Subscriptions to Pets Diag campaigns are open until April 10

Subscriptions to Pets Diag campaigns are open until April 10

The service is provided in an e-commerce system, so animals from all over the world can benefit from research. A few weeks ago, Germany signed another partnership with a partner in the UAE, and the company will debut in the Indian market at any time. Thanks to the support of new shareholders, Pets Diag will intensify its activities abroad, extend the test service to another group – cats, and introduce a series of supplements for dogs.

Katowice-based Pets Diag has been focusing on international expansion from the beginning. After sending the sample in an envelope and obtaining the results online, the research procedure, which is based on the analysis of the animal’s hair, means that any caregiver or breeder, regardless of where they live, can test the animal and consult the results. the best professionals in the world. More than a year after its debut, the study is now available in the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and China. In March of this year. Pets Diag has partnered with Beste Kumpels, a well-known and respected pet store in Germany. In April, the study will also be seen in the offer of Furry Friends, a comprehensive pet care service in the United Arab Emirates. The company has already promoted the research at the Dog Park event in Dubai in March, where it was met with great interest. Currently, the training of employees of the Arab company is underway. The biggest improvement will be in the Indian market.

– The Indian market is our biggest discovery in recent months. At this point, we are talking to three potential partners, and I look forward to a happy ending in the first half of this year. Thus, we will complete a catalog of the largest and most promising markets for the pet care industry, which will significantly increase the scale of our business and at the same time contribute to the secure diversification of revenues in the future, said Marcin Maciąg, CEO and co-founder of Pets Diag.

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Due to the debut of research for cats and the growing interest in research abroad, the Board expects revenues to triple in 2022 compared to 2021. In turn, the number of studies will exceed 2,000. Conducts up to 6.5 thousand analyzes. Pets Diag’s plans are strongly linked to growth forecasts for the veterinary diagnostics market. According to the MartketsandMarkets report, the global sector will reach $ 3.9 billion by 2026, up from an estimated $ 2.5 billion in 2021 with a 9.4% CAGR. Nevertheless, the global animal supplement market, with a market value of $ 1.47 billion in 2020, is also expected to grow significantly. In 2021-2028, the average annual market growth rate (CAGR) is expected to increase by 5. 9%>. The main reasons are the increase in the number of domestic animals, the resulting increase in morbidity and the associated costs for their health.

There were veterinarians and breeders who required EHAA research

The idea for the EHAA study came from Lifeline Diag, a company that has been conducting EHA research since 2012. High interest in the veterinary industry led the owner of the laboratory, Marcin Maciągi, to collaborate with the Agricultural University in Krakow to develop a similar study for dogs. Work will be accelerated in 2019 when Pets Diag special purpose company receives a grant of 800,000 PLN from the National Research and Development Center and another 200,000 PLN is added by the ABAN Foundation. In 2021, the lab will begin researching commercial EHAAs for dogs and horses.

– We had our own animals and at the same time we received signals from breeders and veterinarians who heard that we were studying human hair. With our own laboratory and qualified staff, we had no choice but to invite academic experts and animal nutritionists to work together to develop research methodologies and determine reference values. The results of the initial study were supported by a government agency and an investment fund. We entered the market in 2021, but I’m sure that real development is still ahead of us – says Marcin Maciąg.

In short, the EHAA study shows the value and proportion of nutrients and toxins found in a pet’s body that can cause serious illness and disease in the short term. At the same time, it will tell you, for example, whether the diet provides animals with all the necessary minerals, their absence or excess can cause or worsen diseases. with allergies, digestive and skin problems or obesity and its relapses.

There is no other laboratory in Poland that provides the same services for animals. The research method, which is based on the analysis of the mineral composition of the hair, is known around the world, although no research center has scientifically proven reference values.

Results of community fundraising

Prospects for the development of the animal care industry and the growing interest in EHAA research have prompted the Board to invest rapidly, which will allow Pets Diag to take a clear leadership position in the veterinary diagnostics sector where competition is virtually impossible. -available. To this end, Pets Diag SA has launched a public issue of shares worth about 1 million PLN, which is 9.37 percent. all actions. The offer is part of a crowdfunding campaign on the Beesfund platform and runs until April 10 this year. Detailed terms of the offer are available at

– The main goal for the next 3-4 years is to build a solid business foundation and become one of the global leaders in the pet care industry by providing a comprehensive service of integrated pet feeding system. We would like to use the funds raised for this purpose to quickly implement a similar and expected test for cats. Second, the expansion of the international distribution network. The ultimate goal is to present a series of supplements for dogs in response to the results of our research, ”says Marcin Maciąg, adding:“ I can assure everyone that we have a stable business with the valuable product we successfully offer. Promising pet care market in Poland and abroad. All industry analyzes and reports only confirm the correctness of the development strategy we have adopted. Therefore, I sincerely invite everyone to board, because this is the last moment to join us. I firmly believe that he is building an active community around us that will intensify the building of a Polish brand based on animal health.

In addition to influencing the development of the company, the new shareholders will receive various benefits. Other investment packages with a minimum ceiling of 218.88 PLN include free free EHAA tests for pets, access to indoor webinars with an expert, a Gadget Box to choose from or a pre-release check for a cat test. Shareholders who decide to make a higher donation will receive a VIP invitation to Cavaliada in Warsaw, as well as the opportunity to attend a closed integration meeting of shareholders with the Board.

The company also has a well-defined dividend policy, which provides for the payment of benefits in 2024. As part of the exit from the investment over 3-4 years, the company is considering both its debut at NewConnect, the appearance of a strategic investor, and the purchase of shares.

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