ONLY IN THE BOX: Antek Królikowski organizes his life with his new lover: “They live a stone’s throw from Yoasia” (PHOTOS)

Entering a passionate romance with his wife’s neighbor, Antek Krolikowski apparently did not expect everything to come out and will face a great deal of criticism. Unfortunately, the actor in love now has to face the consequences of his actions. The same thing is true mysterious Isabellawho weighed little Vincent for the love of his father career in a reputable law firm.

For obvious reasons Anthony he hides his new relationship from the public and now tries not to step aside. His efforts do not seem to be very useful: the 33-year-old becomes a target for paparazzi who follow his every move. It was only a matter of time before the actor was caught in front of the apartment where he had built a nest with someone who wanted to become a lawyer. Last weekend, a charity lover took a photo while taking his pet for a walk in front of the girl’s house while having a brief conversation with his neighbor.

After parting ways with Joanna, Antek lived with her new boyfriend in an apartment in a modern residential area in Warsaw’s Wola district.. Here you can see that the actor feels comfortable. He was already friends with his neighbors. Iza has a dog that Antekin regularly goes out, so he was able to meet other residents. Surprisingly, both they and the staff of nearby cafes and pubs like it – reveals our source.

Antek went shopping when he took the pet and went to his son by taxi.

Joasia’s apartment is located a few blocks from the apartment where she lives with her boyfriend. Thanks to this, he can give Asia everything it needs at any time. He usually uses taxis because he knows the paparazzi know his car, and she doesn’t want to bring her new boyfriend to the media’s attention – We hear.

A few hours after Krolikowski went to visit his wife (still), the paparazzi filmed the moment when the owner went for a walk with his pet.

Both he and Iza try to be discreet. They never leave the apartment at the same time, and each in turn goes for a walk with the dog. Fortunately, the windows of their apartment face the construction site, and although they are both smokers, they are not worried about being caught on the balcony. – Our informant explains.

Walking around the property, Isabela, dressed in black, looked around, anxiously looking for a photographer. He tried to soothe his fever with cigarette smoke.

Last weekend, Antek Królikowski came across a paparazzi walking his new girlfriend’s dog in one of Warsaw’s Wola neighborhoods. He lived there with Isabella.

After a walk in a fur coat and a conversation with a neighbor, the star went shopping at a nearby store, then took a taxi to visit Coanna Opozda and little Vincent. The celebrity did not hesitate to announce his meeting with his son on the Internet.

According to our source, Antek has already made himself at home with the mysterious Isabela and established friendly relations with his neighbors.

Apparently, the celebrity does not want to bring her new lover to the attention of the media. It’s probably too late for that. A few hours after Antek went to his wife and son, the mysterious Isabela also went for a walk with the dog. Under the careful eyes of the photographer …

When the furry cat met the need, its nervous owner granted his nicotine request …

He wore a black coat, leggings and a hat to become a lawyer.

After circling the property, the mysterious Isabela returned home with her pet.

Do you think Antek and his new girlfriend will debut on the wall one day?

I wish no one to get sick, but I hope that this golden boy will learn a lesson in life.

This blonde Instagram girl 😂

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It doesn’t matter what happens in your life. It is important how much you care for him

Life is something that happens to us when we are planning other things

If you ever want to enjoy life – now is the time – not tomorrow, not next year. Today should always be the biggest day

Embarrassed, I’m not saying no exposure, this is Isabella. Is he running away from the paparazzi, afraid of the lawyer’s reputation? It’s probably too late for that. Antek does not comment, it is a waste of time, I have lost all respect. Mr. Asia – I cross my fingers for you and have a wonderful time with my son!

this article is disgusting. You don’t know why they broke up, it’s an exaggeration to take a picture of this girl. must go to court with you. the bottom of the boxes. alt. SAY THE STONE WHO IS INNOCENT IS THE FIRST

People will forget what they said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how they feel around you.

There are two great days in everyone’s life – the first is the day we are born and the second is the day we discover why.

Prominent minds always face fierce opposition from the middle class.

Be careful Iza, she is already talking to her new neighbor! xD

A wise man does not judge other people, he does not set aside ignorance of them and the whole situation, so good luck.

The fact that he and his wife fell apart and fell on the boxes does not mean that ordinary people can wash nicely in the store or cafe, let’s go, people

I don’t understand all of these people … people fall apart and that’s how life is. Another thing is that I’m surprised at all the women who deal with it … height, ugly, etc., gloves change like a child, but of course who likes what. ..

If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t escape, come. If you can’t walk, drag. But no matter what you do, keep moving forward.

Don’t raise your children to be rich. Teach them to be happy – So when they grow up, they will know the value of things, not the price

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