The Cittaslow City Network is celebrating 15 years of its existence – the idea of ​​a slow life is becoming more and more fashionable.

The Polish Cittaslow Cities Network is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a castle in Lubava. The cities included in this network promote life in a hurry, preserve local customs and traditions, and are proud of local cuisine and monuments – their symbol is the orange grape snail.

The Cittaslow network includes cities and towns with a population of less than 50,000 people from all over the world. Cities in different countries create national networks, but the authorities of all cities communicate, exchange ideas and help each other when needed.

“There is probably no country without Cittaslow members, cities from Africa have recently joined the network,” Górowo Iławeckie, the provincial mayor and coordinator of Poland’s national Citasslow network, told PAP. Warmian-Masurian Voevodeship Jacek Kostka. He acknowledged that African partners are currently receiving humanitarian assistance from other cities.

Italy has the largest national Cittaslow network, from which the traffic was transferred to Poland 15 years ago. He was the first to join the Reszel network, and Biskupiec, Bisztynek and Lidzbark Warmiński were almost equal. Formally, all these Warmian cities joined the Cittaslow network in 2007. Currently, 35 cities in Poland belong to the network, 26 of which are local governments from Warmia and Mazury. “More and more cities are trying to join the network, because the idea of ​​celebrating a slow life is becoming increasingly popular, and the residents themselves are pushing for it,” Kostka told PAP.

In 2015, Polish cities also created the Polish Cittaslow Cities Association, which can raise money for local investment.

“Our symbol is the orange snail, and there is even a monument to it in our square. It’s a beautiful attraction, children sit there and take pictures. But Cittaslow is an idea we are trying to promote, not a slow lifestyle snails. Their eyes are not at all,” said Mayor Ryn Jarosław Filipek. PAP said. As a member of the Cittaslow network, Ryn has raised money in recent years to build a marina, a beach repair shop and a cultural center.

A local action center on the ruins has been set up in Lubawa, on the other side of the region, where the 15th anniversary of Polish cities will be celebrated in Cittaslow on Friday. Castle of Bishops of Chełmno. The historical part is clearly marked and separated, but a new space is used every day.

“The idea of ​​Cittaslow, which promotes marriage and localism, brings great respect to monuments. Historic buildings are given new functions, respect their historical material, but also give them a new character and make them a part of it.” said.

Cities from the Cittaslow Network in the Voivodeship In 2014-2020, the Varmian-Masurian Voivodeship implemented a total of 92 projects worth a total of 51.1 million euros.

However, Mayor Kostka stressed that Cittaslow is nothing more than an opportunity to raise additional funds. “Local governments are competing with each other to create this network. Now we are cooperating. When one of the local government officials has a problem, he does not fight alone, he wants suggestions from others. This is really a new quality. In the work of local governments,” Kostka said. He also noted that members of the network exchanged special solutions, for example, in the Dutch city of Górowo Iławeckie, they saw how to connect the bike path system with each other.

Local government officials in the city network can also rely on the guidance of scientists who work with them. In Poland, Warmia and Mazury University are collaborating with the network, and Seoul University has Cittaslow Cathedral.

“In connection with the proposals of scientists in the new EU program, we will want to develop green energy in our cities and improve air quality,” Kostka said.

In Poland, in addition to voivodeship, the Cittaslow network includes cities from Warmia and Mazury, Opole region, Silesia, Mazovia, Greater Poland, Lublin region or province. Lodz.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, the cities of Cittaslow have prepared a number of events for September and October; The Glimo Half Marathon will start on May 14 and 15 in Gorovo Ilavechki and finish in Lidzbark Warmiński. The Cittaslow Cities Festival will take place on June 3-5 in Prudnik, Opole. The website has all the events related to the holiday.

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