The Polish company enters the world of oil. Skinwallet will present 8000 icons

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The Polish company enters the world of oil.  Skinwallet will present 8000 icons
The Polish company enters the world of oil.  Skinwallet will present 8000 icons
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Szczecin-based Skinwallet, which trades digital goods in video games, announced yesterday the launch of its unique NFT tokens. Investors reacted very optimistically.

An NFT, or non-fungi token, is a file based on the same blockchain technology that cryptocurrencies use. The token itself contains a number of information that distinguishes it from other tokens and makes it unique. Most importantly, they can be traded. While it is possible to copy and duplicate a sold file, there is only one NFT-certified original. All transactions involving him and the amount of the transaction, the buyer, the seller, the block number and the time stamp are open and can be verified.

As with cryptocurrencies, NFT is traded through a blockchain network. The token can be combined with a digital asset, ie a virtual art or any material object. As a result, it is used by artists, athletes and influencers to transfer their work to the digital world. Buyers of such a token believe that it has a collection value and will increase in value over the years. Football clubs, including PSG and Juventus, issue tokens. In the first case, they even became part of Lionel Messi’s salary. Some may reach astronomical quantities. In March Mike Winkelman’s token reached $ 69 million at an auction held by Christie’s.

Until now, he has been trading digital goods used in games on the Skinwallet platform. The company based its activities on the commercial method of mass purchase of “skins” used in the popular multiplayer game “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” and their profitable sale to subsequent users. Revenue concentration and weak diversification have led to a slow decline in prices since the company debuted at NewConnect on September 2, 2020. Although the share price reached 89.90 PLN on the first trading day, yesterday the price was more than 70%. discounted

Investors were very optimistic about entering the NFT market with their first project, Cyber ​​Warriors Army. According to the company, the application of NFT in trade is usually divided into three stages. In the first stage, users get acquainted with the assumptions of the project. Then the creators build a potential audience community. At the last stage, the product is put up for sale. The number is limited to 8,000, and each token is unique. Revenues for the company will be received both during the sale of tokens and later – during the subsequent resale of tokens in the secondary market.

The visual identification of the token collection falls on Rafał Szłapa, a leading Polish illustrator, graphic artist and creator of comics (including the famous Blair series).

The Cyber ​​Warriors Army is a collection of NFT tokens representing the CyberWarriors Army, a group of elite heroes from the alternative reality of the CyberVersum world.

This ratio has now risen by more than 50% to an all-time high since mid-August.

The extraordinary popularity of NFT tokens this year has boosted shareholders’ confidence that the company’s chosen direction will turn into improved financial results. According to Visa, in August, the volume of payments in the oil market reached $ 1 billion.

According to the company, the whole ecosystem that supports the creators of NFT is behind the project. In the world of Web3 technology, there are plans to collaborate with digital fashion designers, programmers and artists from a variety of creative backgrounds to create tools to support the development of the creative economy. As part of the Cyber ​​Warriors Army project, a program is planned to enable, among other things, the funding of scholarships related to digital content. The company wants to provide a marketing platform and technical support for talented artists and creators so that they can focus on developing their talents and creating the highest quality content.



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