Obligation to vaccinate cats against rabies

It is also unknown whether the veterinary inspectorate has the authority to extract unbelievable murmurs from under the sofa. The rules raise a lot of doubts, although it is not worth arguing for purely practical reasons, especially when the cat likes to walk in the yard. Given the speed of work in Poland and the fact that rabies kills 100% effectively, you will never know how true our legal arguments are.

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He undertakes to be vaccinated in Voyvo

The Law on the Protection of Animals and the Control of Infectious Diseases of Animals requires that dogs over three months of age be vaccinated against rabies (Article 56 (1)). They should be vaccinated at least once a year. Foxes also need to be vaccinated – cats are not required by law.

Their vaccination was ordered by the voivode (№ 49 of 31 December 2021, Journal of Mazowieckie Voivodeship Laws, Article 12651). This applies to cats belonging to residents of certain districts of Warsaw:

  • happy,
  • Targówek: part of a district bounded by the west, ul. Radzyminska,
  • Rembertow,
  • Prague Poludnie,

The obligation to vaccinate pets also applies to people living in the following places:

  • Otwock poviat;
  • Garvolin poviat;
  • Kozienice poviat;
  • Radom poviat;
  • City of Radom;
  • Zwoleń poviat;
  • Wolomin County.

Also, municipalities and cities in the Minsk region:

  • Dębe Wielkie, Halinów, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Siennica, Stanisławów, Latowicz, Cegłów,
  • Halinów, Mińsk Mazowiecki, Sulejówek;

According to art. 85 sec. According to Article 1a of the above-mentioned Law, it is a crime not to vaccinate a dog – and in the case of the obligation to vaccinate cats, including cats. The owner will be fined up to 500 PLN.

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Cats are inspected by the Veterinary Inspectorate

Since the obligation applies to all cats, even those that have never put their paws outside, this raises many questions – first of all, how to apply these rules. First of all, even people do not always comply with the registration obligation, so it will be very difficult to say how many cats live in a particular area of ​​Warsaw. There is no obligation to register and chip all the animals, and no one even explained the presence of rumble in the census, so it is difficult to estimate how many cats live in, for example, Prague Południe or Vaver. Instagram may help in this regard, but the services are unlikely to conduct research on social media.

– A person who keeps a cat is obliged to go to a veterinarian to vaccinate the animal against rabies – Praw.pl, SWPS University lawyer Dr. Says Michał Rudy. – Control over the implementation of this obligation falls on the bodies of the Veterinary Inspectorate, not the State Sanitary Inspection (Sanepid). In my opinion, the best way to check compliance with this obligation would be to check the register of vaccinated cats kept by individual animal treatment facilities and submitted to the Veterinary Inspectorate. he says. He added that if a cat bites a human, the issue of vaccinating the animal will undoubtedly be the subject of epizootic research (activities to identify the source of infection).

What is allowed in voivode?

However, it can be more complicated than it seems – mainly because the regulation is given by the voivode.
– Vaccination of dogs is required by law, Art. 56 sec. Article 1 of the Law on the Protection of Animal Health and the Fight against Infectious Diseases in Animals states that a legal adviser specializing in the rules of animal and veterinary law, who wishes to remain anonymous. – In practice, veterinarians send a collective certificate of vaccinations to the district veterinarian once a month. Dog owners are also issued relevant certificates, he explains. Same article, but in the paragraph. 6, contains a legal delegation to enforce the obligation of the minister in charge of agriculture to vaccinate cats. Meanwhile, the powers of the voyvoda are based on a completely different legal basis – art. 46 of the above law.

Maciej Śledź, a lawyer with the law firm Nowosielski i Partnerzy, explained that, depending on the situation, the obligation to vaccinate cats could be imposed by both the voivode and the minister. -Vevod’s actions should be treated on special grounds, ie “in case of danger or illness”, and the minister’s actions can be treated prophylactically, ie “in order to reduce the risk of some infectious diseases”. “- Herring explains.

No need to explain the cat

Only this, as noted by a lawyer in veterinary law, the problem may be the obligation to provide and confirm the vaccination of cats.
– If the order is given by the Minister, everything is fine, the regulation works like in dogs – doctors issue a certificate to the owner of the pet and send a report on the vaccinations. It is defined by Art. 56 sec. Article 7 of the law stipulates that the provisions on dogs apply to cats accordingly. However, there is no similar provision in Art. 46, collapsing the whole system, he says. He adds that veterinarians will probably issue the documents anyway, but surveillance puts a door on owners of cats who don’t vaccinate their pets to avoid liability – because, unlike dog supporters, they don’t need a paper certificate. They can simply claim that the cat has been vaccinated and that they do not have a certificate.

Controversial powers of the authorities

The expert notes that the scope of veterinary control can also be a problem, including the fact that Poland from April 21, 2021 to the provisions of EU Rules 429/2016 on the amendment and repeal of certain acts in the field of infectious animal diseases and animal health the fact that it was in force was not particularly worrying.

The regulation does not require enforcement and is directly in force, but proper implementation of regulations requires the adoption of normative acts that will allow the rules to be properly applied. Their absence leads to a certain legal dualism, sometimes Polish services rely on the above-mentioned act, and sometimes apply EU rules. Considering the Polish rules and, more precisely, the Veterinary Inspection Act – has no right to control individual houses, paragraph. Item 19, item 3, allows control of farms, centers (organizations) and factories. EU rules allow for more, but lack of consistency can be a problem, he explains.

Dr. Michał Rudy disagrees and emphasizes that the Veterinary Inspectorate has the necessary authority to inspect cat owners. – However, I do not expect mass official inspections of apartments or private houses, although the Veterinary Inspectorate has the authority to conduct such inspections. he says. He also reminded that in addition to criminal liability, the act on administrative proceedings can force the cat owner to vaccinate the cat. The competent authority may impose a fine on the person evading the obligation – it may not exceed 10,000 PLN. It can be applied repeatedly, although the total amount can not exceed 50,000 PLN. zloty. If the obligation is fulfilled, unpaid fines shall be canceled.

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Free-living cats will be vaccinated in the city

As long as the dog is homeless or has an owner, cats have more options. In addition to the murmurs in the house and lost or thrown to someone, there are also free-living cats. We asked the Warsaw Mayor’s Office about their vaccinations in areas subject to compulsory vaccinations.

– According to the order, the obligation to vaccinate cats against rabies falls on their owners. Free-living cats will be vaccinated against the disease by the city under the same conditions as before – during a veterinary visit due to the need for castration, sterilization or the need to help the animal. Such vaccinations are carried out in veterinary clinics contracted with the districts for the treatment of stray animals and free-living cats, said Alexandra Grzelak, spokeswoman for the city office.

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