The largest domestic cats – TOP 7 among local breeds

The largest domestic cats are more like wild animals living in exotic corners of the world than a gentle squeak. However, this does not mean that large cats are not suitable for their mates, on the contrary.

In the genotype the largest domestic cats you will find the genes of wild individuals who have never been domesticated. Although their size does not indicate this, they behave like giant favorite toys in contact with their caregivers. They love to caress and lie carelessly in the arms of the owner.

Most of us associate cats with small, obedient animals. But let’s not forget that houseplants also come from wild animals, and there are many of them in nature. What happens when a domestic cat’s genes mix with wildlife? Well, the largest breeds of domestic cats will be created, which, incidentally, is exceptionally beautiful (and even the ugliest cats are uniquely beautiful).

Like the largest dogs in the world, they show strength and agility according to their body structure. Most of them like to do sports, but there will also be sandwiches, which are an element of the list of great glitter happy laziness. What gender are we talking about? We present a collection of the seven largest domestic cats.

A list of large, purebred purrs opens Siberian cat. Talented with extraordinary elegance and wonderful fur, he is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful members of his family. Despite their large size, Siberian cats are extremely agile and lively. You don’t see it every day, but these lovely cats can’t be described as the slowest animals in the world. If necessary, a round and theoretically slow person can get up immediately.

It should be noted that this breed is equipped not only with intelligence, but also with sufficient intelligence. Want to lock your pet in the room? Forget it. Your pet will quickly understand why there is a door handle. The average weight of a man is 7-10 kg, but there are also individuals weighing 12 kg. Cats are lighter. Their weight is between 4-6 kg.

Norwegian Forest Cat

Another purr on our list is of the natural sex, that is, it was not created as a result of “crosses.” As the name suggests, Norwegian Forest Cat It comes from Scandinavia. Although we are talking about a domesticated wild animal, we should not be afraid of its aggressive nature. He is very gentle and kind in dealing with people. At the same time, he is extremely energetic. Entertainment, games, antics – this is its element. However, it is not a typical mascot and will look for a quieter place when it is squeezed out of caresses.

In nature, it has an excellent ability to climb almost any surface – from trees to rock walls. This feature also accompanies domesticated individuals. If the animal’s caregiver does not pay attention to the appropriate accessories, furniture and even doors will be used to climb. Females weigh between 5 and 8 kg, and males between 6 and 10 kg.

Bengal cat

It looks like a famous Bengal jungle animal. This was the idea of ​​the breeders – they wanted to create a cat whose fur looks as much as a leopard’s coat. This was not easy, because for a long time the nature of this animal dominated the wild. Most of the problems today are just history, but bengal cats they are still caring enough and often do not trust strangers. They can be strongly attached to the caregiver, but they are still quite independent and distant.

Bengalis love to play. They are extremely agile and lively. You need to pay attention to their innate interests, because even an adult cat can stick its paw where it is not needed, for example, in a pot on the stove. Men weigh up to 10 kg. Significantly lighter cats weigh between 3 and 6 kg.

meyn coon

Maine coon is a dream companion for the caregiver who expects a great attachment from the pet. This great sparkle does not leave the owner even one step, it accompanies him in all daily activities. He will follow it until the end of the world, because he adapts very easily to new conditions. This breed feels good in an apartment, but is better in a house with a garden.

It is a strong and agile animal, but also an extremely skilled hunter. From time to time, he will no doubt want to realize his hunting dreams. He is not particularly jumping, but he is able to climb. Males weigh between 5 and 10 kg, and females between 5 and 8 kg. But this is not the rule, because some individuals are bigger and heavier.


Chausie is one of the most empty house cats. His strong and muscular figure clearly shows the origin of this breed – it is a cross between a domestic cat and a wild Asian mud cat. He inherited his strength and courage from his savage ancestors. However, it is a social animal that is firmly attached to its patron.

But its origin must never be forgotten. It is not recommended to leave this murmur with young children. It is also good not to let him out, because his call for freedom will most likely come up. Adult specimens weigh between 7 and 11 kg.


The world’s largest dogs are amazing in size, but the largest domestic cats do not lag behind them in the “wow effect” category. Savannah is one of the biggest mutterings and should come as no surprise – this beautiful breed was created from the crossing of a domestic cat with a serval, i.e. a wild African cat. It should be noted that the characteristics of his ancestors are reflected not only in his majestic appearance, but also in his character.

Savannah is strong and temperamental. Are you lying lazy on the couch? It’s not for him, this cat loves movement. However, he can be extremely emotional, which is the result of a strong attachment to the guardian. When it lies in the arms of its owner, it will certainly not go unnoticed – men can weigh up to 12 kg, and some even up to 20 kg!

Our list is closed Asher – Hypoallergenic breed patented by Lifestyle Pets. These beautiful animals are the result of crossing a wild African cat with an Asian Bengal cat and a domestic cat. They are active, spontaneous animals that love movement. They are very kind to the guardian. Depending on the breed and thus – the amount of wild blood – the weight of adults varies from 6 to 12 kg.

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