The little cat filled the kitten with earth. The child miraculously saved his life!

– The first hours were dramatic, the cat fought for the puppy’s life, we tried to help him. He was given drops, mineral salts, and we fed him with a syringe. We knew that his esophagus and throat still hurt a lot, but the dirt had to come out of it. We massaged the intestines and warmed the stomach. In the end, we were able to save her and find a beautiful home – Iza concludes Milinska.

This is one of the many situations in Poland where cat shelters, foundations and shelters are being set up to rescue people who have been harmed by humans. With interior Psi Los Foundation This is the fourth year that they have organized a campaign to support their activities “Frisky himself will not ask for help”. Demand is even higher this year, as almost all of the campaigns, except for Polish cats, accept shelters, shelters and shelters. Animals from Ukraine. For example, on the basis of Mrs. Iza Milinska “Cat’s mother” now there are an additional 70 purrs from Ukraine that needed immediate help. Therefore, we ask you to support our campaign, and we know from previous years that you have an open and very generous heart to animals.

The campaign will last until April 20, 2022. Portal “RatujemyZwierzaki”, Interia and Psi Los Foundation together they form the 4th edition of this nationwide food collection for homeless and needy cats. The collection includes dozens of associations, shelters and foundations from all over Poland.

How can you help?

If you want to support homeless animals living in the associations, shelters and foundations listed below, donate a symbolic zloty and help them survive the winter. Thanks to you, Frisk, a proverb, will receive a bowl full of karma!

Psi Los Fundacja im. Joanna Krupinska

Bank account number: 56 1750 0012 0000 0000 4083 7744

Enter the name of the place you want to support in the title of the transfer!

You can also make transfers via fast bank transfers by clicking HERE

For more information, please contact:

You can also buy a virtual food party!

Send an SMS with the text MRUCZEK to 75480 and get a virtual portion of food for the animals participating in our campaign! In return, you will receive a link to download the original, memory chart. The cost of sending a message is 5 PLN (net), ie PLN 6.15 (total).

INTERIA is a co-organizer of the campaign and the portal RatujemyZwierzaki. Campaign sponsor: Chicopee is a company that offers a wide range of animal feed. Radio Krakow is the media sponsor of the campaign.

The sponsor of the campaign is the portal “Ratujemy pets”.

List of places participating in the action:

Temporary house “U Irenki” in Mikołów

Temporary Home for Cats by Mrs. Joseph in Wilczkowice

Koci Świat Foundation in Nasielsk

Felineus Foundation in Rzeszow

Felis Foundation in Lublin

Koci Zakątek Foundation in Wroclaw

Miasto Kotów Foundation in Piotrkow Trybunalski

“Healthy Animals People for People Animals” Foundation in Zelczyn

Oleśnickie Bidy Foundation in Oleśnica

Ostoja Cztery Łapy Foundation in Krakow

Przytul Kota Foundation in Lodz

Stawiamy na Łapy Foundation in Krakow

Let’s Change the World Foundation in Tarnow

Cat Claw Animal Foundation in Poznan

Animalia Animal Foundation in Poznan

Kocia Klitka Animal Rights Education and Protection Foundation in Bełchatów

Lodzda Iza Milińska “Kocia Mama” Foundation

Terraspei Foundation in Buczkowice

Kocrooms of the Animal Care Society in Suwałki

Anna Jajus’s cat shelter in Gliwice

“Embrace Sierściucha” Association in Myślenice

“SOS Koty Mielec” Association in Mielec

TOZ Nowy Sącz branch in Poland Nowy Sącz


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