Official issues will be resolved via the Internet

One of the offices where we can serve you via the Internet is Wroclaw City Hall.

Without leaving home, 24 hours a day to deal with administrative matters electronically, but, reliable profile. Thanks to it, it is possible to sign documents, including documents on the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services (ePUAP). Its ownership also allows you to use the Wrocław Information and Payment Platform (PLIP), which allows you to check and pay your tax liabilities online. A valid profile can be verified, among others, at the Taxpayer Service Center and the Vroclaw Master’s at the Resident Service Center. We wrote how to do it – here.

In addition to Wrocław City Hall, on the ePUAP platform you can address issues at the Municipal Police, Municipal Cemeteries Council, Municipal Social Assistance Center, Municipal Resource Council, IT Services Center and Road and other municipalities. City Maintenance Department.

Wrocławda Family 500plus program

From April 1, applications can be submitted electronically. Vroslavda MOPS Hotline 500+ tel 71 78 22 322e-mail: [email protected] Read more – Family 500plus program in Wrocławda.

  • Results: Download the program. Already printed applications will be available at fixed points.
  • You can download the 500+ Guidebook from the website of the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy: here.

For Internet users

Undoubtedly, those who apply to the Lower Silesia Department of the National Health Fund can also save a lot of time.

“Insured people can, among others, use the Internet to look for medical facilities that have contracts with the National Health Fund to provide services, or check the waiting list,” said Joanna Miearańska, spokeswoman for the National Health Fund’s Lower Silesian County Office. – You can also submit a completed application for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), an application for a health insurance check, as well as a complaint about improper medical services. You can also check the process of confirming your application for a spa treatment on the Internet.

The Vojvodina office also offers the opportunity to resolve some issues without contacting officials directly. Here, for example, you can check the status of your passport application via the Internet on the Passport Information Portal. On the other hand, at the Voivoda Office, you can send applications and requests for interference and assistance in individual affairs by electronic means, as well as access to the central geodetic and cartographic resource. In turn, at the Department of Citizenship and Foreigners, you can book a planned visit, including without leaving home, and apply for Polish citizenship or confirmation of ownership.

– The specificity of the work of the Voivodeship office means that the recipients of services are more institutions and other government agencies, and only a small part of them is addressed directly to individual clients, – said Silvia Jurgiel, spokeswoman for the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. . – According to the legal conditions, in many cases, the application only results in the start of work, and its full implementation requires a personal appearance in the office.

Save time and money

A person with a reliable ePUAP profile can do a lot in any of the Tax Offices in Wroclaw using only a computer or tablet. In this way, you can use the catalog of public administration services, for example, to submit an application for the issuance of the required certificate. Through the Electronic Platform of Public Administration Services, the Tax Administration also sends responses to taxpayers’ inquiries.
Many issues can be resolved online at the Marshall Office, Poviat Starosty, Tax Control Office, Tax Chamber, Sanepid, Poviat Labor Office, prosecutor’s office, courts, police, fire brigades, universities or the National Highways and Highways Head Office. Undoubtedly, this will save time and money spent by applicants on travel and parking near offices located in the heart of the city.

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