Skinwallet exchange NFT Cyber ​​Warriors Army tokens how much, how much, price, how to buy

As announced by Skinwallet SA, the owner of platforms for trading digital goods in video games, it is the first company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange to launch the NFT project.

Cyber ​​Warriors Army (CWA) is a collection of 8,000. Unique NFT tokens created by renowned artist Rafał Szłapa. The private sale of CWA tokens addressed to whitelisted people will begin on February 15. It will last 21 and a full 24 hours.

The open sale to all stakeholders will begin on February 16 and will continue until all NFT tokens in the CWA series are fully sold. In both cases, the sale will take place on the project website

Army of Cyber ​​Warriors – what is it?

The Cyber ​​Warriors Army presents the Cyber ​​Warriors Army, a group of elite heroes from the alternative reality of CyberVersum – a virtual world built by Skinwallet in collaboration with the community gathered around the project. The project is integrated into the aesthetics of science fiction and uses cultural themes related to games and sports.

Selling CWA tokens is the first step in building and developing CyberVersum metavers. CWA tokens, according to a roadmap available at, will allow their owners to be members of the project community and beneficiaries of the services provided as they develop. The white list, ie the list of people interested in buying tokens for personal sale, is stored on the CWA project Discord server.

“We are consistently implementing our development strategy, part of which is to build web3-oriented projects such as the Cyber ​​Warriors Army. Starting the sale of tokens is another thing – in addition to cooperating with exporters, it is a step in the construction of ESE – CyberVersum, which we will consistently develop in collaboration with our current and future partners, “said Cornwal Szwaja, CEO of Skinwallet. “I believe that the CWA will be of interest to both those who follow NFT projects and those who are new to the world of web3. Given the latter, we believe we are doing educational activities that will contribute to a better understanding of technology and the potential of immutable tokens,” Szwaja added.

Cyber ​​Warriors Army NFT tokens – price

Cyber ​​Warriors Army tokens can be purchased on the project website. The price of the token is 0.035 ETH (Ethereum) for individual sales to people on the white list. There will be a maximum of 5 tokens for Metamask wallets. The price of the token during the open sale to all interested persons is 0.05 ETH. There will be a maximum of 20 tokens for Metamask wallets.

In addition to the proceeds from the initial sale of tokens, Skinwallet will also benefit from secondary market transactions. The company will receive about 5% royalties. the cost of selling each token in the secondary market.

In 2021, Skinwallet earned a net income of 10.558 million PLN. Last year, the number of digital goods sold on digital trading platforms in the company’s Skinwallet Market and Skinwallet Instant video games increased by 52% to almost 400,000 units. compared to the previous year.

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At the end of last year, these platforms were only 220 thousand. registered users. The company is currently focusing on the development of the Cyber ​​Warriors Army project and new B2B partnerships, enhancing product demonstrations from digital trading platforms and making a positive impact on the development of the CyberVersum world created by Skinwallet.

Skinwallet has platforms for trading digital goods in video games that operate in two models: instant and market. Skinwallet Instant allows users to get instant prices and sell digital goods for money. Skinwallet Market allows you to make purchases and sales of virtual gaming items directly between users.

The most important market for the company is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but the platforms also support the sale of items from Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2.

Skinwallet was created as part of the Tar Heel Capital Pathfinder construction venture fund. Listed in the NewConnect market as of September 2, 2020.

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