laura, Julia, Marika will sing Abby’s classic song, “The winner gets everything.”

20:55 What a show! Nadia, Piotrek and Julia took us to the real ball and were pleased with the energy of the coaches. Three people performed Krzysztof Krawczyk’s “I’ll Watch You Like a Ball.” Here, each of the participants presented himself very well, and Nadia undoubtedly won the fight.

“Nadia shone in this expression and stole my heart” – Commented on Cleo’s performance.

20:43 It was a classic trio. Participants read very similarly, so neither David, nor Thomson, nor Baron Cleon helped choose. After a moment of thinking, the singer chose Mateusz for the next stage!

20:35 It’s time for another battle. Mateusz, Hania and Wojtek will perform Lewis Capaldi’s hit “One You Love”.

20:31 Cleo took Carolina with her to the next stage!

20:27 This performance is a delightful demonstration of extraordinary vocal skills. Three strong voices and only one place in Sing Off. Which of the girls will Cleo choose?

“All performance was perfect” – David Kwiatkowski admitted

20:24 Julka, Carolina and Zuza will face a difficult task. Soon the girls will sing the demanding song Whitney Houston, which Cleo worships. “Inananda.”

“I have a unique track and I know you will perform it in an amazing way,” the coach announced.

20:17 “It was a great opening,” the coach admitted.

Great joy came from The Voice Kids scene. It was an extremely energetic performance. Amelka has joined Sing Off!

20:12 We officially start fighting. But it will be a “job”! The first trio – Paulina, Franek and Amelka will soon perform Vicky Gabor.

“I’m sure they’ll shake you up and make a music scandal!” – he said shortly before Cleo’s speech.

20:05 Cleo sent his children from the team to a real meeting with Cleopatra! It was with him that the young people who took part in the temporary desert held music seminars and learned what songs they would soon sing.

20:03 Cleo began today’s episode with a very magical performance in a group of students. The team sang “Bastet” together.

20:00 More battle time! This time, the Cleo team will compete for a ticket to the grand final.


Who is the best coach in The Voice Kids 5?

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