The ugliest cats – TOP 10 most amazing cat breeds

Supporters of the most ugly cats have as many rivals. The miscreants say that their true beauty must be hidden under an extremely useless cover. Accompanied by strange-loving pets on a daily basis, they do not see their ugliness and give their pets the most sincere love. Which cats are we talking about? Let’s take a look at the murmurs that caused the biggest controversy with their unusual appearance.

First of all, we would like to note this The term “ugliest” refers to a popular belief about the species in question. There are no ugly cats (The same thing applies to other pets), because there is no such thing as the only valid law of animal beauty. Each murmur has its own charm, and the fact that some of them look at least strange … it’s a whole different matter.

The fact is that the controversial beauty of these animals does not in any way correspond to their character. It should be noted that they are representatives of the majority of “ugly” races in relation to humans they are very warm, loyal, and easily attached to their guardians. We present a rating of the ugliest cats without prejudice.

No one can open our list except the sphinx itself. The Canadian variety is considered the ancestor of all bald cat breeds. The furless pet’s skin seems to have forgotten to take the pet out of the bathroom. Purr’s whole body is covered with wrinkles and crevices. Not only this, it seems that the cat’s eyes and ears are disproportionately large. All this causes the sphinx to make an unambiguous connection with a visitor from another planet. The aura of mysticism is completed by a mysterious name referring to the mythical juice of the human head. Although the appearance of this breed is not to everyone’s liking, it is impossible not to love the sphinx because of its character.

Looking at the mannequins, it’s hard to resist the impression that the cat recently fought a deadly enemy – a dog, and it did not survive. All because of its unnatural short tail. People with longer hair generally look hairless. Where did this distinctive feature come from? According to legend, no one is responsible for this except Noah himself. He hurriedly slammed the ship’s door, not realizing that there was still a cat outside.

Although the unfortunate man managed to get on the ship, his tail swam away with the floodwaters. There are so many legends, now let’s look at the facts. These beautiful flies were probably brought to the Human Island (this breed comes from here) by merchants from the Far East. The short tail is the only controversial feature of this kitten, because on a daily basis, men are very calm, balanced and loyal.

selkrik rex

American Selkrik Rex cats would be sweet without a detail – a coat that looks like a mop. This strange pet carries the genes of Persian, English and a number of exotic breeds. An explosive mixture? Well, not necessarily. Contrary to appearances, this unusual cross is not loaded with any genetic defects. On a daily basis, these cats are very calm, balanced and tolerant, even against other animals. So maybe a brush-like cat would be a great companion?

The Scottish Fold cat, called Curly, is another howling animal whose appearance reflects the animal’s belligerent nature. Although Manks seems to have lost his tail in the fight, the silhouette of the curl is clearly not there … his ears. Relax, they are there and there is no problem with hearing the murmur. The unusual structure is the result of the origin of this breed, which is a cross between the British Shorthair cat and cats with dropped ears. As a result, wrinkles can inherit abnormal cartilage structures in the ears, nasal skeleton, and hind limbs. Little Hawkshaw is characterized by an exceptionally calm character and demonstrates considerable obedience.

elf cat

Another interesting person on our list is a combination of Yoda – the Grand Master of the Jedi Order – and an angry Gremlin. The elf cat is bald like a sphinx, but this is not the only feature of this breed (not yet recognized by FIF). It is also distinguished by its rolling ears. Elven cats have genes for sphinxes and American curls. Although the appearance of this animal is at least controversial, it should be noted that it is extremely kind and very intelligent.

The posture of a emaciated chick, the hair of a bat, and the ears of a bat – this is the shortest description of the average member of another ugly sex. Cornish Rex was presented with only an underwear gown. This is largely due to its extraordinary beauty. However, let’s not judge the book by its cover. Representatives of this breed are one of the most lively cats. They are interesting, they are full of them everywhere, they have inexhaustible energy, they love to have fun and games, caresses. Therefore, it is an excellent offer for people who are not looking for a typical couch potato. Attention, a neglected cat loudly calls attention.


The Japanese Bobtail cat looks like another victim of interspecific violence. This is due to the extremely short tail. Although humans look like purebred animals at first glance, a bobtail looks like a really crippled chick. However, these cats have many advantages, and among the largest have a calm temperament and a balanced character.

The biggest domestic cats have many supporters and rivals. The former attracts the wild, almost initial appearance of such murmurs, but the same feature discourages many lovers of the beloved “furry” cats. Probably this is why the Norwegian Forest Cat is considered one of the ugliest animals. That’s right? Everyone must judge according to their own criteria. The fact is that this breed is very similar to the wild animal. It is a natural variety that may not have originated as a result of crossbreeding with other species.


Does the sight of the Canadian Sphinx shock you? Then Peterbald is not a cat for you. Slim figure and long, almost straight dog pawsthat this sparkle looks extremely bad. The views are deceptive, because on a daily basis, St. Petersburg sphinxes are extremely friendly and loyal.

The smallest dog breeds are a favorite that many people do not doubt. But the same cannot be said for all small cats. Lykoi are partially hairless murmurs, the beauty of which is best described by the term “wolf wolf cat”.

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