RFBenchmark shows 5G quality in Szczecin and Poznan

Notel Poland conducted 5G network tests in Szczecin and Poznan (so-called Stationary Test). They show the state of application of the latest mobile phone technologies in these cities.

How was the test conducted?

Quality tests 5G Stationary Test was performed using smartphones Xiaomi Mi 11Operating on all 5G networks in Poland. These devices also allow full use of the fifth generation networks used in our country.

The measurements were made in the so-called mode Free mode, where the measuring device uses the highest technology available in a particular location offered by the network. In the absence of 5G, the phone used LTE technology, which allows the collected data to assess the stability of the new generation network in the measured areas.

The study focused on the speed of downloading and sending data from the network. It also tested how the 5G network can handle 4K movies that modern smartphones can handle without problems. File upload and download speeds were used to measure HTTP protocol. Video transmission quality was tested using a rating YouTube.

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Where were the tests conducted?

A study was conducted on 5G quality 10 places in Szczecin and 13 places in Poznań. The selected places are popular, frequently visited and popular among tourists and residents of these cities. All measurement locations are shown on the maps below.

5G Szczecin map
Measurement points in Szczecin
5G Poznań map
Measurement points in Poznan

5G – Download and upload files

We begin the presentation of 5G quality measurement results only with tests conducted on this technology. In this case, in the data for Szczecin There is no orange networkHe has not yet arrived in the capital of the Western Pomeranian Voivodeship with the services of the fifth generation.

Tests showed something we hoped for. Szczecin and Poznan have the fastest 5G in terms of downloading data from the Internet in additionIn addition, it was the only one that provided access to 5G in more than 90% of trials. Orange, To play and T-Mobile they did not allow. Detailed results are presented in the table below.

Network Szczecin Poznan
Speed [Mb/s] 5G share Speed [Mb/s] 5G share
Orange 121.3 37.9%
To play 98.8 27.8% 77.3 33.3%
in addition 301.3 99.8% 232.7 99.8%
T-Mobile 195.9 25.1% 142.0 65.6%
Orange 70.4 no
To play 52.5 29.6% 25.8 no
in addition 38.9 100.0% 37.9 no
T-Mobile 45.6 24.7% 71.5 no

Data loading tests

Above, you can see the average 5G speed measurements at selected locations in Szczecin and Poznań, obtained using only 5G technology. In this and the next section, we will show the obtained speeds of all measurements in both 5G and 4G and the share of both technologies in the measurements. Thanks to the very high share of 5G tests, the best results for data download were obtained on the network in addition. It was the slowest on the internet To play. The purple 5G network in Szczecin even lost to Orange, which does not yet offer 5G technology here. Details in the graph.

Download Szczecin
Information is downloaded in Szczecin
Download Poznań
Information is downloaded in Poznań

The following graphs show the results obtained for individual measurement points. It turned out to be a record holder in all tests Additional network at Netto Arena in Szczecinwhere the average data download speed was 481.1 Mb / s. He was the slowest Play at the University of Physical Education in Poznańsimply allows you to download data 6.7 Mb / s.

Download szczecin locations
Information is downloaded in Szczecin
Download Poznań locations
Information is downloaded in Poznań

Data transmission tests

Time for data download speed. It turned out to be the best in Szczecin in additionHe won while in Poznan T-Mobile.

Download Szczecin
Sending data in Szczecin
Download Poznań
Sending information in Poznań
Download szczecin locations
Sending data in Szczecin
Download Poznań space
Information is downloaded in Poznań

Video streaming tests

Notel also tested how Szczecin (orange in 4G) and 5G networks in Poznań cope. 4K video. The measured parameters were the time of film buffering and the number of film pauses during playback. It was the best again in addition. Details are in the table.

Network Szczecin Poznan
4K movie buffering time Number of play breaks 4K movie buffering time Number of study breaks
Orange 2060 s 0 – 90.98%
1 – 3.01%
2 – 5.26%
3 – 0.75%
2,227 s 0 – 97.97%
1 – 1.52%
2 – 0.51%
To play 2,237 p 0 – 78.95%
1 – 5.26%
2 – 6.77%
3 – 9.02%
2,320 s 0 – 76.14%
1 – 6.60%
2 – 11.68%
3 – 5.08%
4 – 0.51%
in addition 2,059 p 0 – 100% 2,061 p 0 – 100%
T-Mobile 2,137 p 0 – 94.74%
1 – 3.01%
2 – 2.26%
2,127 p 0 – 100%

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Photo source: Shutterstock, RFBenchmark

Text source: RFBenchmark

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