Shocking news from Ivankovo ​​and Borodzianka

In Borodzianka, Kyiv Oblast, Russian troops opened fire on people trying to save their neighbors from the rubble of buildings under fire, local authorities said Georgiy Jerko on Wednesday. As a result of the shelling of residential blocks, people were buried alive in the basements, he added.


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The Russians did not allow the buried people to escape

The city of Borodzyanka, with a population of several thousand in the Kyiv region, was recaptured by Ukrainian forces from Russian troops five days ago.

The mayor of Borodzyan, Jerko, told the Obozrevatel portal that the Russians had shot dead residents and set fire to residential buildings.

Noticing that no one fired at them

Jerko added.

Residents initially tried to leave the city in their cars, but were fired upon. The first eight died then.

Later, Russian soldiers opened fire not only with machine guns, but also with heavy weapons. The city was also bombed.

Our city was subjected to the first air attack. Bombs were thrown at eight-story buildings. Those in the basements were buried alive. We immediately tried to dig them. An anti-aircraft alarm has been sounded. Then came columns, tanks, armored personnel carriers – they opened fire on people trying to reach the wounded. We appealed to them in writing – they did not allow the excavation

Jerko says.

It is unknown how many people were left under the rubble. The body has been found so far. Many buildings were mined and infrastructure damaged. Professionals are still looking for buildings that can be repaired. The area is being cleared of mines.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces published photos from Borodzianka on April 5 after the capture of the occupiers.

Two minor sisters were raped by Russian soldiers

During the occupation of the territory of Ivankovo, Kyiv region, Russian soldiers raped two sisters aged 15-16; The city hospital is full of wounded and a cluster bomb has killed a 12-year-old boy, ITV reports, citing city residents who were released after a 35-day Russian occupation.

As Russian troops withdrew from the outskirts of Kiev, Ivankov was recaptured by Ukrainian forces. By building a pontoon bridge, military engineers have reunited the city northwest of the Ukrainian capital with the rest of the country, and residents’ accounts during the occupation have shocked public opinion.

In one village, two sisters, 15- and 16-year-old girls, and children (…) were raped and stripped of their hair in basements to mistreat women. The girls began to cut their hair short to make it more attractive so that no one would look at it again

– said Ivankova Deputy Mayor Maryna Bezczastna.

Yelena Koropad, who lives in the city, told ITV that her 12-year-old son Artem died from injuries sustained in the explosion of a piece of cluster bomb used by the Russian military. The bomber struck shortly after noon as the family was trying to escape.

The hospital in Ivanovo is full of bombers, shells and thousands of wounded. After working in very difficult conditions for more than a month, the company received new medical equipment.

We worked without light and water

One of the surgeons told ITV.

Four-year-old Sasha died

The mother of four-year-old Sasha, who went missing during an evacuation near Kyiv in mid-March, said the boy was dead.

The child went missing on March 10 while fleeing the Russian army with his grandmother from Viszogrod, near Kiev. The invaders bombed the surrounding settlements, demolished bridges and closed roads. At that time, local residents tried to evacuate women and children by boat across the Dnieper to the village of Rovzhi, northeast of Kiev. The boat with the child and his grandmother capsized. During the search, rescuers found my grandmother’s body. The boy was wearing a life jacket, so rescuers hoped that little Sasha could save him. After a month-long search, it was discovered that a four-year-old child had died.

Thank you to everyone who believed and helped in the search, thank you all for your prayers and faith, thank you for your support. Our little angel Sasha is now in heaven! Today, his spirit is at peace

– The boy’s mother wrote on Instagram.

Four-year-old Sasha

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Four-year-old Sasha

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