One way to reduce our Internet, mobile and TV payments


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The sender National Bank of Poland The economic forecast report, based on surveys of economists and experts, forecasts inflation at 7.4% in 2022. Can we expect a price increase in the telecommunications market? Many experts believe so. Because operators will want to compensate for the increase in operating costs by increasing the cost of services offered.

With prices of many goods and services rising, it makes sense to optimize spending on telecommunications services such as the internet, telephone or television. How can this be done? For example, you can transfer services to a network To playhas long ceased to be limited to mobile services and its portfolio includes fixed internet and television. PLAY TV NOW with rich content. PLAY NOW TV is a service that provides access to TV channels and movies, series, entertainment programs and cartoons at any time, anywhere. Of course, you can use it on TV BOX, but also on mobile devices. Customers can choose the Main Package (more than 50 channels) or the Extended Package (more than 100 channels) and get access to the new Viaplay service in the Polish market. Viaplay guarantees access to international film hits, original series and live sports emotions, including Bundesliga or UEFA Europa League matches and KSW fights.

By transferring a mobile number To play You can count on significant bonuses, for example, by purchasing a monthly subscription for 50 PLN (Solo S tariff) for 24 months, we buy a smartphone for 1 PLN. You can choose models like: Motorola Moto E7 Power, Samsung Galaxy A02s if Xiaomi Redmi 9A. Within this subscription, the customer gets 8 GB for data transfer and unlimited SMS, MMS and calls to all mobile and landline numbers.

But today, customers want to use a full range of telecommunications services. To play He understands this, and customers who buy landline internet or TV services from him can also rely on attractive offers, and the main thing is that the customer can save a lot by buying them as a package.

Become a customer Playa With a 24-month contract, you can buy landline internet and have a connection of 150 Mb / s for as little as 30 PLN per month (after discounts for e-invoices, marketing confirmations and timely payments), 300 Mb / s for each 40 Forms PLN. month and 600 Mb / s – 60 PLN per month. It is not really easy to find an equally attractive offer in the market, because Internet prices are rising rapidly. Customers who choose to use landline internet Play they also get a free router (you only pay 50 PLN for installation).

Subscribers can earn more PlayaWho will receive landline internet in a package with TV. For a package that combines TV (50 channels) and streaming service with fixed internet (150 MB / s) Viaplay They will pay 45 PLN. The standard price of such an offer is 75 PLN, so they save 30 PLN per month, which is 360 PLN per year. The subscription itself is purchased separately Viaplay costs 34 PLN per month.

Another option is to choose mobile internet with a monthly package of 200 GB, instead of a fixed line for data transmission. Together with television (50 channels) and Viaplay It costs 75 PLN per month, so it is 30 PLN cheaper than the standard.

Customers Playa living in suburban areas can be especially interesting with a service package Net Box. It is a set of external modems that significantly improves the performance of mobile internet. The package includes: installation of the modem outside the building (the installer will find the optimal location and height for it), an external modem and a Wi-Fi router. When buying Net-Box TV set with 400 GB package (50 channels) i Viaplay customer To play will save 85 PLN per month, saving 30 PLN per month. What is important, Net Box the customer can be tested for up to 21 days.

The offer of telecommunications services comes at a time when record inflation, which has been on a scale of more than two decades, has pushed up prices and we all feel that it is expensive and increasingly expensive. To play should positively surprise. So, if we don’t want to burden our shopping cart with costs, research shows that prices are rising from month to month with higher telecommunications fees, and this offer is definitely worth a look. Playa. And then use it.

Knowledge Center is waiting for customers

In addition, the operator wants its customers to make a conscious decision to use selected, customized services. Therefore PLAY decided to create a special one for them sthronesis a set of knowledge about landline internet and other services offered on the internet To play. In addition to tips on what special offer might be best for your customer, you can find information on home network security and WiFi optimization, as well as other useful tips. Knowledge Center To play turns the user into an online specialist who can not only cope with various problems, but also be a consultant to others in this field.

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