Scientists and engineers from the capital of Greater Poland unite. Łukasiewicz – The Poznan Institute of Technology is established

On January 1, 2022, the Lukasiewicz Research Network – Poznan Institute of Technology was launched. The merger of the five existing institutes that are part of Łukasiewicz into one institute increases the research and commercial potential and allows for more effective competition for clients and international R&D projects.

– The merger of the Poznań Lukasiewicz institutes is an opportunity to establish a multidisciplinary research and development unit with international operations. A strong and stable institution with a well-known brand increases the reach of customers with a wide and complementary offer and gives employees a sense of security and better development opportunities. Lukasiewicz’s greatest potential is ambitious and creative people, and one of the most important effects of institutional integration is to increase Lukasiewicz’s attractiveness as a workplace. – Dr. Lukasiewicz Research Network President. Says Piotr Dardzinski.

According to asiukasiewicz hypotheses – PIT is to increase development opportunities and significantly expand market supply. New interdisciplinary research areas will be created, among others, in obtaining international grants and foreign business partners for projects with a high degree of innovation. Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology also wants to develop its infrastructure. In the near future, it is planned to create a campus where all research centers will be located in one place.

Dr. Hub is responsible for managing the new unit. Arkadiusz Kawa, former director of the Lukasiewicz Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, and Lukasiewicz, acting director of the TABOR Institute of Railways.

– The integration of institutions will allow us to create a strong research center with an important international position. The new institute will employ about 700 people and will include 6 research centers and more than 70 unique research devices, which will make it the second largest Lukasiewicz Institute in Poland. – dr hab announces. Arkadiusz Kava. – As an organism, we will be able to get more funds, for example. for research, infrastructure modernization or talent development programs. Combined expertise in many disciplines will increase the potential of the new unit in European competitions and increase the level of commercialization of research. Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology is a great development opportunity – he adds.

As of December 31, 2021, there were five institutes belonging to the ozukasiewicz Research Network in Poznan. These are: Łukasiewicz – Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Łukasiewicz – Institute of Wood Technology, Lukasiewicz – Institute of Agricultural Machinery Industry, Łukasiewicz – Institute of Plastic Processing and Lukasiewicz – Institute of Railways “TABOR”. A year ago, they and Lukasiewicz’s leadership conducted a joint analytical study to study and determine the effects of the merger. Preparatory work was coordinated by Dr. Hub. At that time, Arkadiusz Kava held many meetings, mainly with workers’ representatives.

From January 1, 2022, the Lukasiewicz-Poznań Institute of Technology unites all fields represented by individual institutes. The research centers of the new institute will operate in the fields of wood technology, plastic processing, railway transport, agriculture and food technology, logistics and information technology.

The official opening of the institute took place on January 11, 2022. The guests of the event were welcomed by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Wojciech Murdzek – I am confident that this potential of 700 people, the use of unique research equipment to create research and development potential, as well as to work closely with businesses, solve their problems, offer the latest scientific achievements, apply for specific purposes will be. he said.

The event was attended, among others, by former Deputy Prime Minister Yadviga Emilevich, who contributed to the development of the Lukasiewicz Research Network. –We are on the verge of launching a very large portfolio of funds for research and development, the Horizon Europe program. If the institutions operated according to the existing formula, their potential for funding for projects would be radically limited. he pointed. On the other hand, Piotr Dardzinski, president of the Lukasiewicz Research Network, pointed to the possibility of obtaining grants. – According to hypotheses, the Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology aims to increase development opportunities and significantly expand market supply. New interdisciplinary research areas will be created, which, among others, will be used to obtain international grants and foreign business partners for projects with a high degree of innovation. – Such goals were set by Peter Dardzinsky before the new institute.

Łukasiewicz Research Network was established in 2019 with the aim of close cooperation between science and business, focusing on the commercialization of research and development. More than 7.5 thousand. With 440 laboratories and nearly 4,000 key research and development equipment, staff and research infrastructure, it is the third largest research network in Europe. Łukasiewicz offers a unique business Call system, where a group of 4,500 scientists accepts a business problem and prepares a solution in no more than 15 working days. The bottom line is that entrepreneurs do not incur any cost to develop an idea for research; and if the answer to the entrepreneur’s problem is a ready-made solution, a test, or a certificate, the whole process takes even less time. Łukasiewicz works in the following research areas: Health, Smart and Clean Mobility, Digital Transformation and Sustainable Economy and Energy

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